Anglo6 End of server awards

  • Hi everyone,

    since every other WW alliance threw in the towel, the server is going to end with a Bifrost win. To not let these awards be forgotten, Ive made the thread now, since some players are at least somewhat active.

    I ask for everyone to be civil and have any arguments in the designated thread: [Anglosphere] Fact and Rumours Ts6 - Round 1

    Ill post mine after a few get posted.

    IGN (single or dual-account):

    Your Set-up and Achievements:


    Best Alliance (Not your own):

    Best Player on the Server:

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:

    Best Opponent (offensive):

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:

    Best Opponent (defensive):

    Best Leader (Your own):

    Best Leader (Not your own):

    Stupidest Decision:

    Most Underrated:

    Best Noob:

    Most Overrated:

    Biggest disappointment:

    Memorable Moment of the server:

    Soundtrack to your server:


  • IGN (single or dual-account): ANTONS

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Being annoying as all out in our skypechat

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost

    Best Player on the Server: Raymon, Surtr

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Surtr

    Best Opponent (offensive): Surtr

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Eiktyrner, YGGDRASIL & Valkyria

    Best Opponent (defensive): Eiktyrner, YGGDRASIL & Valkyria (When spiking Bifrost players)

    Best Leader (Your own): Olof

    Best Leader (Not your own): Olof (falling asleep which resulted in olympia getting a bp)

    Stupidest Decision: Giving one bp to cereals

    Most Underrated: emily

    Best Noob: Eiktyrner

    Most Overrated: Olympia, AR, RA, 1234

    Biggest disappointment: Giving up after losing bp (olympia, AR, RA, 1234)

    Memorable Moment of the server: When we "stole" afs from brolympia

    Soundtrack to your server: REDACTED


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  • IGN (single or dual-account): mutley - single #foreveralone

    Your Set-up and Achievements: made def and a ghost, best achievement was helping to make Alex look like a noob :D

    Alliance: rebels

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost

    Best Player on the Server: Broken - for an account that didn't buy gold that bounced over a dozen times they did incredibly well and had a ridiculous anvil

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: niffler, blue velvet, wookie, zombie - all made decent hammers dispute the constant losses from spiked farms

    Best Opponent (offensive): surtr - just going off his attack points

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: all though there were a few big anvil builders I'd say broken

    Best Opponent (defensive): no idea tbh

    Best Leader (Your own): meme/andy/cal all great in the Skype chats trying to keep morale up etc

    Best Leader (Not your own): not really spoken to any of them

    Stupidest Decision: playing gauls

    Most Underrated: 1776 - got hammered by cereals and bifrost who are both who are both superior alliances (quality always beats quantity) and are still going

    Best Noob: Johnny - always

    Most Overrated: Bifrost - for how much they big themselves up they should have won weeks ago

    Biggest disappointment: not getting to ghost steve

    Memorable Moment of the server: stealing Alex's plan :D

    Soundtrack to your server:

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • Well. Here we go again. My favourite part of the server! Time for honest hour.

    IGN (single or dual-account): Snoop Loops. There were 3 of us on the account for the first 150 days, then when Niki started exams it became 2. He's just come back and is very confused at what happened in the server :D

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Defensive account. Leader of Cereals. Rustler of feathers. Loser of plans. Had 4th most defence in Bifrosts WW when the big WWk's hit which I'm pretty happy with! Also had a small hammer that hit 5 caps and stole an arte throughout the server :)

    Alliance: Cereals

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Obviously Bifrost. Closely followed by JAHUAR... Okay maybe not. Best outside of Cereals/Bifrost I would go with AR/RA. Olympia were the worst. 1776 slightly above. AR/RA built some good op hammers, they just didn't use them well, but because they had the troops they were the best.

    Best Player on the Server: Eiktyrner. Defence wins servers and this guy had like 720k at plans? And has over 2m defence points on his own, probably breaking all defensive records set on previous US/UK/AU servers by a mile. And got all his points from defending against enemy troops.

    Hard choice between him and Surtr, Surtr must've made more players quit on this server than anyone else, some unreal op hammers and really used the unique boots to perfection!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: It's hard to name one. Kerplunk, The Grim, Emogirl, Lucky Charms were all very good and the 4 players that you could always rely on to send their attacks at the correct time every single op. If I had to pick one I would say The Grim just because of how he took out Nocturne in our first op, taking out probably 1776s best player. Kerplunk 2nd just for the sheer size of the hammers that account built.

    Best Opponent (offensive): Wont say Bifrost players again as that's obvious. Shout out to Blue Velvet, Wookie and Slippery for some big end game hammers, would've zeroed any WW on previous servers I've played. But in terms of op hammers I guess I have to pick someone from 1776 since AR/RA/Olympia didn't use theirs really. I would say Fenrir. The one player who never made a mistake when sending attacks, built decent hammers and timed well. It took a few attempts to wall him, but when we did I don't think 1776 have run a successful op since.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Wherever we sent Gusi to defend, it seemed like he always defended the real, it was ridiculous and it's meant he's ended the server as the highest defender in Cereals! Saying that, a big shout out has to go to Darrow for always putting the team ahead of himself and losing so many druids. Same with SaltyMouthfuls. Milkjugs as expected also produced a crazy amount of praets but was really unlucky, everywhere we sent her was a fake!

    Snork also has to get a mention. The work he did this server wasn't easy to see, but he has basically sitter run 2 defensive accounts whilst running his own for most of the server and his hard work and selflessness after having his cap flattened 2-3 times at the start of the server really showed when we had an extra 300k+ defence because of the accounts he was sitting.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Eiktyrner, look at the defence points. Outside of Bifrost, I believe Broken had the most defence in AR/RA so deserves a mention. As we had a quad war with 1776 I guess I should choose someone from there too. Looking through top 100 defenders it's almost impossible to see someone who didn't get the defence points from defending themselves. I think Breeze was best, no chance we could hit him without sacrificing 2-3 hammers, but did he always keep defence home? I'm not sure. The other I see is The Gamecock, his druids early game were incredibly annoying, and he was their best defender by far before giving up!

    Best Leader (Your own): DaegonTheSnake (Emogirl) and Rune (The Grim). Rune's early game ops were crazy and destroyed 1776 morale. When he showed me and Daegon how he did them we started to slowly take over as he got more busy and the damage didn't stop. Daegon is a great leader, good for defence calls, just goes on too many holidays, stupid rich people!

    Best Leader (Not your own): Raymon from Bifrost for the arte/plans organisation, easily the best. Outside of Bifrost is an interesting one. Olympia leaders were useless. 1776 leaders were useless. AR/RA seemed to have one good leader who didn't really care about the server - KnowToFail/Dave/Powerpuff Girls. Stole the set of plans from me staying up all night to do it and according to different sources did a lot more than he makes out. I guess the leaders holding the WW organised that well too? Not sure.

    Stupidest Decision: Moving the set of plans I lost at roughly the same time every night before I went to bed. Noob move. Also right at the start of the server, letting Noob Tube stay for as long as he did, think he went on day 35? Cost me about 2 weeks of simming up my 3rd village and I came out of that battle around rank 150 on the server, had to sim hard to get back to the top 40!

    Another stupid decision was NAP'ing with VIKES and telling them that after we were done with 1776 we would come for them. Should've just hit them from the off :D

    Most Underrated: Bathroom. The guy was sat right in the middle of 1776 territory, 2-3 hours away with our closest druids and he is still there. We didn't think he would last past day 100. He took the fire from 1776 for about 2.5 months from day 140-210 and didn't complain, just sat there and survived, allowing the rest of Cereals to build up some very good troop numbers. When he eventually gave up and had to resettle, the server was already over.

    Best Noob: Expired Milk, same as last server. This was his 2nd server and he has the 4th most defence in Cereals (admittedly he hasn't killed much throughout the server though). I don't know if it's anyone elses first/2nd server in Cereals. Maybe Darrow/Gusi? If it is, then they would comfortably win this award.

    Most Overrated: My favourite category!

    Firstly, Uly and Atlant. If you need to pad your stats at the end of the server to tell people you're a good defender, you're really, really not a good defender. If that's Olympia and 1776s MVP of the round like I've been told, then it's no wonder they struggled.

    The entirety of AA. I knew what REBELS were gonna be like when they joined so nothing less than expected there. But I was told AA were some elite UK team that could beat anyone. When AA and REBELS merged I expected big things. I mean, AA have wasted like 15-20 very good op hammers since their WWk's splatted. Do they know how to use gettertools online times? 1 hour a day is all you need. Each op hammer 4 fakes and a real, and you've faked/realed every single Bifrost hammer, Arte and cap. How is their off coordination so bad? I could go on but I won't.

    Next, Olympia. How can you have an ally full of tech accounts and finish with less attack points and defence points per player than multiple other alliances? How can you splat on every single op you try? Worst alliance on the server by some distance.

    Finally, 1776. Where are Rocky's 1m phalanx? Where are Panda's? Why did so many people rebel, ask us to include them in our ops on 1776? The VIKES members were meant to be here to smash up 1776, merged with them and then deleted after one splat on us? I don't know if it's the whole US domain that's overrated or just this bunch. I would guess 50/50.

    FYI, we started this server with 0 spies in both 1776 and AR/RA. The fact we have multiple now isn't "rubbish tactics" from us, it's poor leadership.

    Biggest disappointment: How the server ended, with no competition. Seeing the whole of the server meta up was disappointing too, but tbh was kind of expected so not too disappointing. From a personal point of view, losing the plans was obviously massively disappointing, should've got up about 30 seconds earlier :( Losing Kiki and Gel from the Skype chats too, prioritising their baby over Cereals! :(

    Memorable Moment of the server: So, so many. Making Noob Tube bounce and then delete with his techs. First op on Nocturne. Walling hammer after hammer, I was happy with 400k defence points by plans. The spawn wars were also incredible (RIP Snoop Loops spawn, you almost made it to the end). Zombie's meltdown will live long in the memory too :D

    Getting inside people's heads is also funny, I'm buried far too deep in Quelaana's.

    Most memorable moment of the server will be the Cereals meet up though, after all you should play this game for the social aspect.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    I think a lot of people are getting a bit too annoyed on this server. So here's an absolute classic from Mika to cheer you up! A great tune for summer too

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Lucky Charms, single past arties, dual with Pablo before

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Cleared some natars, turned deff in endgame and got some nice deff points. Managed to annoy plenty of people to suicide on my account.

    Alliance: Cereals

    Best Alliance (Not your own):

    Bifrost, and Jahuar(not a joke), those guys refused to join large 1234 meta and held on for a long time despite 1234 mocking them and their players just because they were smaller accounts who didn't use lots of gold, that's more than any other ally did on this server.

    Best Player on the Server:

    Mimer, such a nice account, he was settling wherever the trouble in NE was, and settled plenty of artie cata villages #crablifematters, and players on Surtr account

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: The Grim started fun with nocturne, Emogirl retrained the most out of any of us, and Kerplunk 'never' splatted, all good choices

    Best Opponent (offensive):

    Opti, he was actually last player hitting us properly, sadly after he found out about superspy Rocky, he deleted with 2 hammers left and then every battle that could have been happening between 1234 and Cereals became one sided in our favour.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Poor Gusi&Muil needed to kill off all the suicide hits on me, so they are best deffers in my opinion. This is really appropriate meme for this.

    via Imgflip Meme Generator

    Best Opponent (defensive):

    I mean, it wasn't opponent, but it's probably Eiktyrner, those olympia tech spikings still make me chuckle. 1234 maybe had good deff accounts, but we certainly didn't experience their troops. But i guess its due to lack of coordination from leadership.

    Best Leader (Your own): The Snake, he gave me alliance description rights, so i can't go against that. Additionally, his MMs were always short and directly to the point.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Loffe, as i heard, he was mostly organising deff and organising walls for all the splat trains from ARRA and Olympia.

    Stupidest Decision:

    I had 2 weeks of not doing anything on my account because i was contemplating deletion at the start of may again. So account sadly suffered after that a bit.

    Oh yeah, and probably believing that snoop noob could take care of our building plan set.

    Most Underrated:

    Bathroom aswell, same reasons as marksy stated. His account really gave everyone a breathing room from day 100-200, similar like we had breathing room because of our spawns from 0-100 days. Its easy to sim proper troops when you can fight with spawns against caps and whole accounts.

    Oh yeah, and special mention to Jahuar again, they did a hell of a job against 1234.

    Best Noob: Twister, that guy is still going strong despite having only 4 villages.

    Most Overrated: Quelaana and her leadership

    Biggest disappointment: Its not really that big of a disappointment, but it was a bit disappointing to see Pyro joining 3 ARRA accounts instead of Cereals. Oh yeah, and this whole big meta that happened at the end.

    Memorable Moment of the server:

    There were quite a few, but i guess biggest one would be stealing WW from SE meta and never giving it back. We expected to lose 3 hammers, but instead 1st one from Grim cleared it completely.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    I don't know, i'm not really good at choosing songs for servers, but i did stumble on some stuff after few years of not listening it yesterday, so give it a listen and relax.

    Anglosphere 6 - Lucky Charms

  • IGN (single or dual-account):Started out on Mimer with Surtrs players (Warlock & Raymon) after we got banned beacuse of massreports Raymon & Warlock changed account to Surtr.
    Jumped into Hymer to help with killing the hammer, and now playing on Heimdall together with Tiko since day 195 or something.

    Your Set-up and Achievements:
    Wanted to play offensive teuton and only build ram hammers and go first everywhere, when Mimer got banned i lost my motivation to play a serious account and wanted to quit the server all together but changed my mind considering it was me who assembled Bifrost.
    Instead of building a bunch of good ram hammers i started settling villages where my ally needed help, started with Oden later moved to alcis,Järnsaxa & Aurgelmer.
    Besides my accounts achivments i've been Bifrosts main leader whole server mostly organizing defense but also helped in other aspects which i'm proud of my performance.

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own):
    Not sure if you're allowed to nominate your allies but in that case it would be Cereals, if not probbaly RA? Had some good WWKs & hammers, while AR didnt seem to have much.

    Best Player on the Server: Raymon on Surtr. My hybris is huge and it hurts to give this to someone besides myself but Raymons OPs was another level.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Surtr.

    Best Opponent (offensive): Not sure, Nifflers hammer really suprised us.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Eiktyrner,Yggdrasil & Valkyria all three pumping up insane amounts of def & always being there to send it even if every def player in Bifrost was amazing you have to choice the best.

    Best Opponent (defensive):
    Ares? Had good def numbers it seemed & was active with it in the wars vs ARRA.

    Best Leader (Your own):Raymon besides myself.

    Best Leader (Not your own): No clue what leader did what, Cereals were cool.

    Stupidest Decision: Not moving my catas for Saturns attack which cost us the 13th plan on release.

    Most Underrated: NBK maybe? Even if they got alot of help from OLYMPIA they managed to be a real pain for ARRA to remove.

    Best Noob: Ratatosk, Playing solo & second round of playing and manages to do a pretty decent WWK, despite it starved 25-30k IS at Odens diet.

    Most Overrated: Lol where do i start?
    OLYMPIA? - I've been playing with Russians for a couple of years on tournaments so i expeted alot from this team. Very disapointed with their performance while having 60+ techs, bad hammers,terrible art rotation,terrible art planning,no BP prepartion despite them knowing the spawns etc etc etc etc.
    ARRA - We came here beacuse we wanted a proper challenge and heard alot of good things about mostly AA, was a disapointment to say the least.
    TBC/TFK - Massdeleted not long after arts and didnt do much expect solo deffing themself & cried on forums

    Biggest disappointment: OLYMPIA had free quad + whole ally of techs still such horrible performance.
    Our ban first week was also a real disapointment, alot of planning,effort & time got lost there just beacuse we got massreported.

    Memorable Moment of the server: When we took 12/13 plans, art release,ARRA splat train on Surtr, Olympias splat trains, all our leadership calls & the skypechat in general.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    Thanks all of Bifrost for this server and all leaders even if i didnt mention you (Brokkr,Eiktyrner,Surtr,Valkyria,Fimbulvinter) been a pleasure leading you this server & playing beside you.

    //The Crab leader of Bifrost.

    TT final 2015 - Das Båt (SE)
    TT Qualify RU 2016 - Das Båt (Cerber-DD)
    TT final 2016 - illicit Ping, Pong & PangPang (Def&Dest)
    TT Qualify RU 2017 - Chip&Dale #1 off (CerbeR)
    TT Final 2017 - Chip&Dale (CerbeR)
    TT Qualify RU 2018 - ChipDale #1 pop (CerbeR)
    TT Final 2018 - Chip&Dale (WW BP release) (CerbeR-I)
    SE3 2017 - Krokodil
    Se1 2017-2018 Garbage Bag #1 Def (SKRÄP)
    S6 Anglosphere - Mimer (Bifrost)
    Active -
    TT Qualify RU 2019 - Chip&Dale (PoweR)

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  • IGN (single or dual-account): Powerpuff girls - solo account

    Your Set-up and Achievements: 100% 15c, 7 village account. Probably the best troop/pop ratio on the server!

    Alliance: ARRA

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost - for whatever is said, they won. Showed up when it mattered.

    Best Player on the Server: Thats hard since I only know people from ARRA and some random individuals. Its probably some guy in Bifrost, but for what its worth, I think Broken is pretty good :D Always there when I needed him for his def, willing to help.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Probably one of the WWKs. Id say Steve, since he fed a lot on his diet and did other stuff like that. Otherwise, I wasnt involved in that front, so I wouldnt know. RavingCabbage also looked nice.

    Best Opponent (offensive): Surtr. I remember when Bifrost launched on us and Alex said "Youll probably need 400k to stop that". I was like "ok sure, youre trolling". Saw all hammers by the end. Was cool.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Probably broken, but there were many more. I treasured every big anvil close to my heart <3 Shoutout to zimrich, Iain, Andy.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Probably someone that was already mentioned above.

    Best Leader (Your own): Probably Andy, for trying for so long and having patiance for random stuff that happened. Followed closely by Meme and the WW team. All pretty cool people to be around.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Errrrrrrrrrrrrm. Warlock? Loffe? One of the hamster-like creatures probably. Just cuz of the interactions, might be someone else in the shadows.

    Stupidest Decision: Thinking this is going to be a dual/trio account when I started, but turns out, I was solo by day 10. Not fun being baited into playing gauls.

    Most Underrated: RavingCabbage I think. Always there, always kicking. Going for steals etc. Good people as well.

    Best Noob: Alex hehexd

    Most Overrated: Our Olympia pact/alliance. The only reason we merged is because we didnt stand a chance by ourselves, either of us. We merged and still got schooled. Stuff happens.

    Biggest disappointment: Having to endure UK4, while half the people left to play this server. That still hurts, having to see those Americans win.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Stealing the building plan from Alex. Took a lot of planning and luck really, by him swapping the arties as predicted. At least something went right.

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Figrin D an - single

    Your Set-up and Achievements: None. Moved around from being the embassy account to def, to scouting, to def, to a tiny bit of a hammer, whatever was needed at the time really.

    Alliance: Rebels then RA

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost

    Best Player on the Server: Steve - Wookieeleaks. Started off with an unfair ban for which he got compensation eventually but too late to save his account at a crucial time, moved to Wookieeleaks and despite a late start on there built a decent hammer, stored a load of defence with his diet and never complained, was a big positive influence in Skype chats.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Ryder - always Ryder for as long as he stays!

    Best Opponent (offensive): Fimbulvinter. Impressed with how he managed to keep that hammer intact after losing all his fields in his cap.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Lots of them, Andy, Zimrich particularly would drop anvils in at the right time and moment.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Hate to say it but got to be that Xlore character. Amazing troop numbers.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ryder, Andy and David. Sad to see Ryder leave. David stepped well into the breach and did a lot of hidden work sorting out def calls. Andy is always the steady presence, only ever seen him lose it once.

    Best Leader (Not your own): No idea what any of the others did. I guess Bifrost since they played such a good game.

    Stupidest Decision: There were so many, not sure where to start!

    Most Underrated: All the players who steadily did what they were asked, pushing resources to WWs, building troops, answering calls.

    Best Noob: Johnny of course!

    Most Overrated: Olympia.

    Biggest disappointment: Plans day and realising how badly I'd cocked up, plus being AWOL for such a large part of the server up until then.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Seeing our guys destroy Fimbulvinters cap like pros. We should have run many more ops like that.

    Soundtrack to your server: Don't have one. sorry :(

    Stand out Award 2017 UK

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Alcis, Dual-account.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: WW-account for Bifrost. Had an okey amount of spearmen until day 200, when the Russians decided to splat lots of off on our architect + 2 WW support villages. I've also done a quite good job at getting drunk many times.

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Cereals.

    Best Player on the Server: Raymon on Surtr. Sorry Loffe and everyone else, but Raymon is on another level!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Raymon. When Loffe did the planning we died. When Raymon did the planning we stole all but one of the plans.

    Best Opponent (offensive): Probably the hammers of RA. One up for you for 1. building decent hammers, and 2. Being humble afterwards and congratulating Bifrost instead of being salty. *cough* zombie *cough*.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: The lads on Eiktyrner. Good job. Yggdrasil and Valkyria deservers to be mentioned as well. Hopefully all three of you will end up with a better rank than Uly and Atlant at the deff-list, all of you deserves it, they don't.

    Best Opponent (defensive): No idea. Buuuuut maybe Snoop Loops if he had the 4th most deff in our WW when the hammers hit us?

    Best Leader (Your own): Loffe. Not going to explain it any further, I don't want to feed his hybris.

    Best Leader (Not your own): I honestly don't know. But probably the leaders of Cereals?

    Stupidest Decision: Saying yes to playing WW-acc

    Most Underrated: Can I Answer "Bifrost" on this category? At least after reading Safiren "Bifrost has only 47 members, you can’t count FF. That wing is only for retired players. Mainly situated to the gray zone as they are I don’t think they are seriously going for a WW, they will not have enough of def. And I don’t believe any other alliance in that quad has the capacity for endgame. But - there are several months left, who knows - maybe we will see more merging =)"

    If not, then idk, but Nifflers off were much bigger than we expected. I suppose that the other drunken Swede, Sleipner, was underrated as well, considering he was allowed to zero Wollys WW.

    Best Noob: Pasta/Ratatosk. Improving all the time.

    Most Overrated: Player: Miss Piggy. Always Miss Piggy. Didn't do much this server, if you don't count "trying to spread lies" as an achievement"

    Alliance: Olympia. Seriously, what were you doing? Expected so much more from you. Created a forum thread named: Olympia. Conquest of the Anglosphere. Whole alliance of techs. Large accounts. Terrible use of artifacts. You came, you saw, you didn't conquest anything except for maybe embarrassment.

    Biggest disappointment: This server? No but on a serious note, the behavior of our opponents these last couple of days. First, all those salty player and alliance profiles, calling us cheaters and other mean things :( And now, they're emptying their WWs and mass-deleting. Not classy. Not classy at all.

    Memorable Moment of the server: The first time we chiefed villages with great eye's, and found out where they were attacking. Raymons planning when getting all but one plan, without that we wouldn't win. Sleipner zeroing ARs WW. Miss Piggy deffing with her off. Knugas being sober for one day.

    Soundtrack to your server:


    Until next time

    S6 Anglosphere - Alcis (Bifrost)

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  • IGN (single or dual-account): Valkyria until day 204, then Fimbulvinter

    Your Set-up: The mathematician. Sometimes a leader, mostly trolling.

    Achievements: Biggest biceps in the ally. Designer of the most resource effective travian account in the history: Valkyria

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own): YS, made sure Olympia won the top 10 raiding every week.

    Best Player on the Server: Eiktyrner, insane amount of defence and participated in probably every def call. They are the heart of Bifrost.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Surtr!

    Best Opponent (offensive): WookieeLeaks, beautiful hammer old school hammer with axes!

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Eiktyrner

    Best Opponent (defensive): No idea, but Gusi&Muli seems like a solid def account

    Best Leader (Your own): Loffe and Raymon

    Best Leader (Not your own): The leader in NBK, whoever that is.

    Stupidest Decision: If i would have known how this server turned out to be, i would have played off teuton instead of def romans. Only a few def calls between day 100 and 200 wasn't really fun.

    Most Underrated: Alcis! Everyone thought they would be useless to hold a WW, but it turned out they were slightly better than useless.

    Best Noob: Vilgot on YGGDRASIL, keep up your good work 4 more years and you will finally get your veteran player medal.

    Most Overrated: Quelaana, Zombie and Zeus. No explanation needed.

    Biggest disappointment: AR/RA, rumored to be the greatest ally in UK. Turned out to be worse than FLASH/TBC

    Memorable Moment of the server: The "rysståg" against zeus WW plan, stealing the 12th WW plan that Cereals couldnt hide.

    Soundtrack to your server:

    Change "bögarna" to "Bifrost" ^^,

    TS6 Anglosphere - Valkyria

  • IGN (single or dual-account):

    Day 0-100 Wookieeleaks

    Day 100-200 Asphyxiated

    Your Set-up and Achievements:

    Made a good account with Soli pre artes. Lost my phone and my morale after the merge, and swapped accounts with Steve on Asphyxiated to play as PD for him/Soli. I pity any team on the receiving end of their future WWKs.

    Alliance: ARRA

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Cereal, slightly ahead of Bifrost. Unreal offensive performance that didnt lose speed or effectiveness for 6 months straight.

    Best Player on the Server: Soli. Fear him.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Soli/steve for hammer building. Other hammer builders were good, but with these 2 we had a great setup on the diet arte with trade routes and a lot of defence.

    For op players, Dhe and Pertttii will always get my vote as the most reliable senders.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: WarmWoollySheep trio (Cal/Bev/Jake)

    Best Opponent (defensive): Bifrost

    Best Leader (Your own): Cal and Bev. Best WW builders/leaders around - I hope future servers give them a better group supporting them.

    Stupidest Decision: Spending so much gold on Wookiee lol

    But ally wide? Our choice to war NBK was the single dumbest political move Ive ever seen. Our leaders thought we could stomp them for morale boost. Instead we lost 6k cata and got terrorised by Tim Horton and Olympia.

    Most Underrated: Cereals. Their early game upset vs 1776 was legendary

    Biggest disappointment: The merge was unfortunately the defining moment of the server.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Convincing an NBK player to give up his 150% cropper for free. Bluffed that I had a hammer when we just simmed, he bit and moved away in exchange for 100k res. Fun times.

    Not my own moment, but Steve's small diet steal was legendary.

    It's been fun Travian, this server was a nice one to finish on. Thank you Bifrost/Cereal for showing us what skilled gameplay looks like, and thank you ARRA for 200 days of good company.

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Hel, main guy out of 3 players

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Offensive account. Decent off rank with barely any natarpoints. One of the highest amount of village conquests. Top tier forum lurker

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Probably cereals or NBK?

    Best Player on the Server: Surtr

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Also Surtr. But the entire Bifrost offense crew performed well!

    Best Opponent (offensive): Niffler had a solid hammer, should have been timed with the WWK's though instead of 12h later :/

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Eiktyrner, followed by Yggdrasil and Valkyria

    Best Opponent (defensive): Gusi&Muil seems to have carried a lot of weight for cereals

    Best Leader (Your own): Raymon for his offensives and planning, Olof/Loffe/Mimer/The Crab for his defense coordination

    Best Leader (Not your own): Pass...

    Stupidest Decision: Forgot to activate brewery when my hammer finally walled 8h ago ;(
    Olympia trying to chief my hammer village while having 5min gaps inbetween their attacks was stupid (and amusing). Ez tablets

    Most Underrated: Alcis. Managing a WW-account while being drunk 24/7, impressive to say the least!

    Best Noob: Ratatosk & Loffe

    Most Overrated: Basically every other major alliance on this server was overrated in one way or another. But mostly Olympia. Having a quad for themselves and an allliance full of tech accounts boosting their hammers. Still didn't achieve anything

    Biggest disappointment: Expected the quality of this server to be higher, our opponents seems to be missing some leadership and strategy. The massive merging was a disappointment. Throwing in the towel early and emptying both WWs was lame. The people who are now boosting their def points are also lame :thumbdown:

    Memorable Moment of the server: Taking 12/13 plans was probably the best moment. And the hammer train against Zeus plan as a nail in the coffin to end the server

    Soundtrack to your server: ARRA/Olympia/1776/etc... chasing bifrost's artefacts & plans

  • IGN (single or dual-account): RWB - Single for the last 150 days

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Average Def Gaul who checked out 117 days ago

    Stupidest Decision: Joining the server

    Memorable Moment of the server: Hahahahaa

    Most Underrated: Niffler

    Best Noob: The Lab

    Most Overrated: RWB

    Biggest disappointment: Any number of 76 hammers or 76 leadership (to which I was a member from roughly Day 60 to 110)

    Alliance: Silence (109 days in 76)

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: ---

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: ---

    Best Leader (Your own): ---

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bitfrost

    Best Player on the Server: Eiktyrner

    Best Opponent (offensive): Sutr

    Best Opponent (defensive): Eiktyrner

    Best Leader (Not your own): Bitfrost DC & OC

    Soundtrack to your server: I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

    I avoided any commentary because I think most of these are self explanatory. Server soundtrack was hard though, a lot of great songs to express the anger, sadness and disappointment this server has wrought. That said Bitfrost is the most impressive team I have every seen outside of TT and I applaud them for how they managed the win. Say what you will about ethics and such, they made the right choices to get that win. It helped that the opposition was fragmented and average overall but it was no small feat to pull out a win from this mess. I consider myself a fairly good player, above average but well behind TT players and the elite of non-TT servers but damn Bitfrost made me feel like such a noob. I'm actually disappointed to see that they don't plan to play together as a unit in the future, I think it would really liven up Anglosphere to have such an overwhelming threat around.

    Thanks KnowToFail for this excellent thread :thumbup:

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Magni dual up until day 150 or something then solo

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Spear-defence with a small hammer midgame. rank 15 defender with over 600k troops killed. 10 trade offices shifting 2,6m crop to ww/day since bp-release.


    Best Alliance (Not your own): NBK were wise enough to turn to olympia when faced with impossible odds in arra

    Best Player on the Server: I´d say valkyria, the true definition of a teamplayer.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: mimer because of how effectively he harrased flash earlygame. a key-account up until day 100 or something.

    Best Opponent (offensive):wookieleaks built a nice axe-wwk

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:The guys on eiktyrner probably

    Best Opponent (defensive): 1776 put an end to my poor hammer

    Best Leader (Your own):close call between loffe on defence and raymon on offence. I will give it to raymon though since he is way more humble :)

    Best Leader (Not your own):Whoever descided to meta up the server against bifrost for eg. Honestly it was the right thing to do to keep the server alive.

    Stupidest Decision:Attacking and walling against an enemy that I knew always kept his def for himself no matter how many allies had incoming.

    Most Underrated: Valkyria pumped massive ammounts of resources into allybonus and at the same time built one of the best defensive accounts on the server.

    Best Noob: Saravan came in and took the forum by storm. A true morale-booster with his memes and instructional videos! killed a pretty good ammount of enemy troops too.

    Most Overrated: Chronos. probably had the most troops before artis with all his techs. proceeded to splat pretty much every op he did. shows that all the boost in the world isn´t enough if you are that bad.

    Biggest disappointment: Olympia. I´ve fought and lost against russians before so this was going to be my big revenge. seing how they´ve performed makes the victory kind of hollow though.

    Memorable Moment of the server:flash mass-deletion made me sleep way better. also walling those big hammer-trains from olympia and arra three weeks in a row midgame.

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Asmoti - single

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Anvil … hamvil by plans drop

    Alliance: 1776

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost

    Best Player on the Server: Niffler <3 spencer!!

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Davius, Theta, a few that haven't thrown yet :D

    Best Opponent (offensive): brokkr … tough hammer to wall … speed arty and having to ignore cereals incoming to catch it

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: the Lab, Panda, Melochey, hanner

    Best Opponent (defensive): Gusi&muil … those dr's seem to be everywhere

    Best Leader (Your own): Quelana, Uly, Scarecrow

    Best Leader (Not your own): no clue but would probably lean towards Bifrost.

    Stupidest Decision: Not taking this server seriously from the start and being lazy and lax

    Most Underrated: Uly .. late nights, the amount of effort put in, and then not getting enough def in front of the reals especially while waiting for Bifrost to slip in attacks after any def call was made. Bifrost absolutely used those arties well

    Best Noob: I have no idea cause there are so few I would call noob at this point in the server

    Most Overrated: Cereals. All of them.

    Biggest disappointment: not stepping up sooner and giving more time and effort early. forgetting to take evade off in my cap

    Memorable Moment of the server: The plans steal, walling a few Bifrost hammers … lol every hammer catch :D

    Soundtrack to your server: Volbeat - Still counting … won't link it as it has explicit language

    s6r2 - Vaultboy ……………………….. currently us20 Beerus
    s19 - Plague Fyre ……………………... us3 Shere Khan
    s20 - C3sar ...............……. uk3 Tantric Ritual
    s1r11 - Asmoti
    s19 - Tequila

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Pheonix and utility dual on a couple of accounts after Phoenix deleted

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Managed to get our 15c zeroed not once but twice in the grey zone

    Alliance: NBK

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost obviously

    Best Player on the Server: Who ever cooked up the plan to take all the WW plans

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: ......If Only :(

    Best Opponent (offensive): Wookie Leaks for convincing us he had a hammer when he didnt

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Orsm and Chicky

    Best Opponent (defensive): How the hell would we know?

    Best Leader (Your own): Tim Horton the man of mystery

    Best Leader (Not your own): Who ever cooked up the plan to take all the WW plans

    Stupidest Decision: See Achievements!! and quiting too soon

    Most Underrated: NBK

    Best Noob: Manila Bus

    Most Overrated: ARRA

    Biggest disappointment: See Achievements and Under achieving as an alliance due to lack of numbers

    Memorable Moment of the server: Repeatedly Walling AR RA hammers at The Oracle

    Soundtrack to your server: The story of AR RA hammers and Chiefs

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Eiktyrner together with Apo and Anton

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Defensive account. 2m points as of today and had around 740k troops just before the russkie train of day 199,5 which is a personal record and feels like a nice achievement as first time anvil.

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Cereals. Has been waging war throughout the entire round, not many alliances would have the energy to do so!

    Best Player on the Server: Raymon on Surtr. Most troops (1000k?!), biggest op hammer, excellent OC and brought us the victory by planning artis, BPs and BP steals superbly.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Raymon for the same reasons as above and how he surgically picked apart 1776 and Olympia.

    Best Opponent (offensive): We didn't see much of the opponents offensive players outside of a few trains early on. I would probably say Niffler since that hammer greatly surprised us.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Loffe for his work as DC and racking up some points by protecting deff troops with his hammer. Account wise I would probably say Valkyria. Praets doesn't make it to many walls but the account is very very well structured

    Best Opponent (defensive): I won't nominate a Cereals account since they really aren't an opponent. I heard Broken had a lot of troops and some not very optimal conditions to keep them alive under.

    Best Leader (Your own): I want to split this between Loffe and Raymon however hippie like that may seem. Loffe has done a beastly work with the defensive planning and getting troops where they are supposed to be and Raymon as said carried us to the victory with his op planning, BP and arti release. A very good leadership duo that complemented each other nicely when it was needed.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Quelaana.

    Stupidest Decision: Not queuing up troops in our cap before destroying stable and barack to build lvl 19 fields before artis. Very, very dumb and probably lost us 10-15k troops at arti release.

    Most underrated: Antons. He built way more troops than I thought he would on that account

    Best Noob: I agree with Loffe here and will say Ratatosk as well. HM to Antons since he nub

    Most Overrated: Olympia. The entirety of it. Every single living creature in both Olympia and YS was overrated and should consider switching to tribalwars.

    Biggest disappointment: Bifrost losing a small trainer to Olympia. They would've been even more doomed without it. HM to Cereals loss of BP.

    Memorable Moment of the server: The first ARRA train splatting on Surtr. Destroyed our cap anvil but also scared ARRA away from attack us again. And all of the victory screeches in voice chat after every train splatting

    Soundtrack to your server:

  • IGN (single or dual-account): Cormoran Strike

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Came as a dual acct. Anvil. Dual got busy and quit. Splatted a few times with a small offense, but did manage to finally get defense in the right place near the end of the server to wall a few attacks.

    Alliance 1776

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Bifrost

    Best Player on the Server: Surtr

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Anvil Corps

    Best Opponent (offensive): Surtr

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Several, but Uly was the glue that held us together.

    Best Opponent (defensive): Bifrost anvils, and Gusi of Cereals

    Best Leader (Your own): Q

    Best Leader (Not your own): Bifrost leaders, I'm guessing Surtr and a few others.

    Stupidest Decision: Coming out of retirement for this round. (But I did eventually enjoy it.)

    Most Underrated: Uly

    Best Noob: Not sure of any noobs left.

    Most Overrated: All the alliances not named Bifrost.

    Biggest disappointment : So many mistakes we made. When several people we were counting on left the ally early in the round, and several that deleted, instead of sticking it out.

    Memorable Moment of the server: When I was asked to join the DC team to help out. Also, thinking back, when Felix switched to Cereals. That seemed to bring us out of our coma. We began to be more aggressive after that.

    Soundtrack to your server: "High Hopes" Pink Floyd or maybe in honor of Bifrost: "Immigrant Song" Led Zeppelin

    US3 - chindi

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  • IGN (single or dual-account): Raymon's dual at Surtr. Fairly inactive after day 98 but were always lurking the account.

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Horses, horses everywhere. EI's are literally the best troop. Feeding the ogre with fuel as the best achievement. No, but i would say the preperation before everything started to get a hold of what we had and what we needed and so forth.

    Alliance: Bifrost

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Disregarding the total merge, i would say RA.

    Best Player on the Server: Raymon. Having the least failures made in total, which makes him one of the most complete players this server.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Surtr, gotta train more horses.

    Best Opponent (offensive): Expected? Wookie, Unexpected? Niffler.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Guden Tyr, or foremost the grey area defenders. Guden Tyr for saving everything? in the grey area and valkyria for being such complete deff-acc. But all defensive players that had a quick reaction and/or had a incredible arsenal to send forth whenever we asked for it, like Eiktyrner and all druid-builders.

    Best Opponent (defensive): -

    Best Leader (Your own): For tactical value? Raymon. For the time consuming work with rallying the defence? Loffe

    Best Leader (Not your own): KTF.

    Stupidest Decision: Focused to hard onto spears when deciding what our defenders should play . Imagine Valkyria and Yggdrasil with pure druids?

    Most Underrated: Communication, adaptation and statistical research. Who would have guessed the impact for not doing this? A server win for those who did.

    Best Noob: KTF, such noob stealing plan from another noob (Alex). Could prolly make a movie out of it.

    Most Overrated: Peoples' narrow-minded ideas of what is a "good" thing and a good standard as well as the made up numbers that does not say anything at all. So many times that I (I as in bifrost) have heard people bragging about def-numbers, wwk-numbers, hammer sizes at a certain stages of the game, which have led my thoughts to; "- Have you ever played a server with any interaction with, which might be unfamiliar to you, a contesting opponent?"

    Seems to be way to many people who likes to sit down at the "swe: Ljugarbänk", which often is a bench down at the harbour where you exchange stories to one another, without any real contextual relevance at all connected to it.

    Biggest disappointment: This servers banter. It lost its course months ago.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Raymon's planning at art/plans 8+ art steal), our diet usages, the train send vs zeus/woollys plan which made them move it 3-4? times in a row and as well as the wallings of every single hammer sent upon us.

    Soundtrack to your server: -

    Början på det nya;Skolfröken;lIlustration(Pop2, Off1);Passion(Pop1);allane(Pop1);Djungelvrål(Pop1);Krokodil;Garbage Bag(Def1)

    Kval 2014/Final 2014: Warlock, vinnare av ickeguldsfilosofin.
    Kval 2015: Warlock/ Final 2015: Das Båt, vinnare av guldfilosofin
    Kval 2016: Das Båt/ Final 2016: Illicit
    Kval 2017: Chip&Dale(Off1)/Final 2017: Chip&Dale