Anglosphere Ambassador's Office (ASAO)

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    This is a continuation of my efforts to serve the Anglosphere community to the best of my ability. For those who don't know I am the Ambassador for Anglosphere, a new program that has been created to improve the communication between the community and HQ. I have this role by virtue of being the Anglosphere Representative to the 2019 Legends on Tour Summit. Initial details about the Ambassador Program can be found here.

    This is all very new and so there aren't any real guidelines or precedent to say how this can and should operate. I am hoping that with your help and in consultation with HQ we can maximize the value of this program to ensure we have the best community and game experience possible.

    Below you will also find important links. Right now there is only two - a database that I am building that includes every topic discussed at the the 2019 Summit, eventually it will also include every idea I gather from the community. My goal is to include several different pieces of information which I will also detail below. This is very much a work in progress but if you have feedback, please provide it. The second link is to a thread to where you can write general feedback, I expect I will open up individual threads for certain topics in order to keep them as organized as possible.

    I encourage you to reach out to me if you have questions, comments or concerns. I am open to any constructive feedback you have to offer. My contact information will be included below.

    Thank you.

    -BlackBlade aka BB

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    • Skype - Live:TheGeneral1776
    • Discord - BlackBlade#8553
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