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  • Welcome!

    I am BlackBlade your official Anglosphere Ambassador and my role is to serve as a link between the community and Game Center. This means I foster communication of what the community needs to the Game Center and work with them on prioritizing the development of those changes. While I always have my own opinions on what should be done my job is to represent the Anglosphere community. The community consensus will always take priority in my communications with the Game Center. This is my "office" where I will be posting various important information and compiling a database of links to make everything accessible.

    Below you will find:

    • Contact Information: various methods to contact me,
    • Important Links: links that direct to various spreadsheets or threads of particular importance
    • Policy Papers: outlines of specific proposals on different topics that I have developed based on community feedback.
    • Anglosphere Bulletin Archive: links to every issue of the ASB. I release these monthly and summarize my work with the Game Center and things from around the community. These will be posted directly in this thread but can be found in the archive.
    • Anglosphere Quickbits Archive: links to every issue of the ASQB. I release these periodically with 3-5 easier and low controversy ideas to improve player quality of life. These are submitted to the Game Center upon publication. These will be posted directly in this thread but can be found in the archive.
    • Press Release Archive: links to every press release. I release these when important events happen that need to be addressed and it can't wait for the next ASB. These will be posted directly in this thread but can be found in the archive.
    • General Archive: links to everything else. This includes content related to Legends on Tour, Request for Feedback threads, Discussion threads and anything else.

    I encourage you to reach out to me if you have questions, comments or concerns. I am open to any constructive feedback you have to offer. My goal is to do the best I can to improve the game and ensure we are all here 15 years from now slaving away. ^^

    Thank you.

    -BlackBlade aka BB

  • Anglosphere Bulletin

    August 2019 Edition

    Hello Anglosphere! Time for some updates from the Ambassador’s Office.

    These are updates related to the office and will be mostly organizational in nature.

    These are updates about the work I and the other Ambassadors are doing with the Game Center. For legal reasons these updates will not always be as detailed as I would like. However I will release as much information as I can without violating my NDA.

    These will be updates on community action, announced game changes and the like.

    That is all for this edition of the Anglosphere Bulletin. Please feel free to give general feedback / feedback on something without a dedicated thread in the Open Forum. If there is something you want to say on a specific subject and I have a thread on it, please direct your feedback there. I will try and link those when appropriate. You are also always welcome to contact me privately and we have the new Discord server as well.

    Thank you for reading.


  • Anglosphere Bulletin

    September 2019 Edition

    And another month has gone by. This was a relatively slow month both publicly and behind the scenes but I do have some updates for you.

    And that is all this week. As always you can provide feedback in the open forum, PM here, Skype or Discord.

    Thanks for reading, until next time.


    P.S - Excuse any formatting issues, the forum was not cooperative today.

  • ASQB 001

    Introducing the Anglosphere Quick Bits! This will be a weekly (usually) post where I outline 3-5 quick ideas for Travian to improve the game. These will be ideas that I think they can implement fairly easily and that the vast majority of players will support. This will usually be posted on Wednesdays and I will send it to Travian over the following weekend. This will give you guys some time to tell me if they are bad, crazy or otherwise need improvement. The idea is to keep them simple so they can be changes we see sooner rather than later.

    1. Ability to hide researched troops in military buildings
    2. Increase the number of farms you can put into a farm list (either 150 or 200)
    3. Have the "Natar WW" (the one they build) display a name on the WotW list at all times

    These ideas are not meant to be revolutionary, just small little things to smooth out the rough edges of the game. If you have submissions, please post them in the Open Forum thread, or on the Anglosphere Ambassador Discord.

  • Press Release: 2019-11-4

    Summary of Rule Changes

    Well the time I was warning of has come. The game rules have been updated! However, I've seen some complain about the “summary” that was provided. So I’ve compiled my own. Please note this is based on an early draft of the rule changes so there may be some changes I missed. I have scanned the rules to see if I missed anything though and nothing stood out.


    Added - “or to encourage another player to violate the game rules”

    Removed - “of the game rules”

    § 1.1

    Removed - “An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned”

    § 1.3

    Removed - “If a player wishes to move from one account to another, the ownership of the first account must first be transferred and the password changed, or the account deleted, BEFORE access is granted to the new account, or a new account is created.”

    Added - “If a player wishes to move from one account to another, the ownership of the first account must be transferred and the password changed BEFORE access is granted to the new account.

    If the player wishes to leave the current account and create a new one, the deletion of the old account must be started and the player must contact Customer Service notifying about this change.

    In any of those cases, the player should not access the old account after accessing the new account.”

    § 2.

    Added - “An Account”

    Removed - “and use of the same computer”

    Removed - “up to two sitters”

    Removed - “Sitters must play the account they are sitting to the account’s full benefit. Abuse of this function is punishable”

    Added - “Abuse of sitter rights is prohibited”

    § 3. - Modified formatting of section

    § 5. - Modified Title - "an account" should now read "game content" (this change isn't currently reflected on rules page, waiting for clarification)

    Added - The offer to sell or buy game content for money is also forbidden.

    §6. - Multihunters changed to Customer Service

    §7. - Changed to reflect RET (i.e customer service portal, no MHs etc.)

    If you have any questions please ask in the open forum.

  • Anglosphere Bulletin

    October 2019 Edition

    Happy end of October! Yes I know, I’m about 2 weeks late. The end of the term was quite busy for me so I delayed putting together this month’s edition. I realize as I’m trying to write this that I’m struggling to remember what happened in October for the game. Note to self: take notes during the month.

    This month’s update is a bit lite but I hope you find it useful to keep up on things happening. As always if you have any questions, comments or suggestions my PMs are always open on the forum, Discord or Skype. You can also bring it up publicly in my open forum thread.

  • ASQB 002

    And here is another Anglosphere Quickbits segment. I realize I haven’t been posting this as frequently as I originally hoped and suggested. I also realize this is in fact only the 2nd post in this series. I will hopefully do better in the future, especially now that I have a backlog of ideas. I recently started a Google doc that I throw in whatever ideas I or others come up with each day. Some are big, some are small but there are plenty to use here. Editors Note: Funny thing is this was written a few days in advance and is still 2 days late

    1. Construction Indicator - Add Color for when you have enough to NPC

    You know those colored rings around building/fields? There is one for when you have enough resources but not enough when you can NPC.

    2. Construction Screen - Add “Enough Resources to NPC on DD:MM at HH:MM”

    Similar subject to the above. Add the above text to the construction menu. We already have a calculation for when we will have enough resources, why not one for NPC too?

    3. Farm List - Add ability to “duplicate” lists

    Technically this is part of a larger topic that I have been working with the Game Center on. There are changes coming (in the nearish future, barring anything unforseen) but as far as I know this isn’t included in that functionality. Essentially this would allow you to copy a list from one village to the next or even within the same village. Combine this with a bulk edit function and you can rapidly increase the number and types of troops going out.

    Example: You have a club list and you want to also send TKs to those same farms. Hit duplicate to clone the list, then bulk edit to change the clubs to TK. Bam. Magic.

    4. Hero - Re-add ability to Name

    Nuff said. Fluffy will kill all your troops.

    5. Cropper Finder Improvements

    • Add additional filters to the cropper finder.
    • More entries per page (up to 99 like RP and reports)
    • Filter by Alliance(s)
    • Filter for Occupied (right now you can only filter Unoccupied)
    • Filter by 7 cropper
    • Filter by quad(s)
    • Filter by GZ
    • Filter by distance
    • Complex filtering by type and bonus
      • E.G. 100%+ 15c and 150% 9c
      • E.G. 75% - 100% 15c and 150% 9c
    • Add overlap column

    Distance Position Type Oasis Overlaps with Occupied by Alliance
    0 (80|62) 15 cropper +75% 1 oasis with (79|61) Scarecrow Retired!

    Possible addition - change into “village” finder. Find villages of any type on map with associated bonus.

  • ASQB 003

    Ding Ding Ding! Here we go for another round.

    1. Building Screen - Add Demolish Button Within Building

    Pretty simple. Make it so you don’t need to be within the MB to demo a building. (keeping L10 MB requirement)

    2. Field/Village View - Add Demo Countdown

    This would just be a demo countdown under the construction countdown you see on the field and building views.

    3. Building Demolision - Add Queue

    Right now you can only demo 1 building, 1 level at a time. This would add a “queue” (or waiting loop as it is annoyingly called now), so you can have another level or another buildings level be demoed as soon as the first is finished. (For plus users)

    4 & 5. Adventure Troop "Choice" & "Claim" System

    For those of you familiar the "claim" system (I couldn't think of another way to phrase) it, is what I use to refer to the resources that go to the hero inventory on Codex. This would extend that functionality to troops, allowing you to claim the troops when and in what village you want. The "choice" part, would be the more significant change. This would allow you to choose which troops you receive. I'm not entirely sure what to call the mechanism / the best way to implement it for ease of use but the following is a basic example of how it would work.

    Example: You receive 66 swords. You can alternatively take 88 Phalanx, 44 TT, 36 Haeds or 40 Druider.

  • ASQB 004

    1. Display Chiefings in Alliance News Sidebar

    2. When deleting a report, return to filtered view / tab that you were in previously

    3. Display amount of reinforcements for allies headed to your village (instead of the ?)

    4. When preparing to send merchants, have the resource icon ship the maximum amount of that resource based on the remaining amount of resources that can be carried (currently when you click it, it will always input 20 merchants worth of the select resource)

    5. Option to have catapults automatically set to double random shot (a checkbox in the rally point)

    Ambassador’s note: The Anglosphere Bulletin for November is being merged into the December issue due to lack of content for reporting. It is under consideration if this should be made into a bi-monthly or quarterly release with special editions as needed.

  • Anglosphere Bulletin

    November & December 2019 Edition

    Well, 2019 is over and 2020 is here. With that I give you the Anglosphere Bulletin for Nov & Dec 2019. I slacked on my ASQB’s for December and this is final ASB is getting out later than I had originally planned. It turns out this role is harder when you are actually playing a server competitively and trying to balance it with some semblance of a life & the associated responsibilities. That said I do apologize, I wish I’d have been more present the last few weeks. Luckily things have been quiet both here and in the Ambassador Slack.

    I will be doing a separate 2019 wrap up where I discuss what was accomplished, what wasn’t and what needs to be done going forward.

  • Press Release: 2020-05-09

    My Absence & the Future

    It would seem time has gotten away from me. I have had a lot of personal things occuring over the last few months as many of you have. Anything substantive regarding Travian was largely put on hold. I am sorry that I have not been able to be as dedicated to this role as I was last year. However I am back, at least I think. Things have stabilized and I'm hopeful that I can return to working hard for the Anglo community and the game as a whole. While I have not been actively working on anything I have kept a general eye on things and as far as I can tell there aren't any "new" major issues. That said some "old" issues have continued to rear their head. Here are some things that I'm hoping to work on in the near future. If there is anything you think I've missed please let me know:

    • Server Length - I've gotten a number of complaints 1x servers are too long
    • Cropper Distribution - 1 quad with 15 125/150% and another with 3. You get the idea.
    • Vacation Mode -
    • Rule Enforcement / Appeals Process - There has been frustration expressed about bad bans and the difficulty/time it takes to get the issue resolved (or the answer to uphold)
    • Farm List Improvements - There was an initial draft made last year for a first phase of changes but these have yet to appear. I'll be pushing to get this done.
    • Botting/Multi-Accounts
    • Techs
    • Building Graphics
    • TS Buff / Map Size

    I of course have a list of many other things but these are what seem to me to be the "bigger" issues. Ones that are controversial for one party or another and that I expect will be difficult to address.

    I will be holding a LIVE: Q&A on Discord Saturday 5/16 starting at 13:00 EST. This will be hosted on my Amabssador Discord (join link).

    I will take questions from one channel and either answer them in a seperate channel or perhaps via voice. Though if I did the latter I would prefer to record it and I'm not sure I am setup for that. I will take a look this week and will announce closer to the date. You can ask me anything (that is appropriate & Travian related) and I will answer as best I can within the confines of my NDA & personal knowledge.

    Thank you and I look forward to your help.


  • Anglosphere Ambassador AMA 001

    Sat May 17th 2020

    On Sat I held my first AMA on my Discord server. Over the course of 2 hours about two dozen players showed up and about half asked questions via a text channel and I answered on voice for all to hear. Below you will find a brief summary of the questions & responses from the AMA. These were written after the fact and due to sheer volume are likely shorter and perhaps less specific. As this went well I plan to do another in the future, I hope to see you there!

    • Does Travian have any plans to do any tribe balancing in the future?

    It is something we have been discussing with them. There are no clear indications of any particular changes at this time. I am hopeful some adjustments can be made before the 5 tribes are added to all servers. The central problem is that people (Game Center, Ambassadors & communities) can’t agree on what needs to be balanced.

    • When should we expect standard servers to have the 2 new tribes?

    My understanding is this will occur at some point this year but I do not have an exact timeline.

    • Will they ever add custom graphics and/or the old graphics?

    Unlikely but I will investigate.

    • Does Travian plan to bring codex features to regular gameworlds?

    As far as I know, there are no current plans to do so. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see at least the hospital added (though likely not for 1-2 more years). Merging and forwarding are a different beast altogether. Merging is very unlikely and forwarding I would say it is 50-50.

    • Any planned changes to make Gauls more viable for offense?

    Not at this time - see question #1.

    • Are there still plans to rebalance cropper distribution and add18c in the grey?

    This issue of cropper distribution has been brought up again (it was originally discussed last year). I am hopeful that a resolution can be found soon and implemented this year. Regarding the 18c that is technically a separate issue but something, I will look into.

    • Are there plans to address vacation mode abuse?

    Not at this time. I am working to have the feature removed altogether as the changes necessary to prevent abuse are highly complex. When a feature needs a 15 point checklist to use, I think we are better off without it.

    • What does Travian think about the potential for abuse of the new hero inventory mechanic?

    I do not recall any specific discussions about this but I will raise the issue.

    • Is anything being done to address early game abuse of multis and techs with regard to oasis / in general?

    Not really. The fight against multis remains difficult and while improvements have been made the speed servers in particular show how multis are winning. According to the Game Center techs are perfectly legitimate so anything that specifically targets them is a non-starter.

    • What is being done about the new building graphics?

    This issue is being looked into but I have nothing specific at this time.

    • IS there any plans to give alliance leaders the option to choose which bonus players donate to?

    This could be done. I will add it to the list.

    • Will there be a mobile app?

    Please ask again in 3-5 years.

    • Any plans to address glad helms?

    Not at this time but I will raise the issue.

    • Have they considered allowing the automatic exchange of silver to gold when a server ends?

    It has been mentioned to the game center in the past but my understanding is they were not positive about such a change. I will investigate.

    • Are there plans for a more integrated approach to the game parts like the forum, company announcements etc.?

    We have discussed creating a single sign on from which you can access all your accounts and the forum, as well as the inclusion of a lobby page. This would present new opportunities for a unified approach to communications and the status of various parts of the game.

    • Gold transfer between Anglo and COM?

    Unlikely. While both share the same gold prices they don’t want to set a precedent that might have communities without the same prices to request the same feature.

    • What is the status of the idea for the mass merging of domains? (Europe, North America, Asia etc.)?

    As far as I know this is generally dead, as there was a lot of community push back across the globe. However, I would not rule out the closure and merging of smaller communities in the future.

    • Any plans for “classic” servers based on 3.6 etc.?

    No, the code is too broken to use on modern browsers and they lack the resources to fix it.

    • Any plans to reduce server length?

    Not presently but this is one of the major issues I hope to tackle in the next month and hopefully see resolution in the next 6 months.

    • When will the mobile browser version include production and server time?

    I have no idea. I will try and get an update on this.

    • What is the status of the farm list update?

    It exists. I believe the user story for an initial set of changes has been completed but as far as I know it hasn’t been sent to the development team. Or it has but hasn’t been completed yet. I will try and get an update.

    • What is the status of the market update?

    Somewhere in the backlog I expect. They don’t have enough resources to get to several “major” / “important” updates.

    • How do you think the anglo servers are doing? Are they viable to continue independently?

    Right now yes. Account wise I estimate we are roughly middle in the pack but I suspect we spend a good. That should keep us viable for the next few years barring a massive drop off in players.

    • When will they fix colorblind mode?

    Unknown. I will investigate.

    • Would they consider adding a feature where chiefed villages are automatically removed from the farm list?

    Unknown. I will investigate but I like the idea.

    • Would they consider adding the option to view confed reports?

    I hope so but I’m not sure. I will add it to the list.

    • Add additional buttons for filters (such as alliance scout reports)

    I like it and will add it to the list.

    • When is the ally chiefing restriction going to be removed?

    Great question, I have no idea. Originally this was supposed to be done in the fall but the addition of a single checkbox somehow derailed the entire thing. I will look into it.

    • When will patch notes be improved?

    I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Will the top 10 be fixed to update more frequently?

    Unknown. I will investigate.

    • Will the tournament square be adjusted based on map size?

    Unlikely but I can bring it up.

    • Wlll they increase the daily bonus size as the server progresses?

    I believe this was previously mentioned but it’s just another thing that is on a list somewhere. I will try and see if it can be slotted in soon.

    • Will they add alliance tools in-game?

    Maybe. It’s been discussed and would be a good revenue generator. The main issue is the lack of development resources. They don’t have enough to make modifications to existing features in a quick enough manner, let alone developing new ones.

  • Press Release: 2020-06-04

    AMA 002!

    On Sunday June 7th at 14:00 Anglo Server Time (EDT / UTC-4) I will be hosting the second Anglosphere Amabassador Ask Me Anything on my Discord server.

    We had a lot of fun the first time and we will again! Between now and then I am going to try and post some updates on a few topics that have been under discussion with the Game Center of late. I am also hoping to get to you the Agenda for the upcoming Ambassador-Game Center Workshop that should be held next week. However I can't be sure that the agenda will be given to me prior to the AMA.

    If you can't attend but have a question/topic you would like addressed, please feel free to PM them to me, post them on the forum (make sure to tag me) or drop a message in the Discord. As I did before I will also post a brief summary of responses to the questions/topics addressed after the AMA.

    I look forward to seeing you there!


  • Press Release: 2020-06-30

    AMA 003 - Multi's & Techs!

    On Sunday July 5th at 14:00 Anglo Server Time (EDT / UTC-4) I will be hosting the third Anglosphere Ambasador Ask me Anything on my Discord server.

    This AMA's focus will be multi-accounts & techs. Next week I there is a workshop for the Ambassador's and members of the Game Center centered on these topics. I want to give everyone an opportunity to hear/discuss the issue in real time. Some questions to ponder:

    • What benefits do multi accounts serve?
    • How do you eliminate or limit the those benefits?
    • What benefits do tech accounts serve?
    • How do you eliminate or limit those benefits?
    • Where does multi and tech account use/benefits overlap?

    Originally this workshop was entirely focused on Multi-accounts. However there has been some recognition that techs are an issue of concern among many players and communities. While I don't know what the outcome will be, I and many of the other Ambassadors will work hard to try and address both problems. I encourage you to check out this thread where some discussion is already taking place and I will be putting some of the things I have heard over the years to deal with the issue.

    I look forward to seeing you there!