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  • Here you can provide any feedback you have on what I'm doing, what TG is doing, any ideas you have etc. There will eventually be specific threads for certain topics because there is a lot to cover on them - try and use those for those topics when they come up so I don't need to ask mods to move things.

    I look forward to hearing from you :thumbsup:

    ***Off topic / insulting / harassing posts will be removed from this thread - please stay on topic***

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  • Can you post the link to all the ideas you've had to present? I saw like 100+ idea spreadsheet or something, but can't seem to find the link anymore...

  • This thread had the link.

    This is the linkto the spreadsheet.

    Jonothan Crane wrote:

    Patients suffering delusional episodes often focus their paranoia on an external tormentor. Usually one conforming to Jungian archetypes. In this case, a scarecrow.

  • In the LOT2019 Notes section there are a number of planned updates to the game, including the wave builder, map adjustments, etc. My understanding is that these are all being worked on currently and will be added to the game at some point in the future. Would it be possible to have a page/thread where we can track these updates? I don't mean day-to-day or week-to-week, but something along these lines:

    1. Wave builder (link to explanation of update) - Completed, will be effective on all game worlds starting after date X

    2. Improved farm list - In progress, estimated time to completion 6-8 months

    3. World map - In progress, ETA 12-16 months

    4. Etc...

  • Sjrg4 I would certainly LOVE something like that but the Game Center is... wary of doing it. There are often unexpected things that arise that delay the process of bringing an idea from being planned to being implemented. They don't want to give the community expectations and fail to meet them. Without their cooperation putting something like that together would be difficult.

    That said certain attributes I can relatively easily track, like completed, in-progress, under review sort of thing. I could also try and give my own personal view as to what the priority of it is. With higher priority meaning we would see implementation sooner, rather than later. Less exact than you (and I) would want but it would at least give more of an indication.

    In my spreadsheet for the summit (linked in my office thread), I did take note of the status on some of those topics. Given the amount of information in the sheet, a cut down thread version would probably be a good idea. I will try and get something together in the next 1-2 weeks. I've been dealing with some life changes/decisions so I've got a bit of a backlog on Travian related "work". Right now I'm catching up on the forum and the Ambassadors Slack.

    Former Anglosphere Ambassador 2019-2020

  • BlackBlade I understand why the devs would be wary of setting dates for things that aren't finished yet. I'd be happy to get these kinds of updates even without time estimates, just "in progress" or "completed, takes effect on date x."

    Thanks for all the time and work you put into this!

  • 1. Wave builder (link to explanation of update) - Completed, will be effective on all game worlds starting after date X

    I really didnt think TG was stupid enough to acually add this lol.

    So when is auto farmer,auto OP,auto NPCer etc comming?
    I could pay 10 gold for it please make it happend, who needs brains to play this game anyway

    When you're at it could you make a auto trashtalk poster for forums too?
    I could help with adding some quality trashtalk quotes for it, hit me up Playingwithfire please talk to TG HQ about this, thaks in advance dear

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  • Seems like they already added an auto community response for their patching, so who knows:thumbsup:

    One day i can open an account and just let it sit till i can send the wwk^^

    Some people gets born with unlucky brains.

    Jimmy is one of them

    Resident scapegoat

  • Send the wwk? I fully expect that it will automatically get sent timed with high lvl natars.

    What!? I natars dont deserve win, i want an automated ww builder so i have somewhere to send my hard-to-make Wwk:wall:

    Some people gets born with unlucky brains.

    Jimmy is one of them

    Resident scapegoat

  • A wavebuilder?

    Do we def players also get an auto "snipe waves" button?

    It's like you people are made out of bloody cotton candy and fear messing up waves means the end of the world for you.

  • I was against the idea of a wavebuilder initially... But I planned OPs including some players who could only/mostly play from phone, and I can sympathize with them wanting to be able to participate properly... Or for that matter players who are temporarily away from home and can again only play from phone. I would still be outright against it though... If not for the arbitrary "lag" they introduced (i.e. waves will not always be same second). With that, launching using the usual methods is still valueable.

    It's not really a skill to send waves either though... Not really a skill to download obscure browsers like k-meleon, or older versions of firefox... So I kinda like that noobs have a gateway into participating in OPs/launching attacks, while veteran players will still be able to use offline method etc. to have more accuracy.

    With that said, I am not really "in favour" of adding the wave-builder... But I'm not against it either.

    I am generally against automation though, but well, this is one point I can concede.

  • I agree with wishmaster on this, and I want to point out that the wave builder is not "automation" in the way and auto farm list or auto NPC would be.

    The nature of Travian is that spending more time playing (raiding, simming, etc) the stronger your account will be. The wave builder doesn't really violate that principle - sending waves using the wave builder takes just as much time as it does using firefox/kmeleon/etc. The only difference is that the wave builder opens up OP participation to all players, not just those with both the knowledge of how to use outdated browsers and constant access to a computer.

    I think there will still be advantages to using the offline browser method, since I believe the wave builder limits you to 4 waves, so to send 8 waves over two seconds (or 12 over three) would still require the old method to do properly. By the way, if you were to combine the wave builder with the offline browser launch, could you send 16 same-second waves?

  • I know the server currently limits you to four waves per second. My question is, if I launch same second waves using firefox the way we do now, but in each tab I have four waves (using the wave builder), what happens? Do I get 16 same second waves, or does the server realize what I've done and split them up over four seconds?

  • the wave builder is the best update travian have thought of for ages.

    I can't understand why anyone would be against it.

    So many players use their phone to play, why can't they participate in the game like others can?

    It won't guarantee all 4 waves are same second so the 'offline mode' will still be a sure way of achieving 4 same second waves and will still be used.

    I feel that attack ops will have more participants and less experienced players can get involved in this aspect of the game.

    More people enjoying the game and playing more can only be a good thing right? Do you want more people to stay playing the game and for numbers to stop dropping or not? Compromises need to be made by experienced players if they want newbies to keep playing the game.

    Limiting other players ability to launch same second waves doesn't make you a better player, this change will level the playing field, to maintain their advantage big players will just have to find other ways to be the best.

  • Completely agreed with Wishmaster on this. While first reading about the wave builder I was skeptical and sort of afraid they would take some kind of automation route to make things 'easier for beginners' again. That's not the case here, this is just an improvement for mobile users and nothing else.

    At least...How do you manage the second on which the first wave will land with the wavebuilder? This cannot be planned in, correct? Does the wave builder still require you to manually click to launch the entire wave? In which case, you still need a same-second precision click, from mobile....?

  • And what will be the defensive feature to counter this then?

    If you eliminate human error, so everyone can do bot-like waves, don't you think it will also make sniping / cutting waves completely obsolete?

    Sure the idea behind making it easier for newbies / phone users is okay, but at a cost of screwing up other things completely.... I'm not so sure.

    Perhaps it's better to make a different alternative to this, for example an optimized official Travian App where you could make sub-tabs in rally point and quickly switch between and send. I mean, surely it can't be THAT hard to make an app for a company that size.

    If they wanted a friendly experience for phone users they'd probably have made, or paid someone to make an app for the game, but it seems that's not in their interest.

    Does the wave builder still require you to manually click to launch the entire wave? In which case, you still need a same-second precision click, from mobile....?

    Webpages don't load same on mobile as on PC, so my guess is they'd all be automated in the same second.