Farm List Tweak for Chiefed Villages

  • Whenever someone chiefs an inactive village (ie farm), everyone else is still raiding the village. This leads to various conflicts and frustration, as we know.

    I suggest that we borrow a feature from trade routes. When a village (or its owner) changes alliances, all the trade routes to that village disappear. Let's apply the same idea to farm lists: when a village (or its owner) changes alliances, it will be automatically removed from all farm lists.

    This will help prevent arguments over defending chiefed villages, and save us the bother of sending igms to all the people farming our new village.

  • An interesting idea. I know one of the things we had discussed at the summit was some sort of automated notification system - this might actually be better.

    Though it might not always be applicable. "Farmy" players might chief a village and you will want to keep farming them :D

    Perhaps instead of being removed automatically moved to a specially designated list?

  • How about no.

    The game is already to machine-driven at the state it is. Times when we did not have farmlists were more demanding indeed. Today we have players very much taking too much advantage of the farmlists.

    We should not encourage TG to make the game play itself.

  • I don't consider making/maintaining the game as time-consuming as possible to be positive thing, which I've come to realize some people in these forums do. I really don't understand that mindset... Do you really miss the days before farm lists and trade routes? Maybe we should get rid of the Plus feature that shows red swords next to villages with incoming attacks, and show our skill and dedication by manually checking each village every few minutes.

    Every minute that we don't spend on mindless, repetitive clicking is a minute that we can spend either a) on real life stuff, enabling more people to play the game well, or b) on actual strategy and the things that make the game interesting and fun. I understand that a basic dynamic of Travian is that more time playing=stronger account, and I agree that we shouldn't disregard that. I do think that simplifying or eliminating the boring, useless stuff (things that require no skill, no strategy, no thought, just time and clicks) will improve the game and make it both more enjoyable and more interesting.

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