Reduce nature in Unoccupied Oasis's

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  • Im finding it difficult and pointless to raid unoccupied Oasis's. There are too many nature troops.

    Im tired of spending all my gold trying to buy Cages to capture Animals. And when my Hero attacks an oasis the health % goes down. The only recommended use for an Unoccupied oasis to capture it as its costing far to much gold to capture troops.

    Are we not meant to raid an oasis or what. It seems travian only cares about how much money your spending on gold. An unoccupied oasis can kill all troops and a hero if we raid it without using Cages.

    Either make Cages cheaper to buy in the Auction or reduce the amount of Nature reinforcements. Its an absolute scam to make people buy Cages just so they can raid an Oasis.:(

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  • No, you are not really supposed to be raiding oases for resources after BP ends

    Cage prices are determined by players by nature of the auction system

  • Either make Cages cheaper to buy in the Auction

    Yes, because in a real life auction if something is too expensive you ask them to lower the price to suit your needs, absolutely marvelous idea.