TT Qualification Group B - Fact and rumours

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    That time of year has arrived where all eyes turn to the Travian Tournament, time to test yourself against all of others and more on the biggest Travian stage of all.

    We are happy to announce that TT Qualification 2019 will start on June 18th, 2019.

    Group B are: Russia, CZSK, Anglosphere, Baltics.

    US Start-time: 06:00 am GMT-4 (UK)

    UK Start-time: 11:00 am GMT+1 (US)

    AU Start-time: 08:00 pm GMT+10 (AU)

    Local time can be found here

    Pre-registration: There is no pre-registration


    Version: T 4.4

    Speed: x2

    Map-size: 801 x 801 attention.png

    This is the fact and rumours-thread, but you don't have to write "Rumours says" in all posts...