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  • Last thread seems to have grow very large and spiraled in many different directions, let's move onto a new topic.

    Top 3 alliances offense:

    1. CD

    2. RAG

    3. TP

    Top 3 alliances defense:

    1. PAR

    2. TA

    3. HIGH

    Top 3 alliances POP:

    1. TP

    2. PC

    3. RAG

    Top hero's of the server:

    1. Chewbacca (TASK)

    2. Incestus (RAG)

    3. mister Kurva (LUUL)

    Q1: Are all the top defending alliances dirty spikers?

    Q2: Why are the top 3 hero's in the NE?

    Q3: Is PC just full of a bunch of dirty simmers?