5 Tribes: Word of Wisdom

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  • I am a teuton. My words of wisdom for my fellow teutons are.... if you're training a hammer, commit to either axes or clubs and stick with it to get the most benefit from your right hand hero item. Don't choose clubs unless you're prepared to raid like crazy!It's impossible to grow a hammer you can't feed.

    Follow these words and you'll be smashing through walls in no time.

    Santa on Weedz


  • I am Teutons. My Word of Wisdom for Teutons would be… you may forget your club or Axe but never forget your Beer from the Brewery 8)

    nickname :voodoo

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  • I am Gaul. My Word of Wisdom for Gauls would be…don't use lots of thunders in hammer attacks as they are light and trained for deceiving ones!


    nick : bully

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  • I am Egyptian. My Word of Wisdom for Egyptians would be to prepare your slaves, the death of our true leader Mohamed Morsi was not an accident he was murdered. INSURGE MY BROTHERS.

    nickname: Laxar3tor


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  • I am Roman. My Word of Wisdom for Roman, and especially for newbies and non golders would be... just ignore TG saying they are not for beginners. You can't keep up with others without double building ability.

  • I am Roman. My Word of Wisdom for Roman would be…The neighbors will brutally raped you if you don't build the cranny after beginner's protection ends ;(

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    Acc: PlayerInVN

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  • I am Gaul. My Word of Wisdom for Gauls would be ... you must use trapper for first.always upgrade trapper to high level.it is best defend...


    server ts5.travian.com

  • I am Gaul My Word of Wisdom for Gauls would be…Once you trapped your Enemy's Hero, don't ever let go. Let that sucker get frustrated. Once you think he's sending his entire army, signal your alliance, let the bastard get burned to dust.

  • I am Gaul. My Word of Wisdom for everyone under "RAID" would be send your resources and army to closest ally or village possible and after raid get it back

  • I am a gaul. My word of wisdom for Gaul would be ... Deceive your opponent with a small amount of attacks and let them mistake you for being an attacker,let their army come to die

  • Я Галл. Мое слово мудрости для Галлии ... ребята покажут Египту истинную классическую силу!

    (translation from Google - I'm Gall. My word of wisdom for Gaul ... the guys will show Egypt the true classic power!)

    nickname: DOK


    international qualification server

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