5 Tribes: Word of Wisdom

  • I am Roman. My Word of Wisdom for Romans would be…Never defend your village with only Praetorians, train Legionnaires because they make together the BEST DEFEND FORCE!

  • I am a Gaul and my words of wisdom are "you can trap your friend and you can trap your enemy, you can trap your friend's enemy and your enemy's friend, you can trap your friend's friend and your enemy's enemy, you can even trap yourself! But keep track because a full trap traps no one else, friend or enemy."


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  • I am Roman. My word of wisdom for Romans would be...We are the all-rounder race. We are expected to be all-rounders. So when all of our troops are either Equites Legatis or Equites Caesaris, other than rams, catapaults and village control units, we may strike an inordinate amount of fear.


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  • I am a Hun. My word of wisdom for Huns would be... "Do not underestimate Marksmen .. Become the best Hamvil with multiple villages making Marsmen .. Raid and defend to glory"



  • I am Egyptians. My words of wisdom for Egyptians would be... The militia slave, might be a slave, but they were the best choice to avoid you becoming other people slave in early game.

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  • Eu sou Gaules, minha palavra de sabedoria para os gauleses é nunca, mais nunca mesmo deixe faltar comida aos Falnges, olha o tamanho da barriga deles!!!

    Google translate - I am Gaules, my word of wisdom for the Gauls is never, but never even let lack food to the Falnges, look at their belly size !!!

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  • I am Egyptian. My Word of Wisdom for Egyptians would be…never train an Egyptian hammer.




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  • I am Egyptian. My Word of Wisdom for Egyptians would be…Slaves are best cannon fodder. With khopesh warriors and anhur guards, thou shall not bother. Resheph and wardens will bring peace and order.

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  • I am Teutons. My word of wisdom for teutons would be keep fighting because you were born to war. Expand your empire with available advantages: the earliest war when possible, your clubswinger is very strong and don't forget the brewery will make your army even stronger. Prove to the old king that you are the best leader of teutons province.

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  • I am a Gaul. My Word of Wisdom for Gauls would be: “Think first, understand better, learn more and then do, ...or else the sky will fall on your head!