5 Tribes: Word of Wisdom

The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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  • The Emperor is pleased to see so many enties. But as he can only pick five, it was tough for him to choose, so we have helped him, and now we have the five winners.



    I am Egyptian. My Word of Wisdom for Egyptians would be… always trust on your defence, as it is your best offensive and your key to victory!



    I am Roman. My Word of Wisdom for Romans would be … Never neglect your horse trough!



    I am Hun. My Word of Wisdom for Hun would be… I wonder how my spotter walk faster than other tribe that using horse.



    I am Roman. My Word of Wisdom for Roman would be… the fastest way to conquer the world is to build one! through military might, we will unify the world under a single banner!



    I am a Gaul . My word of wisdom for Gaul would be ... It's a waste of Headons to use them at defense, Train TT as they are the best raiders.

    The winners will be contacted by me via PM.


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