New buildings?

  • Hey and happy Monday!

    Let's start this week by having a chat about buildings!

    Have you ever thought about new buildings you would like to see in Travian: Legends? Buildings that would bring something completely new to the game or just enhance the features we now have?

    For example a building that would let you upgrade your fields higher than level 10 in regular villages or an Animal Tamer that automatically captures Nature's troops to defend your village, Road Builder who lets your own troops move faster to that village, Adventure Museum that gives your hero a slight bonus to find something more during adventures (main reward + bonus troops / resources / items) etc...

    Share your ideas for new buildings, no matter how creative or adventurous those ideas are.

  • replace trapper for gauls to something acutually useful. Compared to teutons/romans special buildings trapper is totally useless.

    I don't really know what kinda building should replace trapper but it must be something which makes gauls more equal to teuton/roman tribes.