Tournament 2019 international group thread

  • Would someone please explain the -/- situation? Seems a little bit too crowded

    Are you saying italians use those tactics?


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  • What needs explaining?

    Basically the strongest and largest meta went on -/-, that's what happened. There's literally no other in that specific group to come close to that size.

    Anglosphere, Baltics and CZ/SK don't even come close to the amount of members native .ru and .it metas have combined this year.

    It's nothing surprising when there's only a selected few domains that come in such sizes.

  • Thanks for the explanation. I am ignorant about anything that happens outside hispanic servers


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  • So can we get the MH on this -/- situation or what???

    doesnt seem fair to me

    Why does it not seem fair?

    How much people register on a certain domain quadrant isn't obligated to be balanced compared to other quadrants... people just go where they plan an that's it.

  • Actually, .ru and .it combined go beyond hundred players... more into the thousand. You've clearly not seen the actual scale of these teams before.

  • if 2 major alliances decided to pick the same quadrent, that is easily 480 people, logistically it's not all that hard for it to work out like that, hell if we wanted to, we could all as a server decide to go one quadrent, there is nothing stopping us from doing that (other then it not working realistically)

    Also you are aware that the differences between a bot/multier and an actual player are extremely minor in looking at them as an account right?

    Alliances can choose to push someone if they want, and it's hard to tell an actual alliance doing that apart from botters.

  • So can we get the MH on this -/- situation or what???

    doesnt seem fair to me

    stop rosik

    scusami ma la tua ally non è tra le mie priorità cio non significa che non partono le missioni a breve contro di voi
    mi piace missionarvi nel fine settimana sabato sera:thumbup::thumbup: 3/4/2018

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  • there is obviously a golder/bot/multi/whatever
    I highly doubt that a few hundred allied players decided to join in the SW

    Please don't judge other player as you would behave. Italian usually play without multies