Tournament 2019 international group thread

  • Emerik complaining about cheating but he is also the one who didn’t want strict measures against it during the travian meeting, i bet you did get along really great with panda during this event :D

    You also complain about what is posted on the forum recently, but what do you do to improve the forum beside come here once every 6 months to just post negative things.

    We all know you cheated, made big coalition, boisted points and so on. And now you complain about the same things you did in the past :D

    Is it because they do it better than you ?

    You lost your credibility a while ago.

    Focus on you first.

  • giphy-1-2.gif

    cup ww, cup bp and others cup banned, what happened?

    Emerik tried to help them, he knows how manage an account that needs resources :osd:

  • oh look who's piping in now Raging "Tech Account" Bull.

  • It's enough to argue about past battles, get ready for new ones :)

    New alliances and new nations give new heroes a chance :) Prepare new strategies instead of throwing away empty words :)

  • you, panda and the special child were embarrassing at munich, and we all can see your results right now


    I dont understand why you call Panda to this topic...

    Have you ever play by her side??? Or are you just supose???

    Panda know more of this game when she is sleeping then you whenyou are awake...

    Pls beside all trash writhen here,have some honour and dont call ppl that are not here to arg whit you...

    Beside she really dont care about what you think...

    Btw ho are you???


  • yes it is true, i am not a big cheater like panda, she has lost all defs after ban on finals and she went to cry at munich for less punishment


    1kk defs lost :osd::osd::osd:

  • yes it is true, i am not a big cheater like panda, she has lost all defs after ban on finals and she went to cry at munich for less punishment


    1kk defs lost :osd::osd::osd:

    man i think you are making some kind of confusion...

    Panda dont even play last finals...

    She was at ru5...

    You show here an acount from kalibr i think and talk about Panda?

    When you go copy info from other places ,first see if you understand what are they talking about...

    Is she more cheater then you? Problaby yes,probably not...

    From her i never seen reports killing her won scouts like i see here from you...

    Cya my friend...

    I will not arg more whit you...

  • ok, go with your confusions, ciao

  • Kind reminder to all the stars flexing muscles around here.

    Travian is a team game.

    You cannot forget this and the spoils of victory, or the tears of defeat belong to teams of players.

    My point of view as a medium team player:

    There is nothing to read here. Only 10-15 lines here are related to a team game. The rest is a foolish I am a superhero rubbish.

    Rubbish that I read and makes me question about how much a win can help a flexing muscle star forget its own human condition.

  • the truth hurts?

  • Greetings to all Travian players

    Arab Leaders from TG.EP, TG.CH and TG.A.C.T, decided to change the course of WWs. We welcome who love to join and warn our enemies. We helped our allies ( Italians and Greeks ) and attacked their opponent's WWs.

    I leave you with this video which shows the forces of Arabs.

    (video removed)

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  • Actions speak louder than words.

  • Hello all,

    Please stay on topic and stop with the accusations of cheating and the bad language usage, they dont belong on the forum.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Great army my friend!

    I remember an Arab in the 2014 Final which impressed me: Almohalhl

    He sent me 3 army :huh:

    Does he play with you?