Whats your favourite tribe and why?

  • Hello all,

    I am (and maybe other too are) curious :/, on what tribe(s) is your favorite? Is it because it was your first tribe you played when you started playing Travian? Or is it because it suits your playstyle for offense, defense or both? Or do you have advice for other that may want to try to play the tribe you like?

    Share your experience with other here.


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  • I'm all for Gauls. They have a versatility the other tribes don't. Even if they were severely nerfed with the introduction of Huns and Egypt, Gauls is still my first choice. Not gonna lie, I haven't had the chance to try the two new tribes and I'm very interested in the african one so this answer may change after i play as either one of them.

    Still, I find that Theutates Thunders are too expensive compared to other Tribes' cavalry units and their capabilities offense-wise. For a time now I've thought that either TTs need an attack buff or a price reduction, specially since Gauls were sold like the main civ for cav (before Huns).

    Training Gaul hammers is a viable strategy because they pack a punch for a good crop consumption. It's also possible to build a ghost hammer if you go with TTs, which can be very useful if used with scouts and a smart strategy. However a Gaul player, even if playing mainly as an offensive one, can easily build a defensive army for an acceptable price (Phalanx + Druidriders) or train mobile anvils for a higher price but way higher speed.

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