Ts6 Round 1 - Victory speech

  • (Sorry for the finish part in the beginning)

    "kaikki hyvä loppuu aikanaan, ja tämänkin aikakauden lopun aika on koittanut. Solomonille annettiin sormus, johon oli kaiverrettu viesti, joka voi poistaa kaiken ilon tai surun. Viestin voisi kääntää näin: "Tämäkin on ohimenevää." On sekä ilo että suru julistaa koko Travianille, että tämäkin on nyt mennyt ohitse! Toivottavasti olette nauttineet kuluneista kuukausista. Kiitokset teille, jotka pysyitte mukana loppuun saakka.

    Tulokset: Päivä oli jo kääntynyt iltaan, mutta silti työläiset kylässä -Nalles Välgörenhet raatoivat läpi talvisen yön aina varuillaan lukemattomien armeijoiden varalta, jotka marssivat heitä kohti aikomuksenaan tuhota heidän työnsä tulokset. Työläiset olivat tietoisia siitä, että he kilpailivat aikaa vastaan ja heillä oli vastassaan suurin uhka, minkä heidän kansansa oli koskaan kohdannut. Heidän väsymättömät ponnistuksensa palkittiin 02:04, kun tuntematon työläinen asetti viimeisen kiven rakennelmaan, joka tultaisiin aina muistamaan mahtavimpana luomuksena kautta historian sitten nataarien kukistumisen.

    "HKfc" sekä hänen liittoumansa "Byggare Bob" olivat ensimmäisiä, jotka onnistuivat saamaan Maailmanihmeen valmiiksi. He kuluttivat saavutukseensa miljoonia resursseja ja puolustivat luomustaan sadoin tuhansin sotilain. Sen vuoksi "Byggare Bob"ansaitsee arvonimen "Aikakauden voittaja".

    "Concrete Guys" hallitsi suurinta valtakuntaa. Hänen kanssaan tittelistä kamppailivat "Clandestine" ja "Nalle Wahlroos".
    "Verzik Vitur" surmasi eniten vihollisen sotilaita ja oli mahtavin ja pelätyin komentaja.
    "Hellyus" oli loistokkain puolustaja. Hän surmasi vihollisiaan kyliensä porteilla tahraten ympäröivät maat vihollistensa verellä. "

    So, the 1st normal speed Nordic server is over! I have a lot to say, but I try to keep it as short as possible, so you won’t get bored! All in all, our Alliance was one of the best I have ever played in. The atmosphere was mostly good and most of the people enjoyed this round. Also, almost everything functioned really well when supposed to. People had fun, but also understood what was expected of them. I’m proud that I could be part of something like this! But… there is always some shit happening behind the curtains and everything is not what it seems.

    Before the round started

    I have to say that what happened before the round started is one of the main reasons, we had so strong group on the server. Most of you already know this, but before we knew about nordics merging, I was trying to gather most of the active normal scene players on one server (FI4) to do something about dropping level of finnish servers. At the time we heard about the merge there were several premade finnish groups already made. Leaders of three biggest (Me, Neurocid and Kain) started talking about what this change would mean and pretty fast we started to wonder if it would be possible to create one huge finnish alliance. At this point we also had heard rumours that norwegians and swedes would have strong groups coming to the server aswell, so it kinda strengthened this idea we were playing with.

    We decided to keep the original rosters on server to minimise drama and conflicts, as in finnish scene there are lots of ”big egos” that dont get along very well. Minimising drama became our number one thing to work with. Clear rules that everyone needs to follow with effective punishments, which saw some use in early game as we kicked some players out because they didnt follow our rules. When time passed, I became a bit softer with these. Some things, like recruitment were kept on mainleader of every individual alliance and some things we decided to do together, like coordinating def. During the server these things changed a lot. Members of 609 were devided into HKfc and VIP to get alliance bonus donations more focused. This took some effort so that we would still be able to keep some people in different alliances. At the same time, we also started to mentally merge into one alliance, instead of three. We were really surprised about the fact that people behaved really well, which made it possible for all of us to get closer and to be one working alliance, instead of two or three. There were many that had doubts about this, and I can`t say that I personally believed that this would happen like this.

    We set some limits (40 acc/alliance = max 120 in total), started to chart roles and tribes of every account and make needed changes to make it work for us and all that usual stuff. In the beginning there were something like 60-70 accounts in total. We decided to bring every leader from those three premades to our new leader team, which turned out to be a bad choise, but more about that later. We also decided that we would try to fit everyone in, no matter what they had done in the past or what people thought about them. Regarding this; some turned out to be totally different from what was the general understanding, as some were exactly what we feared.

    Start of the round

    As the start came closer, so did problems. Even tho there were just few who could send out invitations to our discord channel, there still were lots of people joining that no one seemed to know anything about. HKfc was really organised and I personally knew everyone pretty well. 609 was close behind in this allthough Neuro slacked a bit with our sheets so I just needed to ask him. I believe this and the fact that we were pretty likeminded in many subjects started to make us closer… VIP on the otherhand seemed to be pretty outspread. Kain did not seem to have hold of his Alliance and leaderteam and because of this, it just became harder to work with Kain. Even tho it had been pretty easy to communicate and plan before these problems started, I and Neuro started to plan things more and more in private. So, I spent my time sorting out who these people were as no one else seemed to be interested. In total I had to discuss with close to 30 people, some of them didnt even know if they were going to play or what they had joined when joining the channel.

    I tried to emphasize to others that we need to be more accurate with what is going on, but it had little to nonimpact on what was happening. We even decided deadlines on when we would stop recruiting no matter how many accs we have, but still there were more people coming in almost every day. At some point it ended, but it was frustrating while it lasted. Also, I tried to avoid taking control over everything as long as possible, but in the end it didnt matter as it all came for me to handle.

    We decided to take total control over northeast and its borders. Settling 2nd villages was mainly smooth with cpl fuck ups, but nothing too serious. Sadly, most of the people who settled on grey zone were not that active and Aesir settled on grey aswell and they were active. Also, even tho we highly adviced people to make some def early on, some did just sims with no standing def in their caps and got hurt. There were some discussions about how to take control of the situation in the grey zone. Boosting sweeps was one of them, which had some support, but also some opposition. In the end we decided that we could do that with small circles around grey zone, but it never happened, as none seemed to be interested enough to start running that.


    In our huge team of leaders (there were 17 of us if I remember correctly) we tried to get more organised. But as time passed there were close to nothing happening. There were no spontaneity and people were really passive, everyone was kinda waiting for someone to tell what to do. Even tho I didnt want that, I started to take more responsibilities in what was happening as no one else would have done that. This led to changes in the leadteam, happily without any drama. Later on, more were cast out, with some drama.

    Here I will list every person that had some kind of management “status” during this server:

    General stuff:

    AFK (Nalle)

    Kain (Thugawunkwunk) (Quit later)

    Neurocid (Jorma Heart) (Irl stuff = passivated)

    Petrn (Algot) (Step aside early)

    Tempest (Algot) (Step aside early)


    Qummi (Concrete Guys) (irl stuff = passivated near end)

    Ptt (Nalle) (active after winter season)

    Splintter (My Little Pony)

    Luti (Randy Marsh) (kicked out)

    Mave (Mohikaani) (Step aside early)

    Meardon-G (Doctor Who) (Step aside early)


    Vilho (Demi Lovato)

    Skandalf (Demi Lovato) (Passivated pretty early)

    Milix (Foxy Knoxy) (mostly passive)

    Muumio (Thugawunkwunk) (kicked out)

    Rasse (Unnamed) (Step aside early)

    Tume (Unnamed) (Step aside early)

    People that were recruited later:


    Kalkkuna (Gambinaneuvos) (pretty passive)

    JJ (Agu Anga)

    Kämmis (Lowskillplayer)

    Arget (Byggare Bob)

    Working with Kain became harder and harder. Less and less communication between us and we also saw some wierd stuff going on and some stuff happened that made me question his discernment. He praised his recruits, some of which were playing on our least active accounts. Also, some of them turned out to be really hard to work with and some didnt seem to have any idea of how to play this game.

    First was the case with Paavo. If you are reading this, Im really sorry for what happened to you. This guys account had been farmed for a day or two, atleast that is what Paavo himself said and what the evidense showed. One morning I saw Kain talking abot this, that something should be done. Same evening, we were talking about this account. He said that this is enough for him and Kain kicked him out. There was no discussion about this before that day (I remember checking the logs back then many times to be sure). Kain kept telling that it had been going on for over a week and he had tried to offer help many times, while talking to Paavo himself, he said that Kain had contacted him last night and he didnt have time to answer because of a long day at work. Also, we couldn’t find or see any earlier reports of anyone raiding him other than that last night. Paavo got drunk, started attacking us and he took it as a peraonal insult from Kain, so there were no ways to discuss the situation.

    Kain seemed to take everything really personally and at that point we did not know what his actual influense was in VIP and what would happen if we brought it up with him, so we decided it was better to let him do his stuff as long as it would not have anymore negative impact. From what I know now we just should have kicked him out of the leaderteam back then and things would have been much better.

    It was about same time when Meucci started to have problems with his account. I recieved many pm’s regardin his situation. Den glider in was built so that it needed heavy active raiding to run and there were just him and Fosse doing it actively. Also, I don’t know what was happening with other players of this account, but it looked really messy. Fosse quit like 5 times durin first 50 days or so and meucci ended up burn outting himself from the server. Fosse took over that account, until he got tired of playing alone and Fyry took over the account as his own was in really bad shape as his focus was on another server for the first cpl of months and Fosse moved into McKärsämö.

    I was really dissapointed in Fyry. As Den was still ment to build 1x ww rammer, but Fyry failed to do that. The worst part is that if he had just said that I dont have the time all would have been cool, but it came out when I was asking for update of the state of that hammer. 2~3 weeks from the last check, hammer was actually smaller than on the previous check. Trainer had been there like normal and actually just 2-3 days before I heard about this. When I went to check the account, every granary and warehouse was full…

    Accounts Aamukasa and Teemuki got kicked out for not following the rules. One was private farming the other but didnt accept anyone else to farm the other… Situation escalated when they spiked some of our own attacks in there from every other account that tried to benefit.

    Raja was one of Kain’s accounts that was ment to build a ww rammer, but it turned out that the player was really inactive and had no clue what ww rammer even ment… When this came up as I was chatting with all ww hammer builders Kain`s first reaction was something like:” well, he is not doing a rammer anymore”. Like teaching and helping him wouldnt be a choise at all?

    Ratsureima was always trying to provoke people, he got himself suspended on our disc server many times, until I actually had to create personal restrictions for him. He said clearly that he would not change the way he acted, so this was the only solution. I believe this had a passivating affect on his motivation and it was partially behind him quitting.

    Getting more organised

    It took a lot of time for people to drop their prejudices. I believe it wasnt until artes that people finally started to relax a bit. Also, many people seemed really helpless in the beginning. Like thinking that leaders are there to solve their every problem and do everything for them. I still remember people asking me to ask around who has some scouts to help cheking some possible ops targets. In early game most people were really active on doing small opses and planning things together with their neighbours, some even soloed. We even had some fun while there were smaller finnish alliances that started blaming us being cowards as we were just attacking small alliances etc. and didnt want to challenge other big alliances. They clearly had no idea how to play this game.

    We started to get some pressure from our members after d50 to start opsing in larger scale. it was around d70-80 when we finally started it. In the beginning with small volume, as we really did not have that many sweeps ready for opsing, but it was a good start and we kept opsing weekly from that first ops until the very end. There was a very clear idea on what we wanted to do. Aesir was our 1st target. We didnt want to start blindly attacking everyone and tried to figure out other diplomatic relationships on the server. Aesir pretty much made us move to MR, MIT, Vikings, Carebear as their def was found on their villas.

    Meardon and Zimpero were one of those questioning the most in the beginning and it led into some good and constructive conversations early game. Also, I want to say to you two (If you are reading this), even tho it may not seem like that, I really appreciated those discussions.

    One of the hardest things in being a leader is to please everyone so that the choises I make are also good for the alliance in bigger picture. Truth is you can’t always please everyone. There is always someone that is against what you decide. As a leader you need to be the one to decide and you need to be able to justify your arguments and you need to stand behind them. But you also have to know how to admit that you were wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes it seems like some people forget that in the end Im just one of you, a normal guy, who wanted to help you win this by spending more time than an avarage player does.

    Qummi and Splintter started planning opses and they did a great job! Good visions and it was easy to fit my own/alliances needs into that vision. Exellent job! Luti in the other hand. He didnt take part on those conversations and plannings. Did not seem to be interested. Cpl of times we talked privately about this and he seemed interested and promised to start doing stuff, but he never quite did. In the end I could not trust our ops hammers for his use as I had not seen him working, so there was only one decision to be made.

    While on the defensive side things werent going on that well. In the beginning I trusted only Vilho to do his job. Being a good def coordinator is propably one of the hardest and most time-consuming things that there is in this game. My thoughts turned out to be true, but gladly we were able to recurit Kalkkuna to help at this point. Skandalf did help a bit in the beginning, but he passivated pretty fast. Vilho did most of def related stuff alone. Milix tried to do something cpl of times, but it was more like sending a mm and thats it. Sometimes he even dissapeared for a while after sending that mm out. Muumio didnt seem to do anything and when asking about it he just said he had helped his friends with this and that. We tried to talk about how things should be done, and we all agreed to follow those practices. With milix it got better, still pretty inactive, but vibes turned more positive than negative. Muumio in the other hand… He did not follow what was agreed and pretty much worked only when it concerned his friends. He tried to make excuses about doing so as people wanted those things to be done that way, but thats not how it works in big competitive alliances. Also, you cannot prioritize your own friends over everyone else. Kain actually was with us in this, but he couldnt talk with Muumio about this for some reason. So… Finally, after one tragic defensive operation coordinated by Muumio I had to involve… There is not much to say about the conversation I had with Muumio, as it seemed impossible to have a rational conversation with him as he didnt even seem to read what I was writing to him. Even tho he had lot to say back to me, it just did not seem to fit into what I was trying to say.

    WItch was an account in gray zone played by Muumios friends. They got their capital cataed as the amount of standing def in their capital was ridiculously low. They had close to non troops on their own acc. So… Players of that account actually blamed our def team for being shit and not doing their job. And the way it happened… Muumio shared a screenshot about this and said that something should be done, then I answered like:” Yes, you really should do something and not just wait for others to do it…” also, what can you expect if you inform those attacks around 2am and attacks would land like 6 am and you dont even have standing def in there. In the grayzone. Where there are enemies present… Well, Muumio mm`d ”some” (huge amount) standing def there the next day. Then they realized they really can’t feed them, so others had to feed those troops for 3-4 days and some even starved to death. Then one morning there was this situation when players of the account were yelling on discord for crop and when one of the def team went to see what the situation is, there were granaries flooding on the account and merchants sitting on their villages… Muumio did comment this, but like 12h later and he still tried to defend his friends… and yes, they were actually building more granaries on their capital at that point instead of getting their production up again…

    So, after Muumio was gone, there was just one problem. I already have had to persuade and motivate Vilho to continue. Kalkkuna was recruited into the def team some time before Muumio got kicked out and in the beginning, he seemed to be a great fit, but he also passivated as time passed and he really wasnt that spontaneous. Part of the reason for this might be that Vilho wanted to be in control of everything on def side, so it might have been a bit hard sometimes to help him. At some point Arget told me that could help, and it was a really good turn for our management team in total. For a long time, I had felt like people really arent interested in most of the stuff that we should have been doing. Arget grabbed on many topics I brought up to discuss and it somehow produced more discussion about those topics. For some time.


    Not much to say about artespawn. It was handled pretty well, what we got was not completely what we wanted. US was one of the main artes we wanted, and we got and one of the reasons we became so strong in the late game. We got enough trainers, diets and boots to compete, but we were really scared about the fact that enemies had a good set of artes aswell. UD was the 2nd arte we really wanted and actually the one arte that changed everything.

    This might be a good moment to talk about bärni. Our mastertier scouting account, without bärni, or US I really dont know what would have happened. Account itself was created by bärni. Later he took Hessusenpai in and somehow, they ended up doing shitloads of scouts. 60-70k before artes. It was clear decision to give US to bärni, but… both of them are pretty social players. Before artes they managed to do good job with scouting etc, but when they got the arte it kinda went puff... People started asking and wondering why we are not using that arte more and from this pressure I started to ask if they needed help with that. Answer was no. Some days passed and Jimb00 and Kadonnut said that they wanna help with scouts and they already had planned stuff out a bit. I didnt even ask, just said to bärni’s players that they should add clandestine and they start helping with scouting. Not long when either of the original players were doing anything anymore. Hessusenpai had some irl stuff and bärni got offended, which was total bullshit. When we give one of the best artes in the game to an account that does not use it properly, you just dont be quiet about it. Something had to be done. It was for the best of the alliance. Jimb00 and Kadonnut started their scouting rulette and the rest is history! These guys mooved scouts all the time, day or night. They did it without asking and when needed, they were always there. They knew what we were looking for and what might be meaningfull to know, so we didn’t even have to go through ll those reports and aanalyze, they did everything! They deserve a lot more credit than they recieved!

    About other artes… Regarding the fact that no one else in the management team showed little to noninterest on where the artes would be going we managed to get something out of almost every arte. Guys in the offteam showed some interest in these, probably because I made them responsible for ops hammer trainer rotations and small boots. Actually, there were several players more interested about our artes than the rest of the management team

    Storages, we got plenty of those and rotating those was mainly really smooth with some small fuck ups.

    Trainer rotations were pretty easy to make. 3 small trainers in the beginning, 2 for 12 ww hammers, 1 for ops hammers. No one showed any interest on large trainer, so it just kinda stayed on Randy Marsh for really long time providing really minor boost overall, as they didn’t really use It effectively. Somehow, we also managed to steal 4th small trainer and UT for free. Bad play from others We took even more ops hammers into trainer rotations. the amount of villages/rotation stayed around 4-6 from the beginning almost until the end. As for UT, we wanted in to make it easier for us to maintain our queues and it made it possible for us to also queue our raiding offs with trainer. Unnamed and Algot were others on that rotation in the beginning. Later on, we swapped Algot out and took Sipoon Herttua in. Obviously Unnamed was a perfect choise for the rotation.

    There is not much to say about boots, but with small diets I made some bad choises. One for us was a solid pick, as it saw some heavy use starting from the beginning, at highest there was sitting troops for ~3mil consumption. The other 2… Mohikaani was clearly a bad choise, bad positioning, I really should have done something about that, but I also wanted UD so badly that I did not do shit about it. We got UD, so it did not matter that much, but if we did not have it, mohikaani’s diet would have been moved elsewhere. 3rd was put on Spökplumpen. Positionwise this should have been pretty solid place, but there were some sleepy assclowns around that didn’t want to benefit or use it. Later it got better, but not well enough. My problem with these was that I was prioritizing ww hammer builder’s way too high. With the amount of accs, precisely good accs there would have been a lot of better locations for those.


    My beloved gamechanger. I promised that we would win if we would get Unique diet and so we did! This was a huge thing for us, as most of our accs were full of troops. We organised 7 diet villages in total + UD capital and ww village. We were able to cover a huge area. 81 accs in total were using diets. At the highest, the total consumption of all the troops in those villages was ~11,117,038/h. Saving us 5,558,518/h = FREAKING 133.4 MILLION resources/day. That is huge, like really HUGE. This was before building plans game out and I did not count the standing def in our ww into this.

    I said to the off boys that we need to go for UD, and we take it with brutal force. In the beginning they didn’t really like the idea, but it was something we needed and so it began. The price we paid for it, was really low. There were close to non standing def on it. We had almost 2x amount in our small diet at that point. It was just stupid. I had not prepared well for this, so I had to make the plans in hurry. I opened gettermaps, trooptool and started to look for the most active def accounts and create the plan. Grouped up people and created channels for every group. We started creating order in which we would conquer those villages and where to get the needed artes for them. Some people were acting really fast, some not. In the groups we calculated best positions for those villas so def accs would have shorter distances. Most settled those villages for perfect positioning and coined them to be ready fast.

    Even tho we ended up benefitting hugely from this arte, it was not easy. There were many that said in the beginning that they don’t want/need to use, some did not know how to use etc. It took a lot of time and effort to get people using these villas.

    Small scouts were the biggest problem, as before artes there were several accounts showing interest in these, but after artes there were non. In the end these were just given out to people that showed even little intereste in them.

    Overall there were some small drama and misunderstandings regarding artes and who got those, but mainly it was really smooth.

    ww builders

    This was actually one of the easiest things this round, as we had an account that was made just for this purpose.

    Byggare Bob:

    Arget, Karpaasi, Fearz

    WW sitters:


    Petrn, Tempest, Cof, Person



    Some drama and inactivities

    After artespawns I started to take a better look on our accounts. Mostly at HKfc side, but also some on VIP. Kain’s inactivities on management side was noticed on VIP aswell, so most of their players started to contact me instead. I still tried not to work on VIP on my own, but it was getting harder and harder all the time. People quit, some accounts were left for us to handle and some were deleted. Some were in a really bad shape, some accepted help, some didnt, some quit when I asked about… Irl I also had some drama going on and I tried to take it a bit slower on the game, but it lasted for like a week, maybe not even that.

    Then came the day when it all changed. Petrn gave some feedback to Kain about how things were (not) handled in VIP, compared to HKfc. These accusations got some support, and some did not understand where this came from, but no one stood up or defended kain. Kain’s response to this feedback was pretty much:” okey, you do it because you seem to know how to do it better. I will not lead anymore, I will quit. Bye” and that’s it, no formal announcement, no discussions with other in management, he just took it and decided to quit. Me and neuro tried to get his account as we would lose 1x wwk with that account. In the end it was not a big lose, as the hammer was really small. Also, when I started explaining on VIP’s channel about what I was doing, most were really amazed and understood why petrn felt like that in the 1st place.

    1st I was really mad, but when I heard about kain’s irl situation I kinda softened for a while. But then… again, he was just like:” I don’t have to take that shit, so I don’t play anymore”. Fkwpdbrjeosöfbeiwåelbr… Person like kain, who has played a long time, for sure he knew what he was up to when we started. But in reality, he did shit. After this happened, I tried to get some help to manage running this shitfest of 120 accs, ~200 players. I went through all the accounts in VIP, most were in a really bad shape. Like nothing was done in that alliance, people were just hanging there… got close to no help on that side. I didn’t even consider quitting, I was so freeking mad, I just pushed on and tried to do what I could. (Okey, gotta give some credit for my “small council”, but they wanted to stay anonymous, so I’ll just leave it here)

    So, I found myself in a situation where everything except planning opses and organising def was on my shoulders. Somedays it all felt really overwhelming, somedays I managed it quite well. For a month or so I was able to push myself further and further without actually burning myself out. I was just so mad, like I wantes ro prove to myself that I wont give up. Even tho it started to look more like a sure win, but I still pushed more and more! I think I have never ever given as much to this game as I gave during those 40-50days after Kain decided to quit.

    Towards the end

    I was alone with general management. It felt pretty good as I was the one controlling everything. I was scared, but still felt pretty good about it. Our opses were hitting like train. I created battlegroups so that people who wanted could ops during weeks with smaller groups. Our deffing worked almost perfectly when it was time to def. We had pretty good vision of what we needed to do to win. We got kämmis and JJ to strengthen our def team and they did freaking good job.

    I was still trying to think of every possible event that might happen on the server. And I tried to stay prepared for everything, until they hit katherine’s big ww rammer into our ww a bit before building plans spawned.

    We had recruited Sipoon Herttua and Eva to build wwk and ram in the mid game, so it was good time to release them from their resposibilities as it was starting to look like we got it. We crushed FF’s ww, we crushed the tower of Nameless. We hit MR ww and it dropped below us by a good amount. They had ~5mil def in their ww. We had +10mil. We had 7 ww hammers left, enough for 4 hits. They had pretty much nothing. During the server we had conquered, destroyed and walled all their ww hammers and bigger sweeps. I still tried to keep my foots on the ground, but it became harder and harder. In the end I really didn’t even have to anymore. It all was just fun for all of us. People were still going on as solo and didn’t quit. I really thought that the beginning of summer and holidays would have affected more, but not. And the outcome… On top of dominating on ops side, we had this on our ww in the end. By any measurement a really HUGE amount of def in our ww.

    Last words

    Many times, there has been talk about how this has been unfair server. We had more players, better players, we were prepared better. Etc. Yes, we had better premises when the server started and I know, this kind of huge premade was not a good choice from us, I know it now, but it does not mean we just win like that. We could have fit all those accounts that actually mattered in just one alliance, we could have done that and still won the server, or maybe not. This just tells about the mental side, there is lot more that matters as well… You don’t need the numbers. You need to be active. You need to be realistic. You need a working leadership. You need to have players that work together. You need a lot of things for a win. But none of these things were right there when we started. Not one came for free. We worked like hell for all of these to be on a good level. And we did not settle for good, I always tried to find ways to bring us to the next level to be even better. This was not a free win; this was something that we earned by hard work.

    I hope that in the future there won’t be any servers like this one. Atleast I will try to do my best to avoid it. I have some plans in mind, but more about those later. Now I really need to spend some time with my wife and kids before next server, but I’ll try to do some promoting and planning for the next one during summer for sure!!! :D

    Nalle Wahlroos

    Sims rank 3

    Off rank 2

    2x over 100mil/week

    In the beginning my main interests lied in playing one more good server with an easy account and I was not going to take any big responsibilities. Some time passed and I started making some crazy plans for fun and soon I realized I was talking with Ptt about these plans and I don’t know how it happened, but we ended up once more playing together and recruiting Padalino and Phoenics to run this little account called Nalle Wahlroos.

    Also, for reasons I can’t remember anymore we decided to form our own alliance. We were able to recruit pretty much just the guys we wanted. Right people to run things and all kind of good guys to play with. So, this is how the original HKfc roster was born.

    Server started. We all decided to make our own accounts in the beginning. Pada created Eva, Ptt raised embassy on one and phoe created sabera. Rommipullo and Jeffrey Epstein were created by phoes friends, so they were also kind of with us from the beginning. Pushing for v2 went pretty well for all of us. I believe Nalle was 3rd acc to send settlers on the server and we didn’t even get a glad helm. We were minmaxing and pushing like hell. I had alarms at nights to instabuild our fields etc. We even raided with praets in the beginning which we got from adventure. We were mainly focusing on sims to get our account running. For a very long time we raided just with the troops we had to make for daily tasks. We started queuing catas d40. It was around d60-70 when we finally started to focus on our 1st raidoff and at the same time we started queuing infantry for our wwk . Sometime later we started with 2nd raid villa, and cavalry on our wwk a bit later. We also got another player to help as we were going to start the raiding soon, but in the end this guy (baisto) did close to nothing and got kicked out later.

    As we started to raid more actively and wanted to push it more, we found noproblem to continue playing on eva, so that pada could move onto nalle. Even tho Nalle was his main focus, he worked a lot on eva on the side and not just eva, pada helped here and there, where it was needed. Ptt was still pretty busy with his work and sabera, Jeffrey and rommi took a lot of phoes time, but he still managed to help with the raids. So, the madness started. I was going through inactives every 2-3 days, scout them, add them… when we got small boots our raid interval got shorter and shorter, at shortest it was around 2:40 or something.

    Regarding the account and its goal to make a WR hammer. I had calculated pretty much everything beforehand. We also had calculators which we updated pretty often during the server to get more out of every resource we had. It gave us better knowledge about the amounts we could spend on simming and when we should do it. This account required a lot of work even before the server started and also on the side. It was not just brainless raiding and queuing. We needed to be able to do certain things at certain times. When artes came, we already had ~20mil capacity on the account. We took 1st storage arte as fast as we could and as we had our acc full of res for this we pushed our capacity to be +30mil. D105 we took trainer for the first time and since then ques on barracks, great barracks, stable and workshop have been 24/7 with trainer. Little later we started to run great stable without trainer and also were able to push a bit extra on GS with trainer at sometimes. We were able to start queuing 24/7 in GS with trainer around d145-150.

    Our 1st big setback was when our account got banned. There were some good and bad on this event. I was just about to quit at my job and when this happened, I was working on my last night shifts. I still remember how I was thinking about coining those nights to get sims rank 1 for a while. We knew we could not keep it as we were going to need all res income later on feeding and ques, but just something to motivate simming atm. I was starting my work shift when Pada was yelling that our acc got banned. I was like wtf. Pretty fast acc got off with penalty. Me and ptt started spamming raids out and sending res to villages one by one. First to coin productions and then move to other things. Luckily, we had just made ques, so it didn’t affect our playing that much. Personally, it was just another barrier to overcome.

    And about quitting at my job. I have two small kids; I was going to stay home with them while my wife went back to work. I thought I could handle it, but it was not that easy. We bought this old house last summer and there is lot to do. In the beginning it was pretty overwhelming for me to handle this new situation and to be honest, it didn’t get any better with time. From the beginning I had been playing 10-18h every day. Seemed like I was always the one responsible for the account and I pretty much covered always when needed. At the same time Fosse was looking for a new account to play on. Part of me was yelling to get him for us, but I had to think of the needs of our alliance, so I put him on one empty def account. Nevertheless, I asked if he could help us with raids sometimes and he was up for it. It helped a lot. He even took some bigger role on the account, helping with updating our raid lists, etc. But it didn’t last for long. for cpl of weeks everything was fine, but then he started to get exhausted. This wasn’t the only account he was playing, and he also got some new stuff happening irl. Although this didn’t last for long, it gave me enough time to keep me away from burn outing, I had more time for alliance again.

    During that time, I also started to see that this server would not last long enough for us to make it to the top. I tried not to think of the whole thing, until we actually started talking about it on our discord channel. We still decided to continue as we would still reach top5. From that on we just hanged on and, in the end, it was just me and Pada working. Even tho we actually didn’t need to raid anymore at that point, but we just wanted to make it until the server ends. We could have simmed a bit longer, but did not. Our account was flooding like a lot on those last weeks. We probably wasted over 100mil resources in total...

    Maybe now it’s also good time to talk more about the other players of Nalle Wahlroos. Padalino was pretty much my saving angel. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if he could handle account like this, but he made it. he was truly amazing. He worked big hours with me and later on he started to take more responsibility over Nalle so I could focus more on alliance. He worked with me through everything, he stood up when I needed it the most and saved this whole project! Ptt, we have now played several rounds together, I got to admit that I probably was a horrible dual this round. Stressing hugely over everything, no sense of humor and always complaining about something and most of the time my discussions were related to the game or to the account. You were busy working for a pretty long time of this server and I was missing you a lot really often. You know your shit and I always can`t think of everything and there was often no one to give me any suggestions or other aspects so some things were not happening as good as they could have as others on the account didn’t have that much to say about anything. I really value your visions and ideas. After winter you stood up and helped a lot, but again when summer and the end came closer you kind of lost your motivation, which is pretty understandable. Also, somedays it really annoyed me that you seemed to spend more time bragging about our account and succes rather than working for it. I know you did your part, but with the amount of work I had it just felt really bad sometimes that you were kind of picking up all the credits for the work. Phoe was pretty much the one covering when no one else could, but it doesn’t mean he was lazy or anything. In reality he was taking care and running three above average def accounts and gave us what we needed, lots of moving/standing def close to us to cover every possible threat towards our wwk. And still he was there to help us when needed. These guys are golden, and this couldn’t have happened without all of these. I’m really happy that I got to do this with you guys!

    Toward the end we were just having fun sweeping lots of spikes and attacking everything we could with our raid offs. And oh, yeah, MR was able to conquer our biggest raidoff. Shame it actually didn’t matter in any way, we just had to raid with our wwk’s ponys for a while to queue some more raidingponys.

    Fun stories (tbh I just did not know where to fit these)

    Let’s start. 1st we are going to talk about Verzik Vitur, more precisely about one of its players, Lege. Verzik and Algot were supposed to start rotating that large trainer, but it never really worked out. It was moved to Verzik and they promised to create the village for it. They even got big boosts from Algot to make that happen, but after 1 month, they were able to raise a t16 chamber. I got really frustrated about this so I said that the trainer would go to Algot. It took 2 days from Algot to put up the village… Lege is the kind of guy who just comes into troll, barking others for their bad performances. After that he might throw a comment like: “Haha, well there are more troops dying to starvation in here than we are getting out from the large trainer”. He has potential, he could be a good player and a good guy, but for reasons unknown he usually ends up making a clown out of himself. Im not going into more detail with this, but he was mostly just asking help for his homework or throwing out stuff like I described. He quit cpl times from our discord during the server, probably because getting some criticism about what he did/said, or how he came out with it. In the end I threw him out of our discord myself because I just got tired of his shitposting and harassing our active members. There were many that actually wanted to cata his capital. His dual Ansbe is a decent guy and I feel really bad for him, having to play with this clown and lose his motivation. Also, Im not saying Lege was the only reason for ansbe quitting, but it was partly behind it. Verzik was an above avrg off acc, but because of lege’s behaviour our players didn’t seem to see that, and, in the end, he got kicked out of the alliance for stealing off rank1…

    Lipsuvi building ww rammer without trainer (friends of kain). Kain was supposed to tell them that we are not gonna need a ww rammer that is made without trainer, but as time went by, we discovered that he never had that conversation with players of Lipsuvi. In the end their rammer was okey, size of an avrg ops hammer with some extra rams. Was good for hitting Nameless.

    Players of Lipsuvi proposed that we should ask jazzo to be a leader and let me tell you about that guy… He (Jazzo) didnt want to sweep any artes, because we would not have let him keep that. He didnt take part in opses, as he didnt want enemies to see his ”huge” hammer, because it would have made him into a target in enemies eyes (His sweep was bout avrg size in comparison to other ops hammers, with one difference, others were being used in opses). Only thing he did was taking part on cleaning the ww, what a teamplayer… and his friend Erismi did not inform his def for use, he deffed himself insted and did not even fill any def notifications, because in the beginning he did it three times and got non def those times. Like how hard it is to understand that this is a team game and without cooperation it just doesnt work. We even talked withthese guys about these problems, but nothing changed… (These guys also friends of Kain)

    Mcl, you are a bit weird one, but your dedication for sitting the ww was amazing. You caused some drama here and there and there are certain things I really can’t understand. Like leaving your own alliance when things get rough… it should never be your 1st choice. Also… Threatening to leave if someone else does not… just stupid drama. People had some doubts about you, but I hope that some people were able to drop those. Not an easy one to play with, but worth it if you are up for fun times! It’s really a shame that fosse did not want to continue playing with after the ban and I’m sorry for creating the trouble situation afterwards.

    Petrn being drunk and getting mad for something someone said – Leaving discord. Petrn being drunk and yelling at people until he gets really mad – Leaving discord. Petrn being drunk and yelling at others in the ww team – leaving discord. Petrn asking for personal restrictions so he wouldn’t get mad in discord – Leaving discord. Again, asking to get back and get his personal restrictions as well – for a change he asked to take restrictions off – asking for restrictions on for 24h – taking those off. Drinking for 3 days, yelling at everyone – Leaving discord. Thanking me for the server and wishing not to play against me ever – Asking to get back in to ally discord to recruit people to kick my ass next round.

    When we started this server, we had a pretty good idea who were going to build ww hammers. I had conversations with all of them to know about their experience and if they needed some extra attention/help. I told everyone that they should plan their hammers against ~5mil ww def. Then… Kain… He was like:” well, 80+40+18 is okey, at least that is what you get from me”. Also, he had constantly problems with his dual (muumio). He was just doing random stuff on the account. If talking with your dual about this kind of problem does not work, maybe you should do something. Kain was a nice guy, but I would not want him to lead me never.

    Zimpero provoking people. Pretty often and having fun. Until one conversation about scout artes. He did not quite agree whit vilho about those, so he decided to attack Vilho. Neuro was able to talk with zimpe and get him back and for a big surprise this incident was kind of forgotten after. Zimpero did a really good job with playing for alliance the way he did. He kept his enemies busy close to him and their attention was drawn totally into him.

    Players of pikkusisko panicing and raising Loyalty in large storage villa, which led for us losing the arte as people were somewhat lazy to lower the loyalty again. Also, players of pikkusisko seemed a bit arrogant and not that interested about what was going on. Like with the UD villa, answering after 3 days when I put their group up.

    Players of Rumpeltiltskin asking for small diet, asking for small trainer, getting screwd by FF. Bad positioning, they didn’t participate in alliances opses. Not the worst off acc, but lots of wasted potential. These guys tried to be like zimpero, but they were not prepared for that and zimpero did it 100x better.

    Mimmi(bbq) Being really inactive. In the grey zone. Complaining about everything. Getting screw by enemies. Complaining about using his def. Then just quitting without saying anything. Allthough Im glad we got the password so we could keep on going with that account.

    Greengrash, I don’t know where the hell this guy came from. He needs some serious help to learn how to actually play this game. He had no idea about anything. He created some confusing situations and we got nothing out of him while trying to talk about the problems.

    Until now I have mostly talked about negative stuff, problems, how hard it was... These are just some stories, but probably the ones that had the strongest impact on me. Also, I´m the kind of person that does not get annoyed by little. I know there are some leaders that would have just kicked people out for what they did or how they acted. On the other hand, we had huge amount of average players that did what was expected. On top of that we have some that earned some extra credit!

    Padalino, Ptt, Phoenics

    Thanks for being there for me and running the account with me. You guys are golden! Even tho the server didn’t last long enough; we were able to create this beautiful monster! <3

    Noproblem (Eva), Rommipullo, Jeffrey Epstein

    Thanks for being there!

    Vilho (Demi Lovato)

    I remember in the beginning when we were just planning to start recruiting, you were one of the 1st people we wanted to get in. You did what was expected and you are good at it. You know what it takes to be a good def coordinator and you can live up to those standards! I also did what I promised, and I could say it was one amazing deal, it led us here! Was a pleasure!

    Jola (Vatti)

    You were like a kind and caring mother for the whole alliance! Making sure that the channels stayed clean and you didn’t want anything bad for anyone ;) On top of that you were one of the most active players on the alliance. You did what was expected and a lot more. I remember the 1st time we chatted on discord, about joining my alliance. And then you wrote that wall of text a bit later. From that moment I knew that I would like you and you were scared that you might scare me off :D Congratz for the record!

    Neurocid (Jorma Heart)

    I’m glad I had you in the beginning. Even after you passivated on the management side, you were one of those silent people who worked hard. Always trying something new to mess with our enemies.

    Karpaasi, Arget, Fearz (Byggare Bob)

    Amazing job! The actual building of the ww part was one of the easiest ever, but on top of that you did a lot more than just that. Handling the UD and having an account just made for that particular job is amazing thing to have. At least when you can trust the one playing that account!

    Jimb00 & Kadonnut (Clandestine)

    Once again amazing job!

    Metsämies (Fat Man)

    The master of tools! Not that active on the game side, but anything we needed, you were there for us! Having your tools and the support when needed was one of the keys for our success!

    Havocc (Sipoon Herttua), Nikuzz (Fat Man), Keisari (Kake Randelin), n3x3 (Lowskillplayer), Tempus (Byggmästare), Tempest (Algot), Katatonia (Åke), Rasse-Tume-Körde (Unnamed)

    Just to name few of all those amazing players that know the value of teamwork. There were many, but you are the 1st ones that came into my mind. No one is perfect and we all have our own personalities, and everyone did not get along that well, but all and every one of you were actively making the game and keeping it active from the beginning till the end. And IMO what you do is more important than what you say. (allthough good behaviour is always better than being rude)

  • I was the best off player on the server while everyone else was mediocre at best 8).

    "Verzik Vitur" surmasi eniten vihollisen sotilaita ja oli mahtavin ja pelätyin komentaja.


  • This is in finnish, but I’ll post another post in english to our dear enemies.

    Vihdoin tämä pitkä projekti on tullut päätökseen. Servua on tahkottu marraskuusta asti mutta kaikennäköistä suunnittelua ja rekrytointia on tehty paljon jo ennen kierroksen alkua.

    En sen kummemmin ala kirjottelemaan tämän “suomi-liton” synnystä (uskoisin sen olevan kaikilla jo tiedossa ainakin AFKin postauksen jälkeen) vaan keskityn tässä lyhyesti omaan tiliin sekä tietenkin omaan rooliini opsumestarina.

    My Little Pony

    Tarkoitus oli alunperin lähteä tekemään useampaa käyttistä teuska-tilillä mutta se sitten vaihtui ww-rammerin tekoon heti servun alettua. Ajatus ww-lanan tekoon houkutti kun en koskaan aiemmin ollut sellaista tehnyt. Lisäksi ajattelin sen sopivan paremmin opsumestarin roolin kanssa, kun se tahtoo olla hyvin aikaa vievää hommaa. Jälkikäteen ajateltuna oman pelin kannalta tämä oli ehdottomasti paras ratkaisu.

    Dualeiksi lähti vanha tuttu Paffe, sekä hänen kaverinsa Cleaner. Tosin cleanerin osalta pelaaminen jäi hyvin vähäksi, enkä ole kaverista kuullut oikeastaan mitään faktien jälkeen.

    Paffen irl kiireiden myötä tili jäi lähes täysin minun varaani. Tosin Paffen vähäisetkin klikkailut auttoivat paljon, kun pystyin välillä unohtamaan oman tilini ja keskittymään opsujen yms. tekemiseen.

    Teimme myös pienen mutta lähes legendaarisen käyttiksen joka ei koskaan opsuissa seinää löytänyt :D Sillä vedettiin 13 opsua putkeen ilman seinäyksiä kunnes lopulta seinäsin sen soolona johonkin, jotta saatiin loputkin tilin tuotot valjastettua ww-lanan tekoon. Mut se on sellasta ku tekee liian hyvii opsui ;)

    WW-rammerimme olikin servun isoin rammeri ajohetkellä ja ihan komea lanahan tuli lopulta tehtyä.

    D222 ja syönti ~650k. Ajoimme MR:n t92 torniin opsun yhteydessä eikä paljoa unearkki ponya hidastanut :) Väliin natut ilman muuria ja spökin kivilappu perään ja viimeinen vihutorni kauas meidän taakse.


    “Toiseksi komein opsumestari :FeelsFunnyMan:”

    Alunperin OFF-tiimissä oli hyvinkin monta tyyppiä mutta aika nopeasti siitä karsittiin ylimääräiset pois ja homma jätettiin täysin minun ja Qummin hoitoon.

    Heti aluksi huomasimme että liitossa on paljon innokkaita opsuajia, ja jo hyvin aikaisessa vaiheessa useat tulivat privaan kyselemään millon opsutaan.

    Tämähän johti siihen että ensimmäinen plänäämäni opsu osui jo d50. Tosin samalla huomattiin konemäärien olevan aivan liian pienet kunnon opsuamiseen ja homma lyötiin jäihin muutamaksi viikoksi. Konemäärät kun saatiin kuosiin niin Qummi teki muutamat opsut ennen fakteja ja faktien jälkeen alkoi sitten kunnon ryminä.

    Qummin kanssa mietittiin miten homma kannattaisi kahdelle jakaa ja päätettiin että plänätään opsut vuoroviikoin. Tämä osoittautui todella hyväksi ratkaisuksi ja homma toimi loistavasti aina loppuun asti.

    Mentiin yksi opsu per viikko tahdilla ja lanoja oli yleensä 20-25 per opsu, enimmillään yksittäisessä opsussa taisi olla 35 lanaa.

    Arkiopsuja yritettiin useita kertoja tehdä, mutta niiden toteuttaminen oli hyvin haastavaa porukan hajanaisten lähetysaika-mahdollisuuksien kanssa arkena ja se yhdistettynä offitilien olevan ympäri +/+ aluetta osoittautui aika mahdottomaksi yhtälöksi. Sen sijaan että oltaisi arkena ajeltu yli puolet pienemmällä porukalla, koettiin paremmaksi keskittyä pelkästään vklp opsuihin. Lisäksi en usko että itselläni olisi aika riittänyt oikein mitenkään plänätä vielä arkenakin opsuja.

    Lopulta sunnuntai-lähetyksistä ja maanantai-osumista tuli jonkinlainen luonnonvakio ja meme generaattori tällä servulla.

    Tähän väliin täytyy mainita kierroksen suolaisin hetki kun hävisin Qummia vastaan komeimman opsumestari-äänestyksen yhdellä äänellä. Olikohan 21-20 tms. äänet.

    Siitäpä tulikin sitten oiva lisänimi minulle, “toiseksi komein opsumestari”.

    Servun loppua kohden Qummin irl-kiireet siirsivät hetkeksi koko opsutoiminnan minun harteille, mutta onneksi melko nopeasti sain kaveriksi Ptt:n. Ptt hyppäs aika sujuvasti hommaan mukaan heti ja lähes servun loppuun asti Peten kanssa kahdestaan hoidettiin opsutoiminta. Qummikin kävi vielä loppuservusta yhden..? opsun tekemässä.

    Aivan tarkkoja määriä en tiedä/muista mutta yli puolet meidän opsuista olivat minun käsialaa kun taas Ptt teki muutaman ja Qummi loput. Yhteensä opsuja oli ainakin 24kpl (ehkä enemmänkin) ja laskeskelin opsuissa tuhotuksi mm. yli 70 vihucapia ja parikymmentä vallattua/bitattua offikylää.

    Loppuservusta otettiin myös kokeiluun battlegroupit, joka tosin jäi paljon pienemmäksi mitä alunperin ajattelin. Kuitenkin BG-vetäjistä propsit Havocc ja Miks, jotka tekivät hyvää duunia niille jotka halusivat arkenakin opsuilla pienemmillä porukoilla.

    Kierros ratkesi ennen kaikkea meidän parempaan opsutoimintaan sekä yleisesti parempaan liidaamiseen. Vihujen opsut jäivät lopulta hyvin vähäisiksi ja nämä vähät vilho + kumppanit deffi-tiimissä hoitivat loistavasti.

    Vihuilla oli hyvät määrät liikkuvaa pakkia mikä teki osaltaan plänäämisestä haastavaa. Meidän opsujen pääkohteina olivat ehdottomasti vihujen offitilit, jotta saadaan helpotettua meidän deffi-porukan urakkaa sekä rajoitettua ww lappujen kokoa tai tuhottua ne kokonaan.

    Opsuilua helpotti paljon hyvin optimoidut käyttiksien sotiskierrot, millä saatiin hyvänkokoisia kärkijyriä tehdyksi.

    Meidän johtoporukassa oli tehtynä hyvät roolitukset: OFF-tiimi kuten ylempänä kerroin, DEF-tiimi vilhon johdolla ja yleisinä jokapaikan höylinä AFK ja neurocid, joista etenkin AFK teki helvetin paljon kovaa ja hyvää duunia vähä joka asian kanssa.

    Tilimäärällisesti meitä ei sen enempää ollut mitä vihuillakaan, varsinkin kun lopulta jouduimme sotimaan aivan kaikkia osapuolia vastaan. Meidän parempi organisointi ja johtaminen ratkaisivat tämän kierroksen.

    Lisäksi meillä oli paljon tilejä joiden hyöty liitolle oli lähes nolla (eivät osallistuneet mihinkään, sooloilua jne.). Pakko sanoa että olimme hyvin kilttejä sen suhteen miten hoidimme nämä. Monessa muussa liitossa olisi annettu kenkää tai jopa kiveä niskaan ja huolella, varsinkin sooloajille. Nyt taisi olla vain pari tiliä jotka piti potkia ja kivittää, vaikka myöhemmin ilmaantui useita tilejä jotka rehellisesti sanoen olisivat saman ansainneet. Jos et pelaa liitolle, niin sitten olet täysin turha tili.

    Mukana oli myös melko kokemattomia tilejä ja pelaajia. Toivon että nämä pelaajat saivat ammennettua meiltä jotain oppia peliä varten ja lähtevät rohkeasti kokeilemaan siipiään tulevilla kierroksilla.

    Opsumestarin roolista vielä sen verran että onhan se melkonen työmaa. Aikaa menee paljon, varsinkin kun tilejä on useita kymmeniä joille plänätä operaatiot. Kaiken maailman mokia sun muuta sekoilua tuli nähtyä tälläkin kierroksella opsuissa, tosin niin se menee aina.

    Lähetyspäivät olivat usein hyvin tuskaisia kun välillä sai aamusta iltaan korjailla virheitä ja sekoiluja että opsut sai jollain muotoa maaliin asti. Tää aiheutti oman motivaation kanssa melkosta vuoristorataa ylös alas kiekan aikana. V-käyrä oli välillä hyvinkin korkealla.

    En usko että kosken opsuplänneriin pitkään aikaan tän kiekan jälkeen. Moti on kyllä täysin nollissa näin lähtökohtasesti. Kyllä se on aika palata tyhmäksi rivariksi tai sitten olla pelaamatta kokonaan. Pitäkää tunkkinne ja plänätkää itse :D

    Te kaikki jotka ihmettelette miksei löydy kunnollisia liiduja juurikaan voisitte itse kokeilla liidata joskus. Ette varmasti ihmettele enää sen jälkeen.


    Paffe: Sun pelailut jäi vähemmäksi mitä alunperin ajattelin mutta suuri kiitos siitä kaikesta pienestäkin mitä kävit aina tilillä tekemässä. Lopputuloksena oli kuitenkin aika komee rammeri =)

    Qummi: Meikän ikioma tutkapari ja oltiinha oikea hurrien painajainen :D Olipa hieno kokemus vetää näin huippuäijän kans tota opsusirkusta lähes koko rundi. Paljon tuli kiekan aikana yhdessä suunniteltua sekä mietittyä asioita. Yhteistyö sujui hyvin saumattomasti alusta loppuun ja kiekan lopputulemasta voi päätellä sen olleen aika tehokasta ja tuhoisaa. Siitä saa niin paljon enemmän irti kun pystyy tollasen kokeneen opsumaestron kanssa jakamaan omia näkemyksiään ja ajatuksiaan pelistä. Ylä- ja alamäistään huolimatta hauskaa oli ja pidettiin ainaki hyvää huolta siitä että porukka pääs vetämään niitä hurreja turpaan, ja ihan isän kädestä vielä :FeelsFunnyMan: Loppua kohden sulla alkoi vähä irl-kiireet painaa päälle mut sellasta se elämä välillä on. Kiitti äijälle, oishan sitä ilman tutkaparia eksynyt matkan varrella.

    Ptt: En ois uskonut että joku olis pystynyt hyppämään noin hyvin Qummin tilalle ja minun kaveriksi opsupuolelle. Mahtava tyyppi ja plz älä käy auraamassa mun taloa kumoon vaikka taisin pilata WR-lappu tsäänssit liian hyvillä opsuilla xD

    AFK: Oikea apinaorkesterin tirehtööri :D Aika hullun lailla teit kaikkea organisointia ja kaiken näköstä yleistä järjestelyä. Tämä liitto olisi ollut hyvin erinäköinen ilman sun panosta. Hyvin monet ideat ja ajatukset liiton toiminnasta ja järjestelystä oli sulta lähtöisin ja se pitkä kokemus pelistä kyllä suorastaan huokuu ulospäin. Sit vielä niin rauhallinen ja maltillinen äijä, joka melkosena erotuomarina ja riitojen setvijänä jouduit välillä olemaan. Draamaa oli lopulta aika vähän ja imo suurin syy siihen oli se että sinä tukahdutit kaikki pienet draamojen alut ennenkuin ne sen kummemmin alkoivat kasvamaan.

    neurocid: Yleismies jantunen joka häärii takapiruna. Hyvää duunia vähä joka osa-alueella ja etenkin jäi mieleen tää unesodan haku, jonka voi ristiä neurotakuksi. Toikin vaan osoittaa että oveluutta ja peliälyä löytyy

    Vilhou: On se kova. Jossain vaihees meinasit jäädä vähän yksin mutta onneksi lisäkäsiä tuli apuun. Meil kehitty kyl erikoinen huumorintaju ja jutut täs kiekan aikana mut ei sun panosta voi muutaku arvostaa, tili ehkä oli mitä oli mut liidupuoli toimii sitten senkin edestä.

    Muu DEF-tiimi (Arget, kämmis, JJ, Milix, Kalkkuna ja Skandalf): Ihan alkuun en tiedä tekikö skani mitään hommia tuol def puolella, aika idlausta tais olla mutta anteeksi jos olen väärässä :D Kiitos kuitenkin teille kaikille, deffipuolella sitä hommaa riittää ja vilho oli jäädä aika yksin jossain vaiheessa. Lisäapuja tuli kaveriksi ja sen jälkeen homma toimi hyvin loppuun asti. Vihut opsusi vähemmän mitä ajateltiin tosin siihenkin varmasti vaikutti teidän helvetin hyvin hoidetut hommat, kyllähän se motia syö jos melkeen kaikki laput ampuu seinään yhdes opsussa :D

    Byggare Bob (Arget, Karpaasi, Fearz): Varmasti liiton tärkein yksittäinen tili. Ei ainoastaan tornin raksaamisen takia vaan myös unepulla-syöttölöiden ja niiden vahtimisen takia. Lisäks teitte kyl melkosen läjän keppejäkin ton kaiken päälle. Upeeta duunia teitte koko kiekan, kiitos teille :PeepoLove:

    Köttbulle (Sant ja Sirppis): Mun ainoat rekryt tälle kiekalle eikä tarvinu pettyä. Sai teitä kyl houkutellaki tovin mukaan ennenku lähditte mut toivottavasti oli sen arvosta. Melkosta kärkijyrää sieltä lihapullalta löyty useampaanki otteeseen. Kiitos teille!

    unnamed (rasse, körde, tume): Sori nallet mut kyl tänne menee kiekan kovimman offitilin titteli. Onhan se opsumestarin märkä uni että joku painaa tililtä unesodalla 3 kärkilanan kokosta ulos sekä tietty se yks mörkö-käyttis :D Varmasti kovin käyttistili mitä oon itse nähnyt. Älyttömän kovaa duunia ja tollasta täytyy arvostaa korkealle!

    Nalle Wahlroos (AFK, Ptt, Padalino, Phoe): On ne hulluja. En käsitä miten tollast sirkusta tilillä jaksaa pyörittää varsinki jos pitää liidata samalla. Harmi ettei kiekka venyny tämän pidemmälle ja WR-lappu jäi tekemättä (minun syy, tavallaan “:D”). Melkonen meisselihän siitä silti tuli ottaen huomioon kuinka aikaisin tää kierros päättyi lopulta.

    Jimb00 ja Kadonnut: Clandestinen lisäksi teitte melkosen työmäärän bärnin sitterinä ja tiekut juoksi välillä yötä päivää. Se on melko käsittämätön etu minkä tolla unehaukalla voi saada jos sitä käytetään kunnolla kuten nyt. Informaatiota tulee helposti ja koko ajan niin se auttaa tuota opsupuoltakin niin älyttömästi. Suuret kiitokset molemmille!

    Metsamies: Onhan se plänneri kyl timanttinen. Lisäks auttohan se aluksi niin paljon kun itse tekijä on mukana keltä kysyä ja selvitellä alun ongelmat plännerin kanssa. Myös hyviä huomautuksia ja tippejä tuli kiekan aikana. Kiitos kaikesta.

    n3x3: Hupiukko :FeelsFunnyMan: Enpä oikeestaan tuntenu suakaan ennen tätä rundia vaikka oltiin talvella comxillakin samas liitos. Läppä lentää ja voicessa tuli höpöteltyä pitkät tovit. Ens kiekalla tilin nimi pitää sit olla jo highskill sen lowskillin sijaan :D

    Jola: Hullu teki ME-pretot ja muutenki upeeta seurata noin aktiivista pelaamista. Muistahan ottaa se screenshotti ja kehystä kotiin seinälle. Tai sit vaihtoehtosesti voit iha minun luvalla alkaa spämmäämään sitä kuvaa yön pimeinä tunteina kaikilla mahdollisilla publilla mitä sattuu löytymään :FeelsFunnyMan:

    Kiitos kaikille teille aktiivisille opsuajille.

    Kiitos Hkfc ja VIP koko porukalle. Paljon duunia tehty koko porukalta ja lopun ylivoima osoittaa suuren työmäärän sen ylivoiman takana. Lopulta jopa yllättävän hyvässä hengessä mentiin loppuun asti ja draama jäi vähälle. Ja hyvä niin :)

    Kiitos kaikki voice-höpöttäjät ja muut paskanjauhajat liiton kannulla. Hyvä meno liiton kannulla on tärkein osa koko peliä :)
    Oli ilo pelata tälläisessä porukassa, hyvää kesän jatkoa kaikille!


  • English part:

    We didn’t have any advantage in the number of accounts. Especially since we had to fight against the whole server. What made the difference was our leadership, organizing and of course all the hard work and time we did in our leadership group. Probably it would have been a lot more equal battle if u had merge to one bigger alliance instead of two (or three whatever). But obviously that didn’t happen for reasons I don’t really know.

    For the most of ur [?] villages u can blame me since I planned most of our offensive operations. Qummi and Ptt were the other two who planned our off-operations.

    U guys (MR especially) did have a nice amount of movable deff, which made planning a bit challenging but also a lot more interesting.

    FF was the biggest disappointment since u already had some big sweeps in like d70 and we were really worried about those since we had some of our accounts pretty near of them. But then u had just a long period of time doing nothing. You didn’t use small diets or other artifacts properly to ur advantage and it seemed like u were just idling. Thats why in the end game you were so much behind us with troops. We just totally run over you with our sweeps even tho we had fought the whole time against MR.

    MR became the biggest enemy with CC. Yes I count u as a one alliance even tho I don’t really get why u didn’t do more co-operations. Like I said u had nice amount of movable deff and did pretty decent work with deff overall. You had something like 5,5 million deff in ur WW d222 when we dropped it (+900k in UA and some other deff laying here and there :D). That was even tho we had killed something like 2-3 million deff within couple of weeks before we hit ur WW.

    The lack of offensive operations made all the difference. After d100 you had a lot of sweeps to do operations. With all the scouts etc. I calculated around the same amount of sweeps that we used/had. Problem was that u didn’t use them. And then one by one we either conquered or [?] those villages, some of them never being even used.

    U should never make a stop with off-operations if u have even some sweeps left. There is basically never a situation where its a right choice to not do off-operations with ur sweeps. Cause u know, that is what those are made for. U can stop making off-operations when all the sweeps are walled.

    If you are saying that you can’t make off-operations because enemies have too much deff you are dead wrong. Only thing what is gonna happen after that kinda decision is that your enemies are going to have even more deff. And your game just became a lot harder. Or at least its almost impossible to win in the end-game.

    We made a deff record to nordics servers which probably will never be broken.


    But yeah, this round went like this. In a way it was disappointment. Then again we did a lot of work and planning which should and will make us proud and happy for our efforts.

    I’m hoping after this we will see the nordics communities to merge properly together and play together. Seems like the Finns are too overpowered :P

    There is some teaching and guiding needed to be done. Maybe after that we will see a round with a lot of skills and knowledge for each side to have the round with great and equal battles.

    Community is bigger now and there is potential for a lot lot of better rounds.

    Maybe there would come some players back from “retirement” or com servers or whatever.

    We’ll see about that in the future but for now have a nice summer all.


  • I’m hoping after this we will see the nordics communities to merge properly together and play together. Seems like the Finns are too overpowered

    There is some teaching and guiding needed to be done. Maybe after that we will see a round with a lot of skills and knowledge for each side to have the round with great and equal battles.

    Community is bigger now and there is potential for a lot lot of better rounds.

    Maybe there would come some players back from “retirement” or com servers or whatever.

    Can't speak for Norway/Denmark but almost all the good swedes followed me to Anglosphere since SE were dead & Nordics wasnt formed yet.
    Seems like there are some good finns after all :O
    How many were you in the winning meta? seems to have alot of def.

  • Can't speak for Norway/Denmark but almost all the good swedes followed me to Anglosphere since SE were dead & Nordics wasnt formed yet.
    Seems like there are some good finns after all :O
    How many were you in the winning meta? seems to have alot of def.

    about 60 deff accounts on our side but maybe 40 active ones.

    |Fix10@Fun Factory|Fix11@Welho|Fix12@Sivustakatsoja/Mäyräkoira|Fix13@Repomies
    Fix14@Green Day|Fix15@Heisenberg/turbounekrou|Fix16@Social Suicide |Fix17@Motörhead|Fix18@RosvoSektori|TS4/4@Chamillionaire|TS4/5@Verokarhu|Fix27@Hades|Nordics 6 (1st) demi Lovato|Nordics 4 (2nd)@TNT|Nordics 3x (4th)@Threat

  • about 60 deff accounts on our side but maybe 40 active ones.

    I meant how many players in total :P

  • 118 but maybe 80-90 active cant really say the numbers from offensive side :D since i didnt handle any off business.

    |Fix10@Fun Factory|Fix11@Welho|Fix12@Sivustakatsoja/Mäyräkoira|Fix13@Repomies
    Fix14@Green Day|Fix15@Heisenberg/turbounekrou|Fix16@Social Suicide |Fix17@Motörhead|Fix18@RosvoSektori|TS4/4@Chamillionaire|TS4/5@Verokarhu|Fix27@Hades|Nordics 6 (1st) demi Lovato|Nordics 4 (2nd)@TNT|Nordics 3x (4th)@Threat

  • Aight cool.
    Nice to see that it's players from finland that can play unlike the ones playing in Ghetto on TT rounds.

  • As AFK did write preeeeeeetttty extensive speech from ally point of view ill try to concentrate other things.

    As described i was part of the group of three leaders that combined HKFC&VIP&609 to one large Finnish alliance to Nordics6. I actually inherited my role from Hemoz back in the days of waiting for next S4.fi server to start as I couldn't let that round go back to old 1vs1 setup. Then I promised to lead third group, even thought I have never been much of a leader, being more of jack of all trades - master of none.

    From initial group point of view AFK had most solid player roster on the paper, Kain being second with his old friends. I think i had more "French foreign legion" approach, recruiting few of old friends form earlier rounds and then combining new team members from discord. Things would have been much different if we had run into earlier planned 3-way server than combined allince. Now it didn't matter that much as everyone were fighting common enemy (Swedes that is, with other nordic gyus and everyone else as collateral damage :).

    I'm really suprised that there was less drama then I would have expected in long run, after all we had pretty much open recruitment and combining alliances meant that people who had have grudge and beef for years were somewhat forced to work together. This of course causes lots of work on leader side to be able to handle every small signal of possible shitstorm rising. Most of this work ended up on AFKs table as i was unfortunately also pretty occupied with IRL-related matters. On the bright side I thing this round really did show that even people with long time disagreements can work together and do great things and it also allowed to play with people you have years seen other side of red swords.

    Travian as a game and with its social side brings out best sides of people and unfortunately also worse sides. In this round we saw multiple "good players" to revert back to awful level and bitching / quitting from small hits or being totally unprepared of situations they got into. On the other hand we saw old and new players to step up their game to next level and I think in overall everyone have now gained friends to future rounds than lost.

    From my own account (Jorma Heart) point of view, idea was to play first time roman off account without any plans to even try to do WWK hammer. We got decent 100% 15c from near our future wonder and initially started queuing off around d55, then extended to second off village d80 and third after artes.

    At first i had Secunda as dual, but he had lots of studywork and also some dream to be streamer so after initial weeks his commitment slowly faded away and I didn't want to push him to play on our acc. I then proceeded myself until i heard that friend from earlier rounds was looking for account to play on and immediately signed Munkki to play at Jorma. This was the setup we went all the way to the end. All the thanks to Munkki, he truly came to save the account when times were worst.

    We had decent location and were prepared to make uniq arte sweep and on arte day uniq confusion landed near so we swept that for ally, this was only time we shot natars on server, all other points were gathered from enemy villages.

    Arte day was also something where i tried to atleast somewhat relieve burden from AFK's shoulders which was co-ordinated by me & kalkkuna & qummi. It went decently even though most of uniq artes spawned totally out of our bounds. Only small fuckup was made as we had missed one catavillage and lost UT to FF for a moment, even though we had done some pre-arte analyzing of the surroundings.

    As we were prepared to make multi-op hammers, it was our duty to join as many ops that was possible and I think we had around 90% attendance. It also helped that after wall we always had 1.5 sweeps ready for next op and could just switch village. Later in the game we changed one of offs to EI ghost and in coordination with Bärni's US team (mostly Kado & jimb00) caused some nice damages around the map.

    As mentioned on Splinters speak I did also plan & execute some of our skunkworks ops, with hilight of them being capturing UT from FF. I did settle and gold up village next to it (6.1 squares away, just outside minimap) and did gold it up in the silence of the night. I think it was like 3 hours after settling we already had catas in queue and next night we did the hit. This was done in cooperation of good old MeardonG and with resource help from Zeppe, being abroad at that given moment Kado also had small magic touch on timing the attacks. Everything went as planned and now UT was on our side allowing mostly unnamed and Nalle to really take advantage of it. We also tried same tactics on WildPrides small trainer but that was unfortunately found out.

    Overall, I thing what really allowed us to shine and spank enemies was much more coordinated approach of using artes and heres again thanks to AFK & OFF team to analyze needful accounts and assigning small trainer rotation & small diet placement & ofc. planning and capturing UD for game changing crop savings around the map. Also i can't thank too much our DEF team led by Vilhou, who basically singlehandedly took out most of FF sweeps on first ops and killed their will to play.

    Also i have never seen such dedication from WW-team who already before starting of server had things planned how to build, their 2nd village was only one we basically pre-allocated near future WW, not that those guys would had needed any handicap on settling :D

    My special thanks.

    - Munkki, our account saver and dual, will play again any time

    - AFK, father of our tri-alliance, so much work on all the aspects of game, no matter was it ally or own account, always min-maxing, always calculating

    - Vilhou, DEF-god, even though we had some spiky history from earlier round, one of most trustful new friend from this round

    - Splinter & Qummi & Ptt, solid and great vision how to destroy our enemies, always enjoying my early sunday wake-ups and 3 hour trips to woods to send attacks with mobile :D

    - WW-builder team (Arget, Fearz, Karpaasi) awesome dedication to guide us to the end & congratulations on 20M wonder deff record.

    - Jola, "no man can train more pretos than Snapsipappa", now it "only" took one woman to make 1.2M :D

    - Unnamed team (rasse, körde, tume), sick raiding and even sicker utilization of ST and UT to build some OFFFFFFF!

    - Kado & Jimb00, thanks for making Bärni great again, countless hours of work running scouts around the map

    - Nikuzz & Meardon & Zimpero & Havocc & Algot-team & Kake Randelin-team and all the other ops ppl, too many to mention, but you made the change, enemy cant attack if their OFF villages are [?], great job all!

    - Electfire, Och, Frank, ... Those few enemies that tried to do something instead of sitting on their OFF-hammers waiting them to be conq or zeroed.

    - Anyone else in our alliance, sorry if I forgot someone, I would play with most of you any time again.

    Ending stats:

    Hero #12

    12. Jorma Heart 166 697051

    Off #15

    15. Jorma Heart 15307 22 620266

    Sims #112

    112. Jorma Heart HKfc 15307 22

    Def #233 :DDD

    233. Jorma Heart 15307 22 31892

    - neurocid (Jorma Heart)

  • First of all, thank you everyone ! It was pleasure to play the first nordic server ever.

    ACCOUNT: ALGOT(tempest, petrn, cof, person)

    SIMS: 63

    OFF: 9 (737377 points)

    DEFF: 227 (34537 points)

    HERO: 11 (lvl 171, 738625 points)

    Just a basic off-acc with 4 opshammer and I think we got most out of them!

    Thank-list well be in finnish, but I will some of them in english!


    petrn, cof, person: kiitos äijät! Mahtava kiekka ja tili oli hyvin hoidettu! EC lappu ehkä ylilyönti syönnin kannalta ja monot olis olleet kivat, mutta hauskaa meillä oli

    Afk: mahtavaa toimintaa ja raudanlujaa johtamista!! Olet ilmiömäinen sietämään painetta ja vittuilevia kanssapelaajia

    OFF(splintter, qummi&ptt): huikeita opsuja kokoajan kerta toisensa jälkeen! Lähetysajat ja kohteet olivat otettu huomioon mahtavasti ja oli kiva osallistua näihin ylijuoksu bileisiin!

    Kadonnut&jimb00: scodet juoksi aina ku tarvitsi oli yö tai pöivä, kiitos! Teitte pelistä huomattavasti helpompaa!

    Bg3(kaket, ben, eva): tää oli ehkä servun parasta aikaa. Aiheutettiin vihulle kyl sellasta päänsärkyä ja vitusta että muistavat viel lopun ikänsä 😂! Viel spessu kiitos Miks koordinoinnista! klabbe ja kumppanit kiittävät

    Kiitos myös VIP ja HKfc ja aivan kaikille!

    Then to enemy:

    Ragnarok: you catched two our sweeps! Nice play!

    Och: legend himself! Yours TT’s causes some problem and sleeples night to us

    Uno87: thanks for easy offpoints 😉


    Thanks for every one and see u all in the next nordic6

    Here some hits from us:




    https://gyazo.com/fa3208bf93529be1d2b2b7eeb40834fc (failed chiefing)


  • Short victory speech,

    Thanks all, this is what Spökplumpen account was suppose to do and did it.

    Good luck on next servers and future.

  • I will be speaking on behalf of myself and MR, there are a lot of things to cover to do this properly, but my memory doesn't serve right atm so I will write mostly what I can remember.

    Before the server:

    The main group of MR was an alliance called LR from last NO4, about 30 people. The second half was mainly our enemy from that server which we had to team up with to play on the nordics scene, both old server and this nordics server had a large amount of inactive and idle accounts that were driven by sitters most of the server. There was a third smaller group of people brought in by their leader uno87 and also 2 players on the account Blodstrupmoen brought in a few people. If anyone remembers there was MR, Tr0lls and CareBear in the beginning. We had a decent plan with off/deff/wwk before start but a lot of it fell through during the round, some did quite early in the round. There were some disagreements surrounding if we should go in the -|- or +|-, the desicison was to do both, and move slightly more towards the center south line rather than go into only one quadrant.


    A lot of us got a good start and secured good 15cs right from the beginning, things were looking balanced from the beginning for the 3way split server between MR, FF and the finns that we were hoping for. As things progressed we started conversations with surrounding alliances, MIT, TD and later Aesir. My contacts in those alliances were Morty and SlamOmania at the time. They did eventually merge into what we know today as CC. Aesir just kinda tagged along after one def op we decided to help them on. Vikings also mainly in the gray wanted part of our group of alliances eventually, we let them in for a short while to a lot of peoples disgust, they were later dropped due to lacking level of play and also some toxic finnish nature which we've come to learn can be common, at least thats what I've been told by the fins themselves :D. FF we started to work with around d110, but they proved very hard to work with, same as CC. Towards the end CC had no leader whatsoever and FF had 2-3 little active ones. Gampen and his dual going over to CC really made things a lot better though, massive improvement seen in CC after that.


    At artedrop we were quite decently prepared for various spawns and managed to secure the 3 unique spawns we were expecting to get. Sadly they were not quite what we were looking for, the Architect was one we wanted but it ended up being quite useless on the WW in the end. UB we really did not know where to put and it ended up being stuck on boytoy69 throughout the entire server, really not seeing any use and it was never defended during ops against us. Unique fool was our greatest one by far, being used by 3 different players throughout the server. It spawned 2 fields away from Rebel's capital, sweeped it myself with what probably was one of the better size sweeps at arterelease this server. Sadly I lost focus on the goal of my account after this with all I had to do on the leading side, not pleased with the outcome of what was supposed to be a wwk which ended up hitting 2 warehouses in their village at day 198.

    We got 2 small trainers which we would have been able to manage with. FF got one + UT which they later lost, both of them, as well as UD...

    Giving our 2nd small trainer to FF after they lost all was probably the worst decision we made this server. But then again we didn't really use our off so who cares.

    We got only 1 small diet which spawned next to NoFuzz, that account was ment for wwk but sadly it was shot to pieces by the fins very early. The diet arte was put in Kathrine's capital, she managed to produce a good wwr, but other than that the placement of diet was very poor, not seeing any use by anyone else. We got a 2nd small diet from FF, which was placed in my capital, at most there was around 1m consumption there, I actually had to ask people multiple times to get them to use the option of feeding for 50%. Not used optimally here either but probably the one that was best used outside of finnish borders.

    Also big thanks to KV on the Gampen account for helping alot with the planning around arterelease and organisation on d100.

    Leadership: (Off, def etc.)

    Leading team from the beginning was myself, uno87, Deadpool and Alexsio(Blodstrupmoen).

    As well as a couple people on off with me and uno. Uno was the second main leader with me, but he disappeared when his capital was bombed with his sweep standing home due to miscommunication with his dual. The other 2 on off were passive af, uno did 1 good op, other than that everything was planned by me, and I really did not have the time requiered as I was sitting every sunday with the def. Def side was 4 people but everyone was really passive, that work ended up being done by me as well for a long time. Deadpool managed the discord and did some of the general stuff in the alliance, but was not able to take part in off or def due to irl circumstances, which tbh are quite similar to mine, long workdays without being able to play in that time.

    Alexsio and his dual decided to quit early, out of the blue without any good explanation, i think this was around day 90. After that we got a new player for BSM account that played def on the account and did a good job with that. My big saving grace this server was Hellyus, I dont have words for how much it ment to get Hellyus in to do the def side after artes, as well as helping with other general stuff here and there. Helly was there every sunday to plan the def no matter how much of a shitfest the fins made those days for us. Later on Hokopoco(Dr. Strange) joined as well for a few def ops and did that job well. On the off side I kept asking multiple people I know have the experience to help me do the ops, my time is usually very limited to short periods at a time, so to sit down and plan ops was a rarity as everyone knows. People kept complaining that we didn't attack but no one wanted to do anything about the issue themselves, I was able to plan 2-3 ops in the midgame that were semi-successful in my opinion. Could I have pushed myself to do a couple more, probably, but the players did not make it easy either, which really killed my motivation for planning, the work around collecting online times and then being able to fit them into whatever greater plan I wanted to pursue was very hard. We had 1 player for each off account, which ment that online times were totally different for everyone, there was a lot of changings of TS to make things work somewhat smoothly, and let me not even start on all the fuckups that were made during our ops.


    The Punisher really stepped up in a big way to run as a WW account once the boytoy69 account decided to quit, that account was mainly sitterrun and not even that for most of the server. Sad thing is that the boytoy guys are really good players and I think if they stayed their account could be one of our best and for sure the perfect WW holder. Kathrine and Punisher was the main people doing all the work in WW, Rebel was on some of the nightshifts which really helped, as well as myself stepping in as a WW sitter for a time when necessary. At most we had about 5.5m defence in our wonder, which by norwegian standards was very good. The running of the WW really was quite faultless, except for one fuckup early, when ThugaWunkWunk which I've now learned to be Kain, one of the leaders, hit our WW d150 and took our infrastructure because of poor defending from us. This was a delete attack and did actually do way more damage than we should have allowed at the time. In the long run it made no difference as our infrastructure was finished around d190-195. Good job to everyone for defending, feeding, and very good job to the WW builders.

    Last words:

    There is so much more I could have written but this is about what I feel like doing right now. There really was no way we could have merged into 1 big alliance with FF and CC, no practical way to make it work with myself doing most of the work already and their leaders being even more passive than the rest of my leading team at the start of server. Now I'm really looking forward to have summer vacation for a couple months before we go again on the next Nordics6. Next time around there will be mixed nationalities in the alliance which will be really good for the server and the community as a whole. No chance I will be behind creating another server like this one ever again. Boring is not the word but rather very demotivating for both sides to play this one.

    I wanna end of by thanking the people who made this server bearable for me:

    Gampen, KV, LuckyOwl, Roald, Olav, stebos, Hellyus, Och, Skippern, Deadpool, Frank, Rebel, Barkholt, Kathrine, Wildpride, Hokopoco, Speiderkongen, Rimtussa, Ragnarok, Genghis, Armageddon, BiWi, Mummitrollet, Wolverine, Amish, Trojan, Ols, Omega, Vision, Henrik, Espen, Daffy.

    A big extra thanks to the people i listed above, really sorry if I forgot you but you will know, if we had any longer conversations that ment a lot to me. Thanks also to everyone else who played in MR, and I would without a doubt play with everyone again. Thanks to AFK and Pete also for our conversations during this server.

    Hero #13

    13. Mr. Fantastic 164 680614

    Off #26

    26. Mr. Fantastic 17205 24 443978

    Def #42

    42. Mr. Fantastic 17205 24 262036

    Sim #82

    83. Mr. Fantastic MR 17205 24

    Thanks for the server everyone!

    - Zomer, aka Basic (Mr. Fantastic)

  • This was a wild ride, not exactly what I expected but as they say "next game is already better". Not much to say, the account was Byggmästare, a pretty chill roman off with two hammers. Started in the ally 609 with Poromies, who Hemoz had forced into playing with me prior to him relinquishing his mantle of leadership to neurocid (Jorma Heart), RIP. I didn't know Poromies at all prior to the server and I don't think we even talked a whole lot til about d70 when I finally started to play the game after being done with most of my IRL hurdles - I'm truly sorry about that.

    Anyways, we took part in almost every ops post artefact spawns except for five I think, three because we had walled recently and neither of our hammers had a lot of juice in them at the time due to unlucky walls, and twice when we were both busy/travelling. After we picked up 4th small trainer (LOL) we hopped onto the trainer rotation with our secondary EI hammer that accidentally became the bigger one as that didnt get walled at all (wtf). The UD take really helped us as our account was small and lagging behind at the time and suffered from poor planning (Poromies had time constraints and I had never played off prior to this server). Splintter (My Little Pony) and n3x3 (lowskillplayer) taught me some valuable lessons and things got off to a better start.

    Overall, an okay result and some important lessons learnt. Maybe I'll go back into playing def in the future again as I feel like I just get a lot more done then, but who knows.

    Hero: #34 lvl 143 520431 kills

    Off: #27 442416 pts (about 50k natar from artesweep)

    Sims: #77 pop 17433, 23 villages (lazy a f)

    Also chiefed a wonder and catapulted 8 claypits from WW villages this server :FeelsFunnyMan:

    A big thank you to the leadership of the coalition, I'm still a bit shocked how smooth sailing it was (looking from the outside, although I'm sure that it wasn't as easy as it looked). Also to all you memers on discord you're a ton of fun. Was quite surprised how many top lads and lasses we had in the alliance.

    Thanks to

    Poromies - You are the most active dual I have ever had because I have never had one before :FeelsFunnyMan: You're a lot of fun to talk to and when I needed help you were almost always there, big thanks for getting the account running early when I was really not playing a lot

    n3x3 - Thank you for telling me not to train phalanxes in great barracks and decent quality shitposting

    Splintter - Thank you for giving some good advice throughout the server PS stop swallowing it's not good for you

    Ptt - Same as splintter but with less swallowing

    Metsämies, aixy, Noproblem, Bärni, Jola, Padalino & Susihukka - Thanks for the games

    Lege - You have autism but ur still a funny guy +1 for effort

    Kado & Jimbo - Sorry about the scout requests and thanks

    vilho - Big props for the work you done although you are a bit of a racist towards swedish offplayers you are a top lad btw PS Kemi sucks ass

    And thanks to all those that I forgot to mention I think I'm missing a few but you know who you are esp the beerboys

    Oh and thank you hemoz sorry for not being your private scout ******* just cba with that but it ended up being fine with you bailing out, unluigi :FeelsFunnyMan:

    See you on future nordics

    Tempus / Byggmästare out

    P.S. If you wonder why "the Finns" won this server, this following report is pretty much what happened every BG ops and we all know what happened during Monday ops.

  • Okay im no leader or anything, but i really wanna say my thanks to all so.. here we go.

    Never travian again.

    So i tought.. but after maybe 4 years break from travian, it was time to take break from real life and do that server we had planned earlier with my dear playing company Potku (Hatti). We dreamed of having 2-3 def accounts near and make total 1 million deffs for ally to use and play accounts cross. We made the “Hattivatti” but we wanted 2 capitals, so there was Hatti and Vatti. Evakkosiili was supposed to be our extra defences sitteracco, but Mikko got fast so excited again about playing so he did most of the playing himself there. Hattivatti had deffs about 2 million so we got like double amount of troops accidentaly, and Evakkosiili/Mikko also had 500k in the end. Overkill, yeah! As usual, in the mid game I found more accounts needing a sitter and help with reso-overfloating, so I made decicion to leave also from Potkus sitters.. but you managed Hatti acco alone well, Potku. Ofcourse you did :love:

    This server was the best server I have played. I didn't really follow the server “big picture” so well, the social side and defending are my things. I was mainly concentrated about making troops for me and my neighbors, helping sitter accounts not to be over floating and moving the troops for alliance. And chatting in the voice while doing that. So I got to do what i really liked. It was really nice that there was no "you must have opp hammer" rules or anything, so the playing was motivating for me from the start to the last day.

    Many players seemed to have lots of skill (even the lowskillplayer acco, whaat!!??) and knowledge. Some didn't have enought activity and there was some deletes or inactive accounts to be maintained by other players. I fixed some idle accounts, and it sometimes made me almost burn out, but I prefered it that way so the accos and resos didnt get wasted. In the other hand, so many times I was just very proud of our ally members, our deff group Pakkitytöt working hard or our neighborhood Nyby diet-village players. How good everything else went in the alliance (or seemed to go as a lineplayers perspective..) and how nice and cheering people were to me, was the biggest motivation to do more and try harder. Okay I might be forgetting some issues from the beginning other server, but I just cant take these rose-glasses out or my eyes. Help was always around for those who asked for it and were active themselves. I liked the atmosphere and right amount of discipline in alliance. Only 1 total burnout and 1 drama for me, so no biggies. I was very happy to see change in some players behavior after some talks. The behaving of the people was really important for me. But some people caused problems just to have fun.. Not cool dudes.

    And the thanks belong to..

    Deff organizers (Vilho, kämmis, JJ and others)

    Freaking awesome. Very active defence coordination and lots of skill, especially Vilho. Some of you deff-leaders like Vilho were almost dying at some point for working so hard alone, but lucky for us, the opponents were not that organized often and Vilho also got more help in the end. JJ was super fun split-company and kämmis handled def koordination like a pro. Thanks for milix also for trusting me and organizing some deffs those few times when no one else did. I was privileged to be part of our deff group pakkitytöt and that was awesome. So much fun to be in alliance that knows what to deff, when to deff and how to deff. So deff team, you were awesome! You were trustworthy. Thank you Vilho also giving me that one break that i needed to prevent burnout nro1. Vilho, you are a superhuman.

    Offence players (Qummi, splintter and others)

    I never really cared about the offences, but I really appreciated the work you did and how it helped defenders part. There was so many opps ja accounts that had like 3 usable offence villages same time, crazy people. Thank god my artefact troops died in 2nd opp I participated. Thanks Qummi for the caring support and splintter for understanding. Special thanks to those many many offence accounts like Sipoon herttua, Zimpero and Eva who received our troops as permanent defence. I dont even dare to admit how much permanent deffs you all took in from me and my neighbours, but it was a lot. Nice work feeding the defences AND offences. I dunno how you all did it, guess raiding, but.. It was essential for the alliances deff amount to grow.

    Leaders (AFK, Arget, Vilho and others)

    You rock. So thanks to the whole team! Special thanks to AFK for taking me and my friends into the ally, respecting my boundaries, listening to my problems and giving me right amount or responsibilities (this means 0 real responsibilities). Thank you for keeping the atmosphere respectful. You are like the school principal trying to keep everyone happy and in order and doing their best. Silent, but always there and working. Some dudes didn't graduate this time, but shit happens. Huge respect from me to you, AFK.

    WW-team (Arget, Karpaasi, Fearz, mcl, petrn and others)

    Thank You for the dietvillage and feeding so much mine and our neighbours troops in your unique diet village capital. Dietvillage was essential to make the record possible. Thank you so much for answering my daily questions about grain situation and being patient. It must have been terrible job even to listen that. So thank you and sorry. You did good. Special thanks to Fearz who bragged about your spearmen amount in the mid game so often that it made me wanna do more deffs than you did (and to plot my evil -but good for the ally- plans to make this happen…).

    Nyby neighborhood deff and diet-village circle (most active Potku, Nipoo, Laakkonen and Manlet and me)
    Thanks for moving the troops. Like almost every defence situation and always when asked, wow! Thanks for trusting your accos traderoutes to me if i wanted so.... :D
    I think there was one week when there was just me and potku trying to handle 6 accounts waresituations and their deffs moving and the feeding. Why do all take holiday or disappear on the same weeks?? I remember deff koordinators panicking one day, maybe the same week, after this some kind of double-day-opp of enemies.. Only few seemed to have movable deffs anymore home. I went to voice channels to calm Kämmis(?) down and told him that okay okay, I still have 1 million troops (like 200k movable each account) here for some reason, where do you want these. We survived the ops and the work, but I dont recommend that to anyone. Im so happy that you all let me into you getter, the whole neighborhood was there so I always knew who to contact if the deffs were deeded fast. Mostly you were active moving your own troops and i was so happy and proud for it. Like a mother, yes. Sorry for acting like on too, sometimes.

    Special mentions

    Potku, thanks for helping me every time i needed and keeping my head (and account) in one piece once again. Thanks for challenging me to do more praetorians than you had phalanx :D There is no person who i trust more in travian and I have said many times that I never play without potku anymore. Very hardworking and active travian dude. Thanks for waking up middle or the night sending troops or turning resos even if no one asked you to. You don't make number about yourself, but you are awesome. Especially when I kick you in the ass little bit to keep you going :D Well done 750k deffs (total over 900k)! And the druids with Hero "Seppo Taalasmaa" found a real defence place last days of the server so the Jinx is gone. Nice job :)

    Padalino, thanks for guiding me in the beginning of the game and helping with stupid questions during the whole game. Also thanks for the help sitting the villages (mostly granaries) when it was just not possible to do everything on my own or even with potku. I really appreciate you. Thank You for being supportive and enthusiastic - I think you were more excited about my troops than i was. Hihi.

    n3x3, thanks for helping me out in the end game. Because of you I was also allowed to have social life away from travian every now and then, and also survived my most stressful work weeks. It was nice not to stress about the artefact (that i usually prefer not to have) in my acco with you helping me. You have good brains dude! I am happy that neather of us is luuserikana.

    Evakkosiili/Mikko, Thanks for taking in some extra moving pretorians to keep the movable troop amounts bigger and later using part of your crop to feed the nyby village. In the other hand, i made all your traderoutes, some times kept your preto training and me or potku (mostly potku) moved your deffs so maybe this is ok.

    Nipooo, my recruit that i'm very proud of. You sure are the best student i have ever had. Im really proud of the work you did, it was super fun first to help you and then just to see you being awesome (and not needing me anymore, sniff). You became one of the most important deff accos moving troops almost every time. You decerve respect especially because of your effort, interest to know more and activity. First you just wanted a small nice relaxing acco.. Hah! Well done with 900k deffs (total almost 1,1 million)!

    Fosse, you wanted pretorian army in origo and you got it. So thanks to your volunteer feeding places when you had "too much resources". We had 20k more movable troops in the origo for couple of weeks during midgame thanks to you.

    Havocc, thanks for early mid game sitter every now and then when i needed help.

    Laakkonen & Manlet, Thanks for trusting me with you accounts. Your holidays/trips/work/school came perfect time for keeping our other neighbours troops alive in the diet-village when the bad grain situation affected to the troops training. Some point i felt i was the only one playing your accos so it was exhausting, i was so happy you both returned after some time. You both still moved your troops yourself even when you were in hurry (atleast after my messages, hihi). Good job! Thanks for Manlet also for the great chatting times and playing company in OW!

    Zimpero, thanks for trusting me and for offering help even when i didnt ask for it. You took in like.. maybe 300k? 400k? of permanent defence to you and your groups acccounts from me or my neighbors and from some other def accos. Offered yourself as a aim to get more deffs for the alliance. wow.. So, we did more deffs as you wished.

    Lola Montez/SirNiko, thanks for the help at the end game. Your workstuff was timed perfectly to take me in as a sitter to “help you out”.. and by this, i mean really helping me out. By giving your account to my usage for the last 2 months. Because of your acco and the grain capacity that I was able to finish developing there, it was easier to keep the pretos coming. Check out the spearmen I also made to you :D

    JJ, Zimpero & Kado for taking part in the splitting

    Metsamies, for helping me repeatedly with the questions about the tools
    ALGOT account players, for easy and flexible artefact circular moving.
    Pakkitytöt, thanks for the activity. Well done all!!
    To the players who did lot of work without making a big deal out of it, like Kado and Jimb0.

    Hessusenpai and Maria, thanks for the fun chats and voices in the beginning of the game

    Aixy and bärni, thanks for guiding me (OW) and making me a overwatch-addict.

    Thanks also for the other OW playing company, it was good balance to take my mind away from travian.

    Voice people, you know who. You were the reason i was in travian and in discord like all the time. You were just too good company.

    Thanks also to others in my village name list for being important for me for various reasons. Thanks for the server / voice company / ow company also to Pete, Neuro, Moxxi, NoProblem, Phoe, Lelu, Sant, Cipe, Tempus, Daimyo, Frank and also my understanding irl friends.

    Trust must be earned, and you earned it big time. Have a nice summer!

    And some end statistics:

    Praetorian defence world record video https://youtu.be/gEqu79_3WtI :thumbsup:

    Praetorian defence world record report http://bit.ly/jolanpretot :thumbsup:

    Dead defences http://bit.ly/kupa19

    Jola from the account Vatti

    Ps. Enemies Wonder Man, Mr. Fantastic and Electfire sounded like scary attackers.

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  • I'm gonna keep this short, but I feel like I have to say something.

    A big thanks to everyone on this server for making it what it was and especially AFK for leading our big coalition to the fullest.

    For me this was my second server ever and first one that I played till the end. It was a fun ride with all the great people in our coalition. I had the opportunity to learn from the veterans and looking forward to the next round to use all the tips and tricks from the beginning. In the beginning I lost a bit of motivation when my friend Elo, who settled next to me (far away from origo) just quit the server without any words and haven't heard of him after that at all. (I hope everything is alright if you happen to read this) From that point pretty much until d100 it was lonely simming for me.

    A while after artespawns I got accepted to the def-team which seemed to be a big step to take for me as a new player, but turned out to be a great experience. The def-team was great and welcoming, willing to help me to get started. Especially Vilho - he's a great guy and really knows what to do when it comes to coordinating defs. I really enjoyed working with you all in def-team and in our def-group "pakkitytöt". Everyone in that group played to the fullest and we could always trust that their troops were in the asked village always on time.

    Then some special mentions:

    AFK - giving it all for the coalition, even more than he actually could. HUGE respect, without leader like you this server would have been a whole different story.

    Vilho - Such a great person, thank you for teaching me the def-magic. Really looking forward to play with you again.

    Kämmis - Such a great guy as well, had fun coordinating defs with you as well. Looking forward for the next round with you as well.

    Kadonnut & Jimb00 - Without your effort with running the scouts we would have been lost. Really hard working duo with great def account (Clandestine) on their own as well.

    Metsämies - With his tools, everything is a lot - I mean A LOT easier. Thank you for giving us all those great tools.

    Potku (Hatti) & Jola (Vatti) - You guys had two awesome def accounts. Congrats Jola for the praetorian WR. Coordinating defs was painless because of the amount of moving defs you and your friends had available.

    hönö(SuperDraco) & Bensray - Thanks for helping me with sitting my account when needed, it was great to play with you guys.

    nipooo - Always ready with the great pack of druidriders hunting for those sweet def points.

    There is many more who I would like to thank and mention. Thank you for the great experience I had while playing this server, got many new friends and had fun times. Looking forward to play with you all on the next round.

    - JJ (Agu Anga)

    Account: Agu Anga

    Hero: #105, lvl 94, 225103 points

    Def: #49, 234879pts (unlucky with my def targets)

    Off: #104, 70627 pts ":D"

    Sims: #17, 26988 pop, 30 villages

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  • It’s over, once again.

    I will briefly go through the story of Clandestine, the account of me and Jimb00, and also tell what else we did during the server but grew our population (final rank 2).

    As discussed in the public Discord server of the round, the Finns were prepared for a war between three predetermined alliances led by AFK, neurocid and Kain on the upcoming Finnish server. These plans got ruined by the announcement of Nordic domains combining into one, which resulted in merging the alliances into a meta of over 120 accounts and even more players, since playing solo is not too popular amongst us anymore. The rumors told some hardcore players would be entering from other nations, too, so we felt thrilled to engage into a fight between domains. Well, at this point we all know how this ended and that the differences in activity and cooperation between Finns and the rest were too much, which is something I wasn’t personally expecting at all.

    I first felt disappointed due to the domain merge and we had already buried our plans on joining the server with my dual, mostly because it seemed to start way too late to suit to our schedules. However, I had over 1000 gold waiting in my email and I thought, why should we wait for a better opportunity to use them than this, where we can just enter a premade completely Finnish alliance? And, here we are. My personal goal was to sims hard and do some phalanxes on the way, Jimb00 agreed on these even though he most likely wanted to focus on defense instead of population.

    On our account, nothing special happened during the server. We didn’t raise our cropfields too high, leaving them only 18, because we were afraid of FF who seemed quite dominant at the beginning, and Jimb00 was sure our capital would get demolished multiple times during the round. Well, we were very rarely even a fake target in enemy operations and in even those cases the attacks didn’t seem too threatening due to split possibilities or some other issues, like unreasonable attacking order considering the enemy hammer sizes. If I recall correctly, we defended our capital a couple of times with own defs and split the rest. I would’ve thought that a big account like ours would attract more Christmas lights from the enemies but I guess we seemed harmless. :P

    We focused on our two goals and produced plenty of defs, worth over 800k crop consumption in the end. Most of our defense points we got along the server came from WW and defenses we had organized ourselves behind the backs of our def coordinators or with their permission, for instance to accounts Ruski Ubåt and Kastemato who were fighting their solitary war against FF. From our point of view the work of defense coordinators was somewhat frustrating at times: our troops were usually told their target amongst the last ones due to relevant location amidst our allies and the accounts high activity, guaranteeing the defs will get running no matter what time it is. Thus, they were pretty much never facing the hard attacks of enemy operations, which was undermining our motivation to even get the troops moving from the feeding village. There isn’t really anyone to blame as arranging defs like that is reasonable after all; moving our anvils for nothing just felt useless, especially after establishing the feeding village right next to us, which saved us so many resources per day. During the last weeks we caught NickNack and LadyIceland to villages of our origo accounts (Bensray and Jumala), gaining some important def points (final rank 9). We had also planned instabuilding some trappers at the end of the server for gaining rank 1 in population, but Concrete Guys got too far away from us – Sute too rich, please nerf rob.

    Whilst our account was running nicely, yet lazily at times due to lack of motivation and/or time on either player, we got involved into scouting action as some assistance was needed with Unique Scouting artifact. The players of Bärni account are not the most active ones at least in-game – you got to admit that yourselves, too – so we pretty much took control over the account and started taking care of scouts. The first thing we did was to scout through all the enemy capitals to see, what are they hiding, and archive the reports to a Google Sheet with some commentary and color coding referring to the quantity and qualityt of the troops in the villages. I also tried to develop the account further by simsing and making trade routes, but that didn’t really bear fruit as I was too lazy to utilize the full potential of the account. Anyways, we kept the scouts running according to orders and requests, planned together with both defense and offense coordinators. The owners of ghost hammers (lowskillplayer, Jorma Heart) also benefitted from the scouts quite a lot. Bärni’s scouting activity seemed apparently hilarious on the enemy side, leading to some unforgettable memes on the Discord channel. For instance, we crop scouted every enemy capital during the Easter truce to calculate the cropfield levels – or if the account is even utilizing the truce at all. Worthy information for the off coordinators! 😉

    Before case Bärni, we also took care of queueing the artefact sweep for account Verzik Vitur, because the players themselves were unable to do that effectively and we saw the potential on the account. We told ansbe and Lege not to do anything on the account for a couple of weeks so that they don’t come to ruin our plans on raising the cropfields and training troops at the same time. After the queues were done, we weren’t involved in the development of Verzik anymore despite Lege asked us to continue sitting every now and then. During spring we took over the Twitch Thot account, too, because its player – whom Jimb00 had invited to the server – got swallowed by Steam and other gaming platforms. Not too much came from that though, I had plans on queueing praetorians and actually did some queues but too seldom to be effective. I then proceeded to build some WW boosters for the account like with Bärni. Apart from Verzik’s queues and Bärni’s scouting, which we did together with Jimb00, I was the guy with big plans on the sitted accounts – just lacking execution as I was too lazy and Jimb00 disinterested in such additional activities. In addition to everything mentioned above, we did some random stuff on some accounts as sitters every now and then (helped with Jorma Heart’s Unique Training robbery, checked how some accounts could be developed further etc.)

    Mid-spring AFK was asking for some more help with the leading and overall organizing of the alliance and I enrolled. Eventually that did not lead to anything, for two reasons from my end: I didn’t see the help I promised to provide necessary considering the status of the server, and I had a burnout from an intensive study period in early 2019. The only thing I did with couple of other keen individuals was to chit-chat on a secret Discord channel on the alliance server about what should be done -- this was the ‘secret council’ AFK mentioned earlier. What I personally had in mind was a “Kado’s sitter clinic” (the Finnish name, “Kadon KV-klinikka", sounds a lot better), which would include a sitter check lasting from 3 days to a week to an account needing help so that I could have a look what should be done and optimize the account a bit with trade routes and so on. Having already apologized privately, I will do it publicly again: I tend to be as good as my word but this time I wasn’t even the first letter.

    I guess that was what I had to say, apart from acknowledgements to individual players, which continue below. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the server and I hope nobody got a bad taste in their mouth from Finnish players. At least the atmosphere on the public Discord server was friendly! 😊

    Jimb00: I’m sorry for dragging you into this again and I thank you for being dragged into this again. Without you our account would have been a lot worse, not to mention your activity on the scouting side to the verge of quitting the whole round due to lack of respect. You are one of the heroes no alliance deserves but some rarely get.

    AFK (Nalle Wahlroos): Like I wrote in my end speech of the previous server, I was a bit disappointed with your actions (or rather, lack of them) back then. There is no way I could say the same now. Incredible amount of work, of which I undoubtedly know only the tip of the iceberg.

    DEF-team (vilhou (Demi Lovato), kämmis (lowskillplayer), Milix (Foxy Knoxy), Kalkkuna (Gambinaneuvos), JJ (Agu Anga), Arget (Byggare Bob)) : Overall, you did a great job in one of the most crucial fields of the game. Even though we didn’t always agree with your decisions of def targets and prioritization, it was great to work with you.

    OFF-team (splintter (My Little Pony), Qummi (Concrete Guys), ptt- (Nalle Wahlroos)) : Does it even matter, who is the most handsome (or ugliest) of you, if you do your job like you guys did?* It was awesome to see how your operations started taking off during the round, with increasing risks and results. We also worked somewhat closely together with the scouting, as should be done.

    *Of course it matters if only splintter swallows. :FeelsFunnyMan:

    Neurocid (Jorma Heart): I had only heard your nickname before from previous rounds but no idea about the player behind the name. A nice new acquaintance that gave more to the game than can be seen from public statistics.

    Team Byggare Bob: Good job with organizing the feeding villages, training spearmen and, most importantly, building our WW successfully. Remember to update the croptool on a 15 minutes interval next time since it’s important for some. 😉

    Active def accounts: I was honestly surprised how many active and hard-working players you can have in one alliance, on the defensive side alone. Congratulations on the praetorian record, Jola (Vatti), you have deserved it; sorry for not beating us in the def stats, nipooo; and thanks for everyone, who was included into the group, as the atmosphere on our channel was similar with Woodstock in 1969 (peace, love and def queues).

    Team Nalle Wahlroos (AFK, ptt-, Phoe, Padalino) : I almost feel sorry because you were not able to break the record you were aiming at. Incredible amount of work put into a single account, even though raiding is for players who cannot play. ;) I would have quit that after my first shift, but you kept going like a freight train. Ei voi muuta sanoo ku hattuu nostaa.

    Sipoon Herttua (Havocc, Karppi, romppa) : Trying to catch the famous Theutates Thunders of Och never bore fruit, but at least we tried. Good job on the offense side!

    The western front: Doctor Who (Meardon-G), Ruski Ubåt (jappi), Kastemato (J-P), ButcherCola (cola), rulli (ralli), and könsi (Jasus). Here is a group of players I would be afraid of, if they decided to settle right next to my capital. FF players came to realize this a bit too late. Thank you for playing again and for the nice discussions in our group chat.

    Lowskillplayer (kämmis, n3x3) : Literally, “The one and only sheriff of the oases”. Great ghosting action and nice chats in the voice those rare times I decided to join you.

    Kado’s Afternoon Tea –chat (Kadon päiväkahvit) : Another secret channel in the alliance Discord, originally including petrn and Tempest (ALGOT), Lege and Ansbe (Verzik Vitur) and neurocid (Jorma Heart). I came to miss our chats in the 609-alliance Discord after the merge and asked for AFK to create this group for us. Having a secret chit-chat channel was once even the spark for the daily drama because some thought dividing the alliance players into smaller subgroups makes the entity disoriented.

    Everyone else who played on our side: Congratulations on the victory! Some of you might have deserved a separate acknowledgement but I must draw the line somewhere. I saw plenty of unknown players (to me) who proved their worth on the fields of combat.

    Like I said, our account didn’t really have enemy interaction. Thus, I can only thank enemy players who were active on Discord: stebos, Frank, Roald, Stone, Basic and everyone else who recognizes themselves from this description. It was great to see your opinions about the domain merge (being a part of the administration group myself) and the game round development. The memes were also priceless. :)

    My future with the game is still open. I’ve been considering moving on after playing almost continuously since 2007, but then again, I haven’t got any actual reasons to quit. Maybe I should get some reasons.

    Enjoy the summer now that you can, and we might see each other on the following ts6.


    You know what's worse than useless? Useless and oblivious.

  • Here`s some thoughts from our account.

    At the beginning we started our lovely first journey and my (kämmis) and n3x3`s idea was to make some ops-offs and ghostvillages. But first we needed the name for this magnificent account. You know it already by far reading to this...

    We were originals at AFK`s alliance (HKFc) at the beginning from the 3 finn coalition. We started queing offtroop pretty early, because there was a possible danger coming from FF. Situation stayed calm pretty long, so we could queue troops and raise cropfields pretty calmly. The price of queueing multiple ops-sweeps and ghostsweeps could be seen at our sims-statistics even from the early on. But this is a wargame so troops are what count (yeah Kado, no trappervillages ;D) It started to pay off after artefacts by statistics. There was opsing before artes but fortunately we didn`t see any walls at that time.

    Our ops-sweeps were running everytime, when there was enough catas to bultz our enemies croppers (100% participation in alliance ops + bg ops). It didn`t raised to megalomanic sizes, because after artes there were some kind of jinx, that got our sweeps to walls (11 walls in total). Theres a pic below of our first sweep at it`s biggest in the server. Many times we went though to empty villages, when our alliances bigsweeps cleared the way for us (unnamed, köttbulle etc.) After our visit the "?" was a common thing (monday got a whole new meaning).


    And now to our cup of tea, ghosting.


    Our personal goal was to ghost enemysweeps and it turned out to be a great success. Now we say our specialthanks to Jimb00 and Kadonnut for running those scouts around the map for us. Multiple times those scouts were sended and the success of that job was gained multiple times. There are some reports above. Those sleeping beauties got the privilidge to feel the might of lowskillplayers [theres the name of account if you didn`t recognize us by far yet :FeelsFunnyMan:]. Thanks to n3x3 for sending these ghosts, I got my beautysleep for work.

    There was a personal project for n3x3, you know it from the name; DanishShame (FF WW). Basic idea was to troll FF as much as possible. So n3x3 built stable there to raid WW-boosters and the rest buildingspots he filled them with granaries in case FF would take it back.

    Thanks to everyone who played at the server, it was a pleasure and a privilidge to get to know you all and play together in this magnificent coalition.
    Here some special thanks to special people, these are not in specific order. And its from both of us (I don`t think in 3rd persona, hope so..);


    Loverboy :peepoheart:. We had a great run together. First we started with linklist-madness (will be down below) and ended up getting exactly what we wanted and planned for. The best types of Huutis & Nauris. 10/10, would absolutely do it again.


    Loverboy :peepoheart:. Thanks for dualing with me, first time we played together and what time we had. It wasn`t always dancing on roses (mostly I did something awesome), but hey what can you expect from lowskillplayers. Thanks again for sending those ghosts when I tried to run in adult hamsterwheel. It was a blast, maybe next time again?

    Leaders (AFK, Neurocid)

    Humongous thanks to these fellows over here. You pushed this Finnish train to the goal which was to win this first Nordics server. There were no big dramas etc. because of you and it was fun to play with you.

    Off leaders (Qummi, Splintter, Ptt)

    Exellent job from all of you. You promised that we would get to bombard enemies to the ground and that you definitely did.

    Def leaders (Vilhou, yours truly[kämmis], JJ, Arget, milix)

    Thanks to all these people, you were awesome. We got many enemysweeps walled and have some good time [i guess (?) :) ] allthought there were some times when all of us wanted to bash our heads to keyboard.

    Jola (Vatti)

    The Queen of the Kitties. It was a pleasure to get to know you and play with you. Pretty nice stack of praetorians over there.

    Havocc (Sipoon Herttua)

    This time you did feed your own god damn troops (heard that not rly :D).So many ops-sweeps, everyone could take an example how to play offaccount. And thanks for leading our BG-group.

    Aixy (Åke)

    Our shortest player of the coalition. Nice gaming/voicesessions with you, see you in July 16th.

    Padalino (Nalle Wahlroos)

    Our father Padalino. Thanks for gaming/voicemadness. See you in July 16th. PS. valonpisaroita, valonpisaroita.

    NoProblem (Eva)

    It all started from one drunken night at voice with Padalino, look where it got you. It was nice that you played this round with us again. And it was nice to share I beer and a burger at the riverside. And thx for gaming/voicemadness.

    Splintter (My Little Pony)

    Splintter swallows :FeelsFunnyMan: In all honesty, one of the best opsplanners we have ever had and fun company in voice and gaming.

    Metsamies (Fat Man)

    Thanks for all those tools and gamingsessions.

    Keisari (Kake Randelin)

    Thanks for another great round and for all those voicetimes analysing football.

    Tempus (Byggmästare)

    Nice gamingcompany allthought you are swedish mole.

    Bärni (Bärni)

    Nice gaming/voice company.

    Manlet (Aesir)

    Thanks for inviting yoursef to beer with me (n3x3). We had great time.

    Jimb00 (Clandestine)

    Those scodes... Hearthstonemaster, who lost his mind when I came to talk him --> :runner:

    Kadonnut (Clandestine)

    Those scodes... Thanks for patience to listening us. Allways thight analysis, and wrecking enemies heads with extraordinary level communication styles.

    Rasse (unnamed)

    Superfun gaming and voicecompany, U GOT SOME OFFS.

    Meardon-G (Doctor Who)/Jappi (Ruski ubåt)/J-P (Kastemato)/Ralli (rulli)

    Our Farawaypatrol out in the west. Thank you for this server, it was a fun time.

    Kapteenikanki (kärkikarvaaja)

    It was fun to meet and drink a beer with you.

    Frank (Frank) & Stebos (Electfire)

    Amazing new friends what we found from the foes. We look forward to have more voicesessions.

    Account: Lowskillplayer

    Sims: 16678 (91)

    Off: 636553 (13)

    Def: 25670 (246)

    Hero: 515839 (36)

    2e75772b88fc6e4857005fa821fa78bd-png.jpg?width=133&height=300  3108934ea046d2e53e2b4b00ad47ce1b-png.jpg?width=56&height=300

    Specialthanks to those who played with us in HKFc and VIP. Lowskillplayers have done their job.

    Greetings from loverboys <3

    -kämmis & n3x3

    edit: theres some url:s to the pics, I`m not smart enough to put them right.

    https://gyazo.com/ac06224ee2284e3525b15f05fc4ab7e3 ghost 1

    https://gyazo.com/fff2c39f61c8e409fefeedcd0817108c ghost 2

    https://gyazo.com/146d67e28771f28df141f6aef2ed5fcc ghost 3

    https://gyazo.com/56ad493eaa1afa8488442082fc3eb560 ghost 4

    https://gyazo.com/0ceb6aad39ae14a1448547bf69c95694 ghost 5

    https://gyazo.com/86d4ca0e1b5d34d79611ea8fb2e57878 sweep 1

    https://gyazo.com/2e75772b88fc6e4857005fa821fa78bd account

    https://gyazo.com/3108934ea046d2e53e2b4b00ad47ce1b linklist

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  • Finally the server has come to an end and as a reward, I got my first victorious round as a WW host (lost a couple times in the past as the WW host :fbm: )

    Played on Byggare Bob, an account that myself and Arget had big plans for way before the server even started, a WW host account with tons of spears. While the preparations for the upcoming fi4 server started, we quickly got a place on the roster of AFK's allience as the WW host and took another familiar face, Fearz, as the third lunatic to our planned account. Then, when the announcement about the merging Nordics servers came out and all the Finnish ally leaders decided to fight together, we still wanted to host the WW and got the approval of the other leaders aswell (I assume :P).

    Then the server finally started and we had a pretty nice start, managing to send out our settlers as the third or fourth fastest in the ally and got the cropper we wanted and needed as WW hosts. Then we just simmed until day 67 before starting to train spears 24/7, here are our GetterTool ranking observations from those days:

    (Keppijonot = Spear queues)

    We kept the same pace up until our mighty OFF coordinators got us the UD and from that point on we had to put our own virtual genitelia growing mission on hold in order to be able to spit out as many UD feeding villages as possible. The rest of the server we basically just fed a lot of troops in our own capital protecting the UD and trained some spears with the spare resources we had while at the same time managing both the WW and the feeder villages in order to keep them without any cannibal parties, in which we succeeded pretty well.

    In the end we had a bit over 800k spears alive.

    Special thanks:

    My duals, Arget and Fearz: We did what we planned to do, although the UD screwed us big time with our spear goals. Great job guys! The account wouldn't have been the same without you!

    Our mighty Leader, AFK: Thank you for giving us the responsibility of hosting the WW. I admire the way you handled the ally, can't imagine anyone else doing it better than you!

    The WW sitters, Mcl and the Algot guys (Petrn, Tempest, Cof, Person): Thank you for helping us with the croptool and keeping both the WW and the feeding villages up and running. An extra special thanks to Mcl, without whom, our job as the WW host would've been A LOT harder.

    Our neighbours, Neurocid: Thanks for sweeping all of our oasis'. And Havocc: Thanks for helping with chiefing.

    The DEF crew: Great job with managing our defences. Vilho = op.

    The OFF crew: Awesome work with the ops planning throughout the server and especially the stealing of the UD, which made our lives both easier and sweatier :D.

    Moxxi and Tapsa: Thanks for giving me something else do in this game when I needed a break from training spears :D.

    And also a huge thanks to every single player in our alliance. Thanks to all of you, this server was pure domination.

    See you on the next server!

    Karpaasi out for the summer

    FI 2-'16: Karpaasi (Oxymoron) ~ Midsummer: Tuhnu (CM) ~

    FI 4-'16: Freyr (KIRKA!) ~ FI 1-'17: Toope (KÅL-ME) ~

    UKX 25: Tundra (SD) ~ FIX 27: Hekate (Olympos) ~

    FI 1-'18: Isaac Hanson (A&Y) ~ Nordics 6-'18: Byggare Bob (HKfc) ~

    Nordics 4-'19: The Big Daddy (MM) ~

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