[Anglosphere] Facts and Rumours Ts2 - Round 1

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  • Instead of splitting hair ends... just accept the win/defeat graciously if offered.

    Any negativity from either side should be brushed off

    Should have/could have dont matter at this stage.

    Whats done is done, its no ones moral obligation to improve each others gameplay/tactics.

    People have a right to learn from their own mistakes, should not be criticised if they did not do as someone else expected them to.

    Gracefully winning and gracefully losing is what needs to be done at this stage.

    If you didnt like the opposition no one held a knife to anyones throat and forced them to play. If you didnt like the opposition u could have left the game as many had done.

    This is for both/all sides not for anyone in particular.

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • There are always mistakes made, and i have never said I am immune to mistakes... but don´t assume you know everything/anything that goes on behind ¨closed doors¨ in another alliance

    And if you look at NBK I and O alliance page, there are many leaders on the ¨door¨... and that doesn´t account for their duals, too. I am NOT the only leader in this team. I am NOT the primary decision maker, just because I am the primary MM writer. Just because other alliances are run with 1 leader, does not mean that NBK is run that way. Furthermore, I didn´t even join leadership until AFTER artifacts.

    I will not disagree with you that NBK leadership made a LOT of bad decisions this server in how things were set up, in their lack of offense, in their lack of an offense coordinator until endgame, and some other things... however, you are placing the blame on the wrong person.

    Again, I am sure I made mistakes... like trusting the small trainer to the wrong hammers.

    However, THOSE mistakes above were not mine.

    That being said, I still think we had a lot of newer players who made a lot of improvement, took in 2 alliances that merged nicely with the old NBK team, found some new leaders that worked nice together on defense... made a lot of nice defense calls and killed a lot of hammers, protected all of the artifacts (the few) that we managed to get, grabbed 2 sets of plans, got a WW, built it to almost 50 (fingers crossed), and had a lot of fun this round...

    we learned lessons from our mistakes that we will build upon...

    And at the end of the day, this is a game.

    Good job to j4h... you were a beast of a team, we are just happy to be still standing at the end of this server, despite our many difficulties this round. We hope to be a lot stronger if/when our paths cross again

    Also... good game to Doom and Suq... thank you for the limited ways we got to work together, wish it would have worked out better between us. Hopefully as we grow in strength, coordination, and rep, this will happen.

    A special thank you to TechBot. YOU were a shining light this round... I appreciate everything ;)


  • go on aksam, knock their ww down not ours! XD

    tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

    listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?

  • Amer have you ever had an original thought? Get off Reddit dude, boring.

    Trust me you do NOT wanna go there.. lmao

    Secondly its better than all the squabbling thats been happening

    I just do it to calm everyone and break the perpetual cycle of it.

    Thirdly not everyone has read/heard these lines. Gives them something to think about innit..?

    Plus I dont like it when I am not the centre of attraction... all eyes on me 8o

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • With server ending tomorrow no harm in sharing. Here's what i ended on. Sadly had my cap zeroed around plans time which limited production towards the end, probably lost ~200k walling hammers at UD and the WW. Peaked at around 850k phals + 50k druids.

    Luckily with the alliance i had none of my def starved while i was rebuilding cap, thanks team.

    You can sorta see which "anvils" caught hammers and which didn't seem to.


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  • With the server done in a few hours, I must thank the other alliances here after having thanked my own alliance players. This game is competitive and honestly the competition some of you showed helped us do our best and the foolishness some of you showed helped our morale during some tough times. This is not meant as an insult - just honest review.

    This will probably be my last server for a while - if not ever - and the trash talk aside I do want to say that it was a great experience. Holding the WW, UD, 1.1M+ WWK, 800K+ perma stand def, twice crossing 100M raided/week, and over 6 months of consecutive #1 raiding every week, are all accomplishments I did not anticipate going into the server. They were all enabled by my team but also the competitive spirit of other alliances.

    I have genuinely learnt a lot more about the game this server through tips, advice, humiliation, trash talk, etc.

    Thank you!

    To Teutons   -SR please do post wwr/troller/wwk reports when we land. Full reports please.

  • Out of curiosity, how much def did the account have at artefacts (if you remember of course)?

    if i remember correctly, not many. I was arti clear hammer first converted to def account... had a large trainer giving me an edge over others. Not to mention all the support I got from everyone for storing troops time to time, without them this amount could not be possible... sry for the late response, I was on holidays and out of touch from travian :)


    UK2 Round 11 - IGN BranStark - HoF holder for Overall: Rams (rank 3 on round completion)

    UK3 Round 10 - IGN Morph - HoF holder for best players (def) (rank 2 on round completion)

  • To Teutons   -SR please do post wwr/troller/wwk reports when we land. Full reports please.

    Next time give me that heads up like 2 hours earlier :D My troops are on a 1 way walk to the NBK WW

    I've probably played 30 servers at this point

    RIP travian reports and my only decent reports :(

    One time member of the UK Hall of fame for def points

    Panda - 1,276,029

  • My poor anvil

    Double post, I'm sure NBK has the full reports

    I've probably played 30 servers at this point

    RIP travian reports and my only decent reports :(

    One time member of the UK Hall of fame for def points

    Panda - 1,276,029