The Ultimate Battle – Episode 6 – A difficult situation

  • In the beginning the herb group had 7 students ,while the mineral group had 5.Once a student from the herb group switched to the mineral group they became equal 6 and 6.Then when the student went back to herb school it became 7 in herb and 5 in mineral again.Lastly when another student from mineral group decided to join the herb group,they became 8 in herbs and 4 in mineral.

    The total and the answer to the question is 12.

    Roman king

  • The first herb group had 7 students, the second mineral group had 5, after one herb student moved to the mineral group both had 6, when the original herb student moved back to the herb group and a mineral student moved to the herb group too the herb group had 8 students while the mineral group had 4, the sum of all students is equal to 12

  • How many students were learning at the medical school? 18 students

    Nickname: Sackmaggie

    Server: comx

    H-1 , M+1 -> H = M

    H+1 , M -1 -> H > M

    H+2 , M-2 -> H = 2M

    Herb = 10

    Mineral = 8

  • Nickname:D3athP3rception

    Server: ptr x3 (

    9 students total

    5 in herb

    4 in mineral



    B-1=(a+1)/2 or 2(b-1)= A+1



    4-1=(5+1)/2 or 2(4-1)=5+1

  • 9 students studied there.

    at first herb guy had 5 students,and the mineral guy had 3 students. when 1 student switched to the mineral dude,both of them had equal amount of students as the numbers now were 4 students for the herb dude,and 4 students for the mineral dude,then the rogue student went back to his old sensei begging for forgivenes thus the student numbers went to the original numbers. then 1 student started his studies learning under the herb dude. and boom now the herb dude has double as much students than the mineral dude sensei.

    Username: Jyubantai


    P.S. the last "event" we were supposed to say "i am -insert tribe- and my piece of advice for them is: bla bla bla" Now,i'm not bitter that i didn't win,i'm just furious that some other guys that actually had good pieces of advice,didn't win! Instead,80% of the winners were guys writting poems with broken english,and saying something like "gauls are strong,attack us and you will be wrong" and similar nonsense.

    SHOUTOUT to the guy that wrote that his piece of advice for romans is to upgrade EI's to level 4, so that they can raid more efficiently with only 1 unit,i'm saying all this mostly because of that guy,as his advice was on point for at least 70% of travian players!

    Now be serious! and reward players that actually put their time and effort into these events!