The Ultimate Battle – Episode 6 – A difficult situation

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  • x-1 = y+1

    x+1 = 2(y-1)

    after solved this system find number of students = 12

    answer :

    12 students were in medical school

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  • At the end, the herbal teacher had 6 students and the mineral had 3 for a total of nine. In the beginning, the herbal teacher had 5 and the mineral had 3. When one moved over, they both had four. When one moved back and a new one joined, the herbal teacher went to 6.

    Syllabus, TT Qual

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  • "After that, another student decided to join the 'herb' classes..."

    It doesn`t say another student from the 'mineral' group decided to join the'herb' classes,

    So we will have to consider it as a new student, which wasn`t part of either 'mineral' classes or 'herb' classes.

    Then, for:

    x = nr. of students in 'herb' group

    y = nr. of students in 'mineral' group

    We have:

    x-1 = y+1

    x+1 = 2*y


    x = 5 students, y = 3 students, there is a total of 3 + 5 = 8 students

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  • Please disregard my previous post

    There are 2 students in the medical school.

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  • So, let's note x as the number of students in the herb group and y as the number of students in the minerals group.

    Expression 1: One day a student from of the 'herb' group decided to join the 'mineral' group and after it happened, both teachers had the exact same number of students.

    This can be regarded as: x - 1 = y + 1 or equivalently x = y + 2

    Expression 2: A few weeks later, the same student decided to go back to his previous teacher, and now things changed back to the way they were before. After that, another 'mineral' student decided to join the 'herb' classes, and at that point the first group became twice as big as the second group.

    This time they speak about "groups" and not "number of students". Hence, they consider the teacher in the count as well (we have to sum 1 to the number of students).

    This expression then is equivalent to:

    x + 1 + 1 = 2(y - 1 + 1) 

    and also to

    x = 2y - 2

    Joining both expressions by x we obtain:

    2y - 2 = y + 2 ===> y = 4 ==> x = 6

    Answer: 10 students were learning at the medical school and initially they were split into 6 (herb group) and 4 (minerals group).

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