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  • We have lived almost a year with this new nordic scene and I would like to try the same thing as I tried to do before the merge, which is gathering as many active players as possible to one server. So this is my shout to all you people out there, join us for the next TS6 and bring your friends with you!

    Why TS6? From my experience most active players want to avoid playing during summer. TS3 is starting soon, but its too soon as most are still on their vacations and want to enjoy summer, not spend their time on travian. So TS6 will most likely be the next normal server to start. I really hope that they could start the server around august-september as if it once again is pushed closer to late october the server wont end until june and that is in best scenario, if we see tight match with ww’s going down it will be much later than that.

    Last time I tried this the main argument against this plan was that:”It is not worth it, you should just go for domains that are already more active”, but these people were missing my point in all of this. Its not just about having bigger and better playerbase and better servers, but mainly I want that for nordics scene. There are enough players to make it happen, make this scene great, but if everyone just leaves for coms etc. this scene will become inactive after a while and die in the end.

    The biggest problem that there is and always will be is having enough good and active leaders/management teams to have several potential alliances on one server. Often there is 1-2 good alliances on every server, but I would like to try and bring majority of those into one. And I dont mean just fully premade ones, we also need those that are willing to take new players in. I would like that if there are groups formed beforehand you be open about it/let me know. It would also make it easier to promote this for players as they would know that there actually are several alliances coming. Also I hope there wont be metas of +100 accs as we had on previous server (atleast with these player amounts).

    I myself am going to lead one, aiming for more international alliance and we are looking for players. Preferably non finnish players. We have no special requirements, just will to learn with good attitude and motivation…

    We have established a pretty nice community on our discord server for last ts6. Different nationalities have started to merge and we no longer have that divide between that we had in the beginning, feel free to join.


    I hope that people post their thoughts here, agree, disagree, ideas, anything. Would be fun to have some discussion about this.

  • I agree with AFK. From my experience a lot of people didn't give nordics a chance and fled to com etc. If every leader out there just gives it one last chance we might actually have something great, for sure there is enough active leaders and active players in the community, we're just split over different servers and domains.

    To make this the best possible experience I hope TS6 will restart around end of august/start of september. This will give the best chance for avoiding play during the summer break, where a lot of players tend to drop out or go inactive.

    Another hope I have is that alliances go multi national eventually, not something I expect from every alliance during this second round, but I feel like that has to be the end goal for "everyday life" on the nordics domain, where we're nordic alliances fighting other nordic alliances, not Norway vs. Finland etc. like this first round was.

    Seeing a nordics server with 2k+ players might sound like a dream, but I think its highly possible. An issue with bringing all players in 1 server might be that the other servers are dead, but then again that just confirms that we have too many server starts during a year. If it was up to me we would have 2(max 3) normal speed servers starting about every half year and the speed servers running continuously to maximize on the number of players we can have on each server.

    I would also like to advice people who like this idea to join the discord server linked above :)

    Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the next TS6!

  • Sounds so fabulous. And as a speed server player, im here to state only one thing: the servers speed. 3x is too fast for many, 1x is then too slow and so long project, I fear, some reject it for that reason too. But how about 2x speed? Atm, im testing it out in the Tournament Qualifications server, and it seems more than OK.

    High kudos to this artcile, hope there will be at least 4 different Metas. Have been looking up that AngloX meta thingy and LemBot being so uplifting with it that having something similar in Nordics servers would be a dream! Recommend checking out those articles as well :)

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