[Anglosphere] The Ultimate Battle-6 – A difficult situation

  • Hello again Stella,

    I believe the answer to the puzzle is 12 total students.

    7 5 -- 6 6 -- 7 5 -- 8 4 = 12 total.

    Server name: Anglo s8

    Nickname: CosmicStatic

    Thank you!

  • Dear players,

    Thank you all for participating in this contest.

    The correct answer is: The medical school had 12 students.

    At the beginning there were 7 students in the "healing with herbs" class and 5 students in the "how minerals can provide the needed cure" class.

    When one student moved to "mineral", they were 6 for each class (6+6).
    When this student went back to "herbs" and then another "mineral" student joined "herbs", they were 8 in "herbs" class and 4 in "mineral" class. (8+4)

    The winners will be chosen randomly among the correct answers and will be presented here during Tuesday.

    Kind regards,