PTR 80 Banter

  • Toadstool, I'm just shocked at what you're doing with WW plans's just a top-notch fun ...although it was fun with Hydra's head too)))

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  • Well, finally, WILD's woke up and decided that it was they who should build WoW, and not natars ...poor Toudstool, he lost 5 WW plans out of 12 learn fast and the teacher showed them a high class of fun:thumbsup:

  • in fact, he just wasn't going to defend them...otherwise, only the natars would have built the WW;)...and so...he was just having fun, not a bad move, not to be bored:)

    Princess obviously came to the server to have fun, and not to build WoW...and in fact, they did what they wanted the whole server, only 19 players, yeah, they used gold, but what is gold in unpractised hands? ... Wild's woke up and took action only when their team was joined by a very experienced player, although of course, and besides him there are worthy players there certainly ... in short, everyone got their fun, even I, not being a member of the ally8o