Tournament Qualification Statistics

  • So dont forget german, spanish, russiand and of course thai cheats!

    Did I cheat on this list more? Then add everything I forgot or "forgot" :)

    OUD: Dirty! (nl1/de1), Violence (nl4), Avoid (nl7), Bazen (nl4), MUG (nl2, nl5, nl4), Cocktail (nl6), Prandur/Camorra (nl2), Vandalen (nl5), Borgia (nl2), Valhalla/Carpe Diem (.com), CS! 2017 finals, Cup 2018 finals

    Status: :sleeping:

  • he hates cheaters

    Hates cheaters and meta with Arabs?
    hypocrisy at it's peak

    TT final 2015 - Das Båt (SE)
    TT Qualify RU 2016 - Das Båt (Cerber-DD)
    TT final 2016 - illicit Ping, Pong & PangPang (Def&Dest)
    TT Qualify RU 2017 - Chip&Dale #1 off (CerbeR)
    TT Final 2017 - Chip&Dale (CerbeR)
    TT Qualify RU 2018 - ChipDale #1 pop (CerbeR)
    TT Final 2018 - Chip&Dale (WW BP release) (CerbeR-I)
    TT Qualify RU 2019 - Chip&Dale #3 off (PoweR)
    SE3 2017 - Krokodil
    Se1 2017-2018 Garbage Bag #1 Def (SKRÄP)
    S6 Anglosphere - Mimer (Bifrost)
    Active -
    Nordics 4 - Morgoth (Midgård)

  • ye,

    tolerated as long as them are in your team. joke about them.

    wondering how long it will last :/

    OUD: Dirty! (nl1/de1), Violence (nl4), Avoid (nl7), Bazen (nl4), MUG (nl2, nl5, nl4), Cocktail (nl6), Prandur/Camorra (nl2), Vandalen (nl5), Borgia (nl2), Valhalla/Carpe Diem (.com), CS! 2017 finals, Cup 2018 finals

    Status: :sleeping:

  • Hates cheaters and meta with Arabs?
    hypocrisy at it's peak

    you can trust me that we have heavy discussions concerning those arabs and their methods. And for finals both cant be combined in that way.

  • I'm not sure whats wrong with you but I/we dont play with multi or anything related. I don't need this for a high performance account. And if you just tried to trigger me - won't work ;-)

    If Kai no make any multy so good :D but he like use psw sharing :)

  • Endgame all servers

    I got help from my Corner team and a couple of others to collect screens from all servers about how the WW race are going.

    The def in plans was the same this year too.


    International 2650 players

    This is from Sunday evening. CUP is in lead.


    Next is from today afternoon, CUP has been zeroed and G&W must have been damaged too since they haven’t build more levels. VN in top.


    The last screen from midnight and Exodus in top for the moment.


    The Unique Architect belongs to G&V and two great is also in the hands of the meta in SW. CUP and Vietnam has one each.


    Building plans is necessary. Vietnam has 4, CUP 2, 3 for the SW meta, 2 for NewOrder in NW (1 WW conquered from SH), Mordor in NE has a single plan.





    Arabia 520 players

    I wrote to gettertools trice and finally they added arabia – so nice – I can do maps from that server too and see statistics!

    For once we have 2 metas of an equal size on this server instead of all belonging to the same meta with a couple of small alliances as the only competitor.

    WW-list from Sunday evening Arab in top. TS have been zeroed once.


    Arab also have the Unique Architect. TS has the 4 others.


    Both metas has several plans. We have also a small alliance, UN, with only 7 players that has both WW and 2 plans.







    1970 players

    Sunday evening

    Turkey in top followed by China.


    M.C. has the Unique, I’m told it’s Chinese mostly they too.


    M.C & Co has 6 plans, Turks 3 as China. Merak has 1 plan.




    1960 players

    Sunday evening

    Smurfs in top followed by Winter


    Tuesday afternoon


    Winter has 3 Architects including the Unique.


    Winter has 5 plans, Energo 3, Power and Smurfs 2 each.









    1880 players

    Sunday evening

    Poland in top followed by IA, Germany. Dacia plays here as well as HMB that played with Russians last Final.


    Afternoon today


    Poland has the Unique, Dacia and IA have on great each. The last two belongs to alliances not having a WW.


    Poland has 3 plans, Dacia, IA, MF, CS has 2 each, HMB only 1. DN300 has a plan too together with their architect but still not a WW.




    1630 players

    Sunday evening

    GS in top and I have no information about who they are, followed by HUN.


    Today afternoon (Tuesday)

    GS still in top, HUN has lost levels.


    The Unique is owned by IT, HUN has two great. GS has one.


    HUN has 6 plans, GS and IT has 3 each.



  • In group a, the Turkish in NE trying to bugging our WW by sending fakes in consecutive seconds just as last finals lol.

    Let’s see Travian Gaming successfully fixed the problem or not.

    One attachment removed:

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  • let us know how it will end :/

  • One of the best report in the Group D: wall crop consumption at 29,2kk

    Big wall for either and great exchange of attack between HUN confederation and IT confederation


    GS will win for best diplomatic strategy, nobody attack them WW, them don't attack HUN and IT WW