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  • tarvitseeko VA/Palatsi että voi perustaa 2./3. kylän? jättää vähän epäselväksi, ja siis 5k kulttuuria 4. kylästä?

    • Sinulla on lisäksi valmiina 6 Uudisasukasta ja riittävästi kulttuuripisteitä 2 lisäkylän perustamiseksis (eli VA/Palatsia ei tarvita 2 uuden kylän perustamiseen)

    '5k kulttuuria 4. kylästä' -

    • Sinulle annetaan 75 % neljännen kylän kulttuuripistevaatimuksesta (eli 17 000 on kerätty 1x nopeudella, ja vielä 3k ja paikka kouluttaa uudet uudisasukkaat = pystyt perustamaan neljännen kylän). Laskentakaava on hieman mutkikkaampi, eli 5k sijaan tarvitseekin kerätä 3k kulttuuripistettä.

    And the same in English

    - Players will have 6 settlers from the very start, and no new Palace or Residence is needed to settle 2 new villages

    - Players start with 75% of the needed CP (17.000 - speed 1x) to settle a 4th village. Players will also need a place to train 3 new settlers on top of the missing 3k CP to get the 4th village running. How CP is calculated is a bit more complicated, and instead of 5k CP, 3k is needed.

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  • Will the Task List be the same when the "real" servers starts?

    For example the list is very unbalance as it is now, like to little resources in the rewards for some mission, and that its not worth getting to the reward for 500 CP.
    The 500 CP is in my opinion there so players can get to next village(4th in advance start) as fast as possible, but how the task list is now its not worth getting to that mission, The problem is the "all fields to lvl 8" . Thats mission cost to much resources so its not worth doing before youre 4th village.

    So my question is , is it 100% sure this task list will be the same, or is it talks about changing it?