[EN/LT] Codex Victoria Closed Beta key raffle / Codex Victoria uždaros Beta raktų dalybos

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    Dear players,

    Closed Beta of this years special server Travian: Codex Victoria will start soon. Want to be the first one to try a new version? We look for testers that are able to answer questions in English for the Closed Beta surveys – the feedback will be used to adjust things that do not work.

    Answer this question and win a key to Closed Beta:

    What do you think "Codex Victoria" mean?

    Be creative, you will win anyway

    If you want more than one key (to share it with your friends), then write how many keys you need in the answer.

    You can write your answers until the end of 31 July.


    Mieli žaidėjai,

    šių metų specialiojo serverio Travian: Codex Victoria uždaroji Beta versija prasidės jau greitai. Norite būti pirmi, kurie išbandys naująją versiją? Mes ieškome testuotojų, kurie gali atsakyti į klausimus anglų kalba uždaros Beta versijos apklausose – grįžtamasis ryšys bus naudojimas patobulinti netinkamai veikiančius dalykus.

    Kad laimėtumėte raktą į uždarą Beta serverį, atsakykite į šį klausimą:

    Kaip manote, ką reiškia „Codex Victoria“?

    Būkite kūrybingi – jūs vis tiek laimėsite.

    Jeigu norite daugiau negu vieno rakto (kad pasidalintumėte su draugais), tuomet prie atsakymo parašykite, kiek raktų jums reikia.

    Atsakymus galite pateikti iki liepos 31 d. pabaigos.

  • I believe Codex Victoria means Victorian steampunk stuff. Instead of classical siege units we go full steampunk. Also probably instead of Natars we fight Queen Victoria.
    Now give me my key!

  • Codex or Code X is coming from secret lab program which crumbles the undead to the surface and forces them to fight as necromancy. Victoria means name of the castle where wizards and shamans live, and the almighty necromancer Victoria.

  • I think it means a book of victory. Codex can stand for codex – a book of some kind of rules or other similar stuff, and victoria probably means victory. Or it might mean that the game will be based on the rules, that could have be written in an old codex and would be especially actual in the Victorian era. But still I think that victoria more possibly could stand for victory.

  • its not easy to guess. its can mean anythink. its good question :D but for me sounds like a new world. like totally changes everythink , like new era. like a burn new world. And happy birthday :D

    well can I get 2 keys please.

  • My opinion on the Codex in the 'Codex Victoria' will mean that the server will look like something unique, old style from the history and Victoria means a celebration over something, like Travian turning 15, which means the outcome of server will be something totally new.

  • I think it's goint to be some new and crazy game version. With lots of opportunities . Special for travian 15th b-day. Btw i need 2 keys. me in my friend can,t wait to try.