Chiefing an ex-sitted account

  • Hi guys,

    That's my issue, a confed player took my cropper by mistake, I used to sit him so the game doesn't allow me to chief it.

    For how long should I wait? are there any restiction about confed chiefing (not same ally)? If there are how long does it take to forego them?

    Is there any way possible I can speed it up? like if someone else chief it and I chief it back?

  • Technically, game does not allow you to low loyalty, not to chief. If the account owner brings loyalty to zero (it would cost him a chief obviously) you can chief it no issue.

    If the village has an artifact you can chief it no issue.

    Alternatively it is 2 weeks..

  • Yes, you can low loyalty at your own village, don't need CP for that. Confed has 48 hours restriction.

    Another option - one of your team members who did not sit that account chiefs it in 48 hours and you chief from him/her. For that they will need cp and also will lose a chief.