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  • Hello

    in french " j'ai tenté de recupérer des récompenses mais elles n'ont pas été prises en compte, donc pas créditées dans les ressources"

    Why Not ?

  • Awful "502 Bad Gateway" game on every 2nd click.

    Production per hour:

    With all 5th level fields?! At 2nd village.

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  • Same here...i can´t get the task rewards and 502 Bad Gateway on every 2nd click.

    Edit: ups rewards are in hero inventory

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  • terrible "502 bad gateway"

    it is very heavy, my travian page need 5-10 seconds for loading

    the interface a bit confusing

    the icon for building and resources need to be separated, it awful and need 2 times click

  • Terrrible 502 Gateway error on every 2nd clicks.

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  • Little Feedback on the Starting-Tasks:

    The first Battle-Task is : "Use your settlers!"
    The third World-Task is: "Open the map!"

    shouldn´t it be the other way around? You need to open the map in order to send the settlers. Now the "Build an embassy"-Task must be completed befor one can see the Map-Task.

    Its nothing importand, only a little unintuitiv task-order.

  • This help text appears to be stuck "You can keep an eye on your hero here. Once the countdown ends, you will get a report of its success.
    In the meanwhile, continue to grow your village."

  • One, then another. It is not that hard to figure out. The move fixes the issue, hero does not have to stay in.

  • one suggestion atleast for the first village:

    faster buildspeed or a higher mainbuilding at the start.

    Lv5 fields are nice and being able to settle two villages imediatly, but it feels as if you cant spend so many ressources in an adequat speed in the beginning. Atleast the first 3 or so levels of the warehouse and the grannery for the first village could build faster than usual or be given at spawn. (and maybe a marketplace lv 1 :saint: ) to put more quickness in this quickstart.

  • I feel there should be a period of around 5 hours or so before you can settle new villages. The advanced start makes it so that everyone has 2 villages about to go off and this means if u pay attention to games tips and quirks you are already late from that 150% cropper. Everyone rushes that gold club, finds that cropper and uses their resources to send 2 villages there. Then they are confused with all the new stuff because they clicked through all the hintboxes to get those new villages going. They will have no resources no plan what to do next and confusing U.I. to work with... If it was made clear for everyone from the start that they can't settle new villages before 5 hours have passed. Then they wouldn't feel like they are in such a rush and can actually pay attention to the actual gameplay first.