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  • And by the way the whole switching from res to the city is just bad as you used the same amount of space as it was used for both tabs before and you added a whole new quest reward tab that is useless... just some of my opinion on hte UI ... i knoe you are trying to change it and innovate it but ... something like alliance tab on top would be maybe more usefull than the quest rewards (or alliance forum or smth ), i like how you handled the hero tab though lots of info in little space, and fix the current city name font ... it looks ugly in my opinion (im not even gonna talk about the other gameplay issues cause you heard enough laready )... the gold / silver tab is way too big for what it portrays and its a waste of space and you could put it in the right upper corner besides the optionbs for the account on the right from the user

  • Good lord, who thought up this Quest/Rewards system?

    Seriously, I have to build 8 level 6 fields - probably 20K of resources required - and the reward for that is about 500 resources? Oh, let me get right on that!

    Do you play this game after you develop it?

    I am really excited about the product - fumble around through 502 errors and a woefully unresponsive server to get a reward that means squat.

    You need to get an update out on how you are going to fix this or you are going to lose not only players from this server, but from the product - this is an insult.

  • One, then another. It is not that hard to figure out. The move fixes the issue, hero does not have to stay in.

    Another is 19h from first. Cant say its not hard.

    ok, at least it can fix 2nd villages problem - after hero returns from h adventure. As remember 3rd anyway is with lv1 from beginning.

    Another thing - cant send hero back without rally point. Again same extra time and resources.

  • You could not possible settle a village that is 19 hours by mounted hero from your spawn or from another village yet. Your worries will start when your settlers land and by that time the issue may be fixed.

  • I neeeeeeeed two buttons to navigate between Res/City. I have never used the X in the top corner if I want to go back so I keep making three clicks when wasn't even broken

  • One button for resources overview and village overvew is really stupid. What about if I want exactly go for one of it... from the map or something else ? I need push it almost every time more times. It´s really stupid idea.

  • Well most annoying thing is that slowness of the server (not the 1x speed btw) and '502 bad gateway' thingie..

    Talking about game itself... OK some things I've noticed:

    - New interface is bad. Very confusing not in the way of the layout, but the icons... everything is the same, but every time I want to get into the map or statistics I'm getting confused with it, maybe that's just first hours experience... Also that button with swapping between "resource fields" and "building inside the city"... I would rather have big button sliced in half with half being "resource fields" and second half being "buildings inside the city". Color scheme is acceptable, maybe better than previous one.

    - New inside of the city is... *what?*... I would rather have something simillar to the old layout instead of making it chaotic like current one (I believe every tribe has different layout)... Since I'm playing as a Roman it's disturbing to plan all the future buildings at this point...

    - Map, well besides seeing that 'frame' which isn't correctly aligned according to the map, everything else is fine.

    - Well not mentioning all those %%...%%;

    - Am I the only one seeing things not aligned properly?

    - Those 'tutorial' type of messages are annoying and it's impossible to turn them off even I know everything... give option to pick if people want tutorial or not (there has been mentioned already about one that when hero is traveling to adventure it's impossible to press "OK" on the message).

    - Took a while to understand how to change village name.. not sure why it's all Caps btw.

    - You still have X hours of protection message probably goes out of its limit and ruins or at least has weird swap between numbers at some of numbers (not very big issue, but annoys eyes).

    - With settlers trying to settle village in 9/15c there should be message "that you aren't able to settle here with these settlers" instead of "you don't have settlers".

    - Changed entire color scheme of the interface, but kept reports and message same color... white doesn't fit it here at this point, would be nice to see new reports/messages too, that would fit whole screen...


    - You cannot move wood/clay/iron/crop in heroes inventory... annoying.

    - Some quests make no sense... "more resources" etc. at the start they do feel like not needed, unless you've started iwht new villages that don't have any leveled up fields, because to build main building and warehouse with granary takes more time compared to building one level of resource..

    For the first part of my odyssey that's it.. Let's hope there won't be more issues with this. :)

  • the last three quests did not give me any resources. Also, I killed off my hero attacking an oasis, started 2nd village, and resources there are low, with wheat in negative. Will be at zero wheat before my hero revives. Any solutions?

  • Very Slow and sluggish. Took 23 seconds from me sending hero on adventure to the page refreshing. And my second village is running at -77 crop.

    all fields are on 5 and not a single troops in there?

  • the last three quests did not give me any resources. Also, I killed off my hero attacking an oasis, started 2nd village, and resources there are low, with wheat in negative. Will be at zero wheat before my hero revives. Any solutions?


  • If it was made clear for everyone from the start that they can't settle new villages before 5 hours have passed. Then they wouldn't feel like they are in such a rush and can actually pay attention to the actual gameplay first.

    i want to second that! ^^ good idear. I feel very confused and a little stressed about the start, because i have the impression von loosing time while figuring out all the new stuff. And I am a first-time Regions-Player so i get double confused.

    next suggestion:
    A Regions-World-Map.

    I needet way to long to find the Regions-Overview and now i find it unnessesary hard to navigate. A simple, styliesed worldmap where in short (maybe through colors or overlays) is shown witch region is settleable and gives what power would be way more practical than the list we have now.

    Or does somthing like that exist and i didnt find it yet? In this case the menues need a little clean-up. ^^

  • Biggest feedback (apart from bugs) so far is the rss/city toggle. If I'm on some other screen and the rss toggle is present I cant go straight into the city if I want, I have an extra click/load to go to rss then city. I reallllly dislike this (and any extra clicks really)

  • when you hoover your mouse over the quest buttom it does not say quests or achivments but instead shows a wierd %%achivementquest.topbarbutton string.

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  • Reorganize this reward of task, as it is, and a pure mess, there is no way you can make one and when you complete it you can make the next as well.

    And back with the quest you get the horse at the beginning of the game.

  • Hai Moderator

    Happy to connection with you

    Everybody gots same issue which is “ Reward Task” still not fully function under beta tester server,

    Second issue button help didn’t disappears after refresher lots time still happens again,

    I think this no bigger issue problem on this server, that thing sure can be solve back,

    Good thing on travian server beta go lots news picture and simple button compare 14 years ago for 1st server travian beta tester build it .. hope all mode on travian should be same server really fun to back again..

    Best Regard

    Old School Men Comeback Server :thumbsup:

  • The new interface as it stands is not as friendly and not so beautiful in my opinion, so I made some suggestion modifications

    Little thing but that makes a lot of difference in practical terms.

    I joined the resources button and village center, I also changed the daily tasks button, joining these 2 buttons and moving a little away from the others, and putting the green aurela we are used to.

    honestly I think this way, kill what we already have and we are used to, always choosing where I want to go directly,

    As it is, I am always forced to go the opposite way, as to being susceptible to error I think that a player who does not know quickly will realize even because this is the way it always has been and I never noticed anyone complaining about a mistake.

  • it's not possible to play like this ... every two minutes bad gateway ... I think the TG should size the servers before launching a new game.

    In adventures reports, whatever is found, the helmet icon is displayed

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