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  • Is there any way, within the rules of the game, to get rid of this most annoying feature? I would gladly pay TG a little extra to make this guy go away.

    If the village is last village of the acc you cant remove it, if its not last you can destroy it with catapults easily.

  • I think people can misuse the Advanced Start feature where any person can get settle 2 new villages with each village having pop of ~100.

    Take this scenario. An person is frustrated with an alliance. He saw that the alliance A controls a region narrowly like say Delphi (which is a small region), like it has 4100 pop out of 8000 pop of an area.

    Now this person logs in and creates 20 different accounts and create an alliance B. He settles 2 villages each from that account in the Delphi region. As soon as he does that region pop increases to 8000 + 2*100*20 = 12000. The alliance A loses control of the region as it 4100/12000 = 34%. Then he gets himself banned either by complaining himself or someone else complaining about him. So all the accounts are banned. Now no one can attack these 40 villages. They can't even cata them.

    Now alliance A has to increase their population to 8001 to take control of the region. (4100 + 3901)/ (12000+3900) = 8000/15900 = ~51%

    This is very difficult to do initially and alliance will not be able to do for a week or so. So the alliance has lost 7-10 days of VP.

    I think admin have to create a rule where a banned player shouldn't be counted in the region's pop. Or the banned player will have their village deleted if they are found to be misusing the Advanced Start feature.

  • It's solved. Two last years it never counted banned accounts to the region pop / statistics.

    Xaero, VaDa92, Ten s Kytarou, Ten bez kytary, Ti boží a já, Třešínky

  • i attacked with 1200 ceasaris and my hero and i had no losses as you can see on the screen below

    can you please tell me why i lost 100 ceasaris?

    because only 1100 are coming back as you can see

  • i attacked with 1200 ceasaris and my hero and i had no losses as you can see on the screen below

    can you please tell me why i lost 100 ceasaris?

    because only 1100 are coming back as you can see

    The village had 400 traps and 400 caesaris dropped in them. A successful attack frees the prisoners but 25% of the trapped troops are lost, so you lost 100 caesaris. It is said in the Information section.

  • losing 100 caesaris like that!:/

    ouch! makes me miss the times when I was a gaul... but everyone was too

    smart and no one attacked me like never ;(

  • Hi,

    I am having issue. That in this server you have to have 3 villages to build 4th village. but here I had 3 villages then 1 was destroyed by a player. Now I am unable to build any village in any region. This is illogical I guess. It always say - you need 3 villages to settle here

    This happens if I want to build village on 9c or 15c spot.


    Mr. X

  • Your first two settled villas must be noncroppers. You’re only allowed to settle a cropper on 4th villa. This is an intended result for this birthday special. Though I understand the frustration if you felt you had fulfilled the requirement already.

    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • There are different options to increase troops speed: tournament square, artifacts, hero items, but nothing to increase merchants speed. As a result on a long distance catapults are moving much faster than merchants. Isn't it abnormal?

    My proposal is to add options to increase merchants speed as well.

    For example trade office could increase merchants speed similar to tournament squire.

    Another option is to increase merchants speed via commerce alliance bonus, something like: +30% speed increase with every bonus level on distance of 20+ squares.

    When you have one-way travel time for merchants more than 24 hours, it's getting really annoying to send resources to a distant regions/villages.

  • hi

    this codex was great loved the new tribe in it especially huns hope they make it in other servers. the feature that you can access another tribe troops and building was great opened up so many potential. but the way players forced to increase pop was a downside not much action it was all go settle here and there and push more pop (maybe cause half server left after the bug fix and a quarter lost faith in game become inactive). i loved how it was engaging from start not like other servers where in first half i was just sharpening my troops for the real fights and after while i lost interest in fight. also that the players had access to artifact from the start throw planing out the window couldn't calculate if this attack is real or fake couldn't calculate how many spies will make it couldn't calculate how many ram cata needed. anyway anywhere you added hun tribe with that sweet marksman count me in.

  • I like the new feature for from last patch for town halls:

    Only for gameworlds with the new UI - One townhall celebration can now be queued. Resources are paid immediately, and this is a PLUS feature.

    I have a suggestion how to make it even more helpful for the players.

    Right now in Culture Points tab there are no information about queued celebrations. Could you add something to show, that there are queued celebrations?

    For example small "+" sign next to timer for small queued celebrations and big "+" sign for great celebrations.

  • I agree with above post, the queued celebration lacks implementation in the CP overview page (dorf3.php?s=4)

    My suggested implementation would be a second column for the celebration similar to the first column. This would show when both celebrations are over, or a clickable dot if no celebration is queued.