Travian: Codex Victoria - Report issues

  • My hero has disappeared.

    Used it to clear an oasis, as soon as it returned to the village, I sent it conquer the oasis (second oasis for this particular village)

    It attack was visible until 3 minutes to go. It then disappeared from the village, it disappeared from the Rally Point and Village view. It just vanished.

    When I click the Hero at the top left, it says the “ hero is in village . “

    Could you please get in touch with the in-game support? They may fix it way faster than we can do it on the forum :)

  • Someone just raided it shortly before you did or resources were spent in the village.

    I would admit it is possible, but I'm not convinced this was the case. The oasis is 1 field from my villa, and I was using it for hero training. When the player annexed it, I killed his scouts and def troops (small numbers) and scouted it to measure the production rate. The rates were steady, I sent a raid to pick up (1 field away), got nothing and so rescouted. Res was as expected if he didn't spend down. Has anyone else been able to raid res from out of an annexed oasis?

  • me and many of my friends we want to comlain what is the point to spend time and money to play in beta server ??? it sapose you do it to lern the new thinks and help the owners see the problems and corect them this time we didnt see eny corection we saw a totaly deferent task after my complains they give with residence lev 10 500 points but they hide the residence after you make all the res lev 7 they want people make only pop even the storage lev 7 its after the residence someone can say you are good player dont folow the task find onother way to get the points you need i said the same and register in italien and what i show ???/ they start the server before 12,00 not after that is the corect think what that means for this they dont know the game so good ??/ you cant make the 4th day the qouest 100 to get the 400 colture points this means there is no other way or you make the task the way someone that never played travian wants or you make many many second and thierd acounts and wait the protection its over to find the res to make partys and go

  • The reports show how many troops can be healed in the hospital, but they dont appear in the build, so i can´t heal

    Hi alejo9603 as we need more information about this including some information about your in-game account, we kindly ask you to contact the ingame support from the question mark on the top right side of the game page :)


  • I am a Spanish player who won the last Pandora with an excellent team, some Italians challenge us, so there are several alliances that will play in the Spanish code, this is a small map, more battles and more fun if any alliances want to play,

    we want more war !!!

    At the moment there are several alliances that are champions of some Pandora in their fields and want to fight each other. ,

    I don´t remember any server, I don´t remember any account, I don´t even know who i am...