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  • the sad thing is we are loosing resourses, since new vilages dont produce them, and this lag...... I think we deserve a refund and new start for this server.

  • I can barely get pages to load and am getting constant 502 Gateway errors

    **edit: it is unplayable at this point. constant 502 errors

  • El juego es excesivamente lento y constantemente aparece el mensaje: "bad gateway", se debe estar refrescando la pantalla varias veces y se ignoran órdenes de construcción, aventuras y desaparece el link de los recursos (resouirces) cuando se abre cualquier otra pestaña diferente a edificaciones (buildings)...

    Deberían dejar un servidor distribuido en el internacional, al modo de facebook, google, instagram y microsoft; un servidor centralizado en Reino Unido y me imagino que con los paquetes de imágenes en Alemania lo pone muy lento aquí en colombia, el ping llega a superar los 10 segundos :( si es que no aparece el error: bad gateway y se debe refrescar la página al menos 3 veces :(

    English -

    The game is excessively slow and the message: "bad gateway" constantly appears, the screen must be refreshed several times and construction orders, adventures are ignored and the resources link (resouirces) disappears when any other tab other than buildings ...

    They should leave a server distributed internationally, like facebook, google, instagram and microsoft; a server centralized in the United Kingdom and I imagine that with the image packages in Germany it puts it very slow here in Colombia, the ping reaches more than 10 seconds :( if the error does not appear: bad gateway and you must refresh the page at least 3 times

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  • I added crop in my second village, but got a bad gateway page.
    After it reloaded the crop was added to my first village and I lost 600 crop because granary was full there

  • Hello, my name's Jeevassia. a user from Indonesia. I registered under the same name and I'd love to share some issues I experienced after a 30 minutes playing:

    - Opening a map is a big problem since it's so laggy. not to mention experiencing 502 gateaway repeatedly.

    - Failed to receive a reward from viewing statistic. (((EDIT: Just found out the reward went into Hero's inventory)))

    - Clicking the action button is also hard sometimes. I tried to use gold to finish two construction ASAP, but I have to clicked it 3-4 times.

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  • the sad thing is we are loosing resourses, since new vilages dont produce them, and this lag...... I think we deserve a refund and new start for this server.

    It’s called a beta for a reason. You don’t go in expecting everything to be perfect. This is a test server to work out bugs for main servers.

    Also, only need 1 person to claim 502 or some other error. Don’t post again, just like the first person’s comment.

    Will be much easier for everyone to follow.

    And please everyone read the new setup guide. Hero and reward items go into hero inventory, not automatically into warehouse or granary, embrace the change, it’s a great idea.

  • Go to…53-11e9-0a53-000000000000

    To register for server. You need your player name, email and key. If you don’t have a key, ask, there are lots of players who have extras.

    You must then click the activate link in the email that will be sent to you. Should be sent within 5 minutes of registering, be sure to check your spam folder.

    It will then allow you to join server.

    If you get a 502 error, just refresh and try again.

  • Hey,

    Seems like if you settle a village thats not 4-4-4-6 your fields will be on stage 5 but the production is like the Fields are still on stage 0! Also the population is still on 2! The 2 people of the main building.


  • Second village production is glitched settled a nearby 7crop village and got myself negative crop and below 20 production of other resources.

    alot of bad gateways which is probs because of high traffic.

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