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  • From one of our beloved devs to you:

    🛠️ WE ARE WORKING ON IT 🛠️ - DEVs wrote:

    You can announce that all the problems (Bad Gateway502) we have are due to the overloaded hardware, as well as that we are going to fix it real soon.

  • Population Count is wrong , please fix this...


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  • yeah production is screwed in 2nd and 3rd villages, and once a building is completed in either of these the population 'catches up', but the production doesn't, and they go into neg crop.

    Another weird issue. On the tasks, I completed warehouse and granary lvl 1 and got bonuses on spawn, but still had the option to do it again on 3rd village

  • every single time I click something, the task overview of the warehouse keeps on appearing

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  • Settled villages of some players get right production (based on population) and some others not. That's big problem, great unfair advantage for some players. I know it's beta, but this is really really bad even for beta.

  • i think if there will be no refund for lost resources ppl will just quite this beta, i played in pandoras beta and it was night and day. Or we need a restart

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  • Source Code
    At this time it is not possible to collect mission rewards.


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  • ALl types of things are broken in this server - can you fix things and start over?

    How can 3 level 5 iron fields only produce 9 iron per hour? Why give us level 5 fields - it will be days before I can build 1 field because i have the cost of building level 6 but the income from level 0?

    You guys really missed on this one.

  • Hi all. I want to inform that our developers are working on the hardware issue, that currently causes number of disruptions ingame and they promise that it will get fixed soon.

    So far known (most frequent) issues they are working on:

    Contextual help cannot be closed -> workaround: temporarily disable contextual help in game options

    Second and third village do not give expected production despite resource fields lvl 5 -> devs currently working on that. Suggested (and confirmed) workaround from players: transfer your hero to those villages. The additional resources from the hero triggers the change.

    Аpplying resource rewards from hero inventory can overflow storage, and thus result in losing resources -> workaround: please check thoroughly how many resources you want to move before performing action.

    Sorry for inconvenience. We'll keep you posted.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.