Travian: Codex Victoria - Report issues

  • You will raise the productions in 2 and 3 settlements as you add the bonus of gold coins and transfer the hero to village No. 2 as reinforcement.

  • A question on the Task Overview.

    If I display the task list, I see headings of:


    New Village



    New Village shows a total of 17 (seventeen) available tasks. Is this correct ? I don't want to spend a load of resources getting a lvl 5 field to lvl 6 to unlock some more if it's a bug and there's only 4 or 5

  • I completely unlike hate and even stronger that you guys made one button for resource / city view it's really anoying to say the least. I would really like to see that changed honestly xD

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  • I can't watch the advertisements for the 25% shorter building time. it always freezes on the black videoscreen until i go back. On my com5 account it works so it shouldnt be because of my software.

  • Ok so far bad ... haha, well it is a Beta, but hey guys, thought this was already announced back in January 2018, working on this for 8 months and wow...

    Settled my 2nd village, same problem as all of us, village in crop negative then I settle my 3rd village, again, production is not ok but I check the population of my 3rd of village and surprise surprise...2 inhabitants !!! instead of 95 !

    Well, let's hope that the programmers fix this soon!

    Good to see you all


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  • but if the village far far away? =) i think its not normal

    Everyone plays as they think. I did as I wrote and now I have normal productions and the hero returned to the village no. 1.

  • This is about leveling the fields to lvl 6, the picture shows lvl 1 instad of lvl 5.

    The production is that low , you have to wait 5 hours before you can lvl 1 field.

    The bonus you get is far to low.

  • Production per hour:
    Production bonus for lumber Lumber: ‭15‬
    Production bonus for clay Clay: ‭11‬
    Production bonus for iron Iron: ‭19‬
    Production bonus for crop Crop: ‭−‭84‬‬


    i go in red and i have no army, please a solution