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  • Having a weird UI thing happening: When I am looking at the Willage Overview, then the resource content is displayed wrong in the upper UI. An example: In the troop tab if I have my third town selected on the right then up top it shows the ressource content in my second town, if I swich towns on the right while it is still open, then my first and second town both show the ressource content from my first town. This also happens in some of the other tabs, however the towns that are switched are not the same in all the tabs, they differ.

  • Addition to the previous statements about 'helmet' icon.. Gelding, book of wisdom, ointments, cages are basicly all 'helmets' in the reports;

    Trying to add resources, sometimes it happens that it just shows how much do you want to add and doesn't how how much there is resource in the warehouse/granary and how much it's going to be after adding these resources from heroes inventory... At least noticed mostly that wood is one of the resources that doesn't work properly;

    There was period when I could move resources in heroes inventory, but it was just images movement and it didn't snip in the layout.. in other words could move image all over the page, but it seems to be back to like it was before when you couldn't move resources besides switching them with items that you have in your heroes inventory;

  • As can be seen, the same task (iron mine) gives two different options in where to upgrade this iron mine.
    When I am in main village, the task says "upgrade iron mine in spawn village", when in second village the task says "upgrade iron mine in second village".
    I do not know if this is a bug, or if I have to do both tasks.

  • If I completed a task pertaining to the building view (e.g. build smithy), if I am in the resource tile view I cannot open the task to collect the reward.

    I have not tried visa-versa.

  • This is intentional, it can be completed twice.

  • Is it normal that the tasks "new village" appear one per time while all the other tasks ("battle", "economy", "world") appear in couples on the task list?

    s19 PTP it 1x 2018 - GreyFox (OLYMPO) - vinto :egy06:

    s20 PTP it 2x 2019 - GreyFox (ZugZwang) - vinto:egy01:

    s15 CV hispano 2019 - GreyFox (ZUG) - in corso :egy11:

  • Disappointing start to a new server.
    Fast start is completely screwed up by bugs.

    I settled x2 support villas in Epi after a 17hr walk.

    The first villa settled at (‭100‬|‭−‭30‬‬) has a bug so I have 15 Lumber/19 Clay/11 Iron/ -78 crop for 12hrs while my hero travels there.

    Because I wanted to boost those support villas quickly, I've saved a lot of the resource from completing tasks, but it is sitting in my hero inventory while he travels from my spawn to the support villa.

    So not only do I lose approx. 12hrs worth of lvl5 resource output in my 2nd support villa, I also can't spend the resources saved in the hero inventory unless I gold everything up when my hero finally arrives.

    I essentially lose 12hrs of cp production in the race for those precious croppers. Not cool TG.