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  • Nice roll back fail:

    First of all ban the people that were exploiting the bug, they are not here to be help as their attitude proves, I can give you a few names.

    Second, if you gonna do a roll back, make sure you do it properly. I lost a few amount of troops that I'm 100% I already had before 14.08.2019, and i don't have Hospital.

    Third, resources are missing in my hero backpack.

    Giving us 200 extra gold is good, but it does not pay this HUGE bug, like someone said in a previous post, people been exploting it for far two long not only since the 14th, just ban those players from beta, and do a re-check on the rollback there are a few things missing.

    That's the type of attitude, we as a community expect from Travian

  • I had no problems after the roll back. my troop count went down accordingly, no missing resources in the hero attributes, everything looks as it was a couple weeks ago.

  • Source Code
    Good evening
    you made a mistake in rebooting, my account comes out heavily damaged. until today I had an army that was first in ally and in the first 40 of the entire server. today I find myself 600 and more, I'm sorry you ruined my game
    roberto account AndiamoAcatare 
  • Some error's I've encountered after the rollback:

    Hero inventory does not align next to hero.

    Text is overlapping on village screen with village on raid list.
    Rally point text does not show village name.

  • It may not be your problem (could be gettertools) but the codes seems be off by one..

    ie.. if you look at attack reports 10 clubs become ten spears etc all the way up to 20 cats become 20 chiefs etc

  • I am pretty sure I finished a couple of the tasks for the second village, including the last settler task after Wednesday last week and I only had the original village to 8 left. However, after the rollback, I only had the original village to 8 task left. The other tasks were not there.

  • I have a lvl 10 residence now it tells me i need a lvl 20 to be able to make a new villa and i have 1 settler ready for my lvl 10 slot but unable to make any more???

    All of my tasks have gone too, time to give up i think.

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  • I did too, after they gave us tasks again i had all mine saved up where most ppl would have used them up, at such a huge disadvantage now as i started late too.

  • Infection it is showing that you already have a settler.. you just need to train two more and you an settle a village if you have the CP...Then you have to take it to 20 to settle the next... Next to the settler name it says in parentasis that you have 1 present

  • I know that, problem is it will not let me build 2 more, i have res but yeah no go.

    All sorted, i had sent them somewhere(other 2) Just forgot<X

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  • I now have a problem seeing where my attacks are going. I needed to call back one of the attacks from my farm list, but the attack labels are not readable.

  • ELE
    It seems you have been reincarnated.
    I know you deleted, but you are back again in game.

    So rollback brought back to life any players who deleted during the week, I wish I kept a list, probably would be good farms.