Nordics 4 Victory Speech (2019)

  • Everything will end at some point. So did this server.

    At last night I slept well first time for in weeks – or months. 12 hours sleep without any alarms. No stress about account crop situations or enemy attacks. 2 large cup of coffee and I start to do my last job about in this server. The “Victory speech”. I'm not good at speeches so I will just write how this server has went in my opinion.

    After 3 years Travian break I decided to start playing Travian again. I end up to this server 1 month late and my purpose was to play inactive defence account, because I remembered still too well what it is to play too active game…

    However – I was that inactive def only few days, then WuT asked me to join to his account as a dual, because he would need help with his account during summer. “Well, hybrid gaul account with few def villages and one or two small off’s – that won’t still take too much my time. And WuT seems to be okay and nice player.” – those were my thoughts and I agreed to delete my own small account. Someone would say that that was a big mistake if I was hoping to play inactive game… Because what could happen when you put 2 normally hyper active off players to play in the same “inactive” account and tell them to make defs and few offs just for artefacts…

    PB – Peaky Blinders

    PB was the alliance where I end up first. That was server’s biggest alliance at that moment. Not necessarily the most skilled one, but biggest. Bilbo Baggings was the leader and Christian helped him. It didn’t took too much time for me to notice that our “leaders” really needed some help with leading the alliance. Later I heard that this was Bilbo’s first round as a leader, so I don’t wonder why he made some bad calls, but every leader has started his “leader career” at some point.

    At beginning we (me and WuT) started to give some advises to Bilbo, then bit by bit we somehow end up to take bigger role as leaders. However the alliance wasn’t working like good alliance should and we had to think what to do. We didn't want to kick half of the players out from the alliance and take over the alliance where also those other players have donated their resources for the alliance bonuses.

    Kiddo and Veritasbrow were talking about making new alliance and Kiddo mentioned it to Wut who took contact to Veritasbrow who was in NW-alliance at that time and after some negotiations we started new alliance, LHR, where leaders were me, WuT, Veritasbrow and Kiddo. We decided to leave PB to Bilbo and take only those players with us which weren’t happy to their current alliance and wanted some changes. Ofc we require that those players were active and they had troops before they got invitation.

    Bilbo wasn’t happy about our choice and he kicked out all those members we have left behind and after some frustrated attacks he deleted his account…

    LHR – Love Hate Relationship

    At this point I could say that my plans about playing inactive game were totally ruined. Inactive game doesn't actually include leader role... Never...

    After all we got good and nice players to the alliance. We had some skilled ones, but also those who were playing their first round for years. Also we had many players who usually played as def players and they were now trying to play as offs. Everyone could ques that those players needed some advising with their game.

    KORP was our enemy no. 1. and our main purpose at first was just destroy them. However we didn’t want to lose our troops before artefacts so we didn’t make any big operations at beginning.

    At first we had 4 leaders, me, WuT, Veritasbrow and Kiddo. Kiddo was pretty inactive, tho he made one or two OP’s with Veritasbrow. Later most of the leading job was my and WuT's responsibility. (Maybe because we rather do things by ourselves than leave too important things for others - because you never know if they mess up things...)


    22.03.2019 was the magical date when the artefacts appeared. Fyry from Ctrl-account coordinated big and unique arte cleanings and I coordinated small ones. After all everything went well and we got our troops moving on time. We got several good artes – GD got unique trainer at first, then Xandore from KORP took it from GD and later we took it from Pat in OP what wasn’t even success, because some players had timed their attacks in Finnish time instead of server time. In the same OP we also took small trainer from Xandore.

    At the end of the day we had 21 small artes, 8 big and 5 unique ones.

    I don’t know if KORP and GD even tried their best, because we got almost every artes we were going and some of our enemies were even closer of those artes than us. Or then our coordinating went just too well…

    At least Pepparkakan successed to took small trainer from Surgeon and that was nice move by Korp.

    After artes

    After artefacts we started to make more OP’s against KORP. At beginning we had some difficulties about timings because some players used Finnish time instead of server time, but after several messages and contact to those players I could say that everyone learned to use only server time.

    KORP made also some OP’s against us, but I can’t say that those were all success. Usually we defended the right targets and take some nice catches, here is few reports about those:











    Ubbelini (small diet plan)

    Must say that our enemies had lot of things to learn about making OP’s. They made several rookie mistakes and that’s why some of those catches were too easy to take at beginning - at the end they luckily learned a bit about their former mistakes.

    At some point we lost several good players - The Warlock deleted his account, but luckily he used his rammer to sweep ww-village for us.

    Also Ruanda and Sinuhe - 2 players who could have made ww-hammers - deleted.

    Several def players quited for personal reasons. At that point it was very frustrating to be leader when several big players with lot of troops decided to end the game. We started to ask players if they could make ww-hammers from their OP cleaners. Luckily we had many active and nice players who agreed to do that job. ;)


    At first 242 was Ruanda’s defence-alliance, but later it became our allies.

    DAD moved there and started to lead that alliance. We got defs from them if we needed, and in the end when we had room we took them all to our alliance.

    About WW-account

    Players from Surgeon account had quit active playing before artefacts so we tried to find new player to that account. There were several ones who just visited a while and after all that account wouldn’t work if our account wouldn’t be it’s sitter. At beginning WuT did the most of the job there making spears from several villages and taking care of that account. Later we decided to take WW-village to surgeons account, because it was the most “secure” teuton account in our alliance, because of hyperactive sitters and great amount of own defs.

    Surgeons own players mostly just visited in that account whenever they were needed to do something what sitter couldn’t do. But that account worked just well like that - just a bit more work for me and WuT. ;)

    About our own account

    Account: WuT

    Sims. 2. 28375, villages 32

    Off. 2. 779396

    Def. 26. 282282

    Hero 6. 798968

    Our goal after artes was to make one ww-hammer, 2 smaller hammers and to be top 1. in raids. The one silver medal came from the week we killed our starter hammer and we didn’t have enough troops to farm as much as usually.

    We had unique boots in our account - also in the end we had small hawk and we rotate small trainer with TheWatchMan.

    Must say that our capital was not the best possible.. Only 75% 15c, because this was meant to be small and inactive defence account. I don't know where all those off troops appeared…


    For us to lady (small account with only few villages)

    From us to GD:

    First we took big architect before ww-attacks (sorry, but that was too easy to take):…7c01c04ca52446de6-png.jpg…593734e05e68c4f73-png.jpg…2df259d5856310d0e-png.jpg…4f90b1080e60f4200-png.jpg…63271f569378dc101-png.jpg

    And then Sante and Sakittaja attacked to GD’s WW and evigtut timed his hammer after them.…8cf4d4d9d27e13b25-png.jpg…8f2cfb1a3125bcdeb-png.jpg…8388fa38619ce3006-png.jpg

    Here is few reports from last WW-attacks, there were over 20 attacks against our WW and sadly not any of them made any damage to wall or the WW:

    From GD to us:…fc91bf0338e10c6f7-png.jpg…0e08c1247f50925ca-png.jpg

    From KORP to us:…a24742a6b823dec8b-png.jpg…8edcc1d73188388b5-png.jpg…7889513967831fde1-png.jpg

    When we noticed that even Balou’s hammer didn’t do any damage on time to our ww we decided to cancel last lvl which would be ready before our hammers even landed at KORP’s ww. Also we had several hammers at home which we were sparing for the later use and we decided to use those before server ends, because at that point it was pretty sure that we would win.

    We tried to take also KORP’s architect, but they defended that too well, because who wouldn’t if we just took the another alliance’s architect before WW-attacks. Also one of our players didn’t manage to send his hammer and another was few seconds late, but I’m not sure if those would have helped us.

    From us to KORP’s architect:






    From us to KORP’s WW:






    Later we were just trying to use rest of our biggest hammers :






    Summa summarum

    This server was pretty “easy” this time. I was expecting more coordinated actions from our enemies and I was sad when Pepparkakan deleted from KORP - that player seemed to know what was doing…

    GD didn’t even made big operations against us - only few players attacked time to time and Ubbelini tried to take small diet plan, but that was too well defended. I also expected that our enemies would have had bigger ww-hammers... Ofc Idiotas attack, which could have dropped our WW with level or two, didn't make it on time.

    Leading this alliance however wasn’t the most easiest job. There was several players who needed advising and every time when enemies were attacking we needed to remind players to inform us about those attacks so we would know what to defend. Mostly enemies went trough from some village which weren't informed to us.

    But after all we had fun together in LHR and most of our players were active chatting in discord!

    Thanks to all players -including enemies!

    Especially I want to thank follow players:

    WuT - Thanks for being The Best Dual. You made our farmlists so I didn’t had to. Our account wouldn’t have worked without you. Neither our alliance. <3

    Veritasbrow - Thanks for helping leading the alliance. Sorry that I didn’t trust defendings to you. ;)

    TheWatchMan: You were nice neighbor and your spears were always ready for defendings.

    Sante: You made nice rammer, thanks for that.

    Sakittaja: Thanks that you stayed active so long, your hammer was very useful.

    Mapnik: Thanks for setting trade routes to our ww-village before you started idling.

    Ruanda & Oka: It was nice to chat with you, thanks for the company.

    DAD: Thanks for leading 242.

    Melon: Thanks for changing from off to def player.

    Also everyone who I didn’t mentioned here: Thanks for playing! Our team was nice and there was many potential new players! :)


  • Finally it's over!

    This is my first and last victory speech ever(hopefully) and it will sound like me, depressed and negative. So don't expect much and don't get upset from it.

    I will try to bring out things which were not mentioned in Zircon's speech.

    Gone wrong and slow beginning

    I started this server as a inactive non gold user def player, so the start was really slow and I end up taking 75% capital near TWM, bonnie & clyde.

    After I got first 20. TT's from adventure(week 3?) things got out of hands and I started farming and building artefact hammer. Around that time I found Zircon.

    Zircon - First time I saw you playing, you were rank 1. weekly simmer with the name "Memories".

    The same week I was sitting PB's recruiter Christian and saw your application to our alliance, it was like "love at first sight" :love:

    I would have taken you directly in, but your application was dismissed. Why?!

    I will never understand that, becouse PB had recruited many unskilled and inactive players and from your application I could see that you were really talented player.

    I contacted you and asked you to become my def player, since my plan of playing def went wrong. Not too long after that you hopped on my(our) account and things got more out of hand.

    After that I saw Kiddo's account being inactive and asked him is it ok, if we sit him and build defs on hes account. Answer was "yes" and since then Kiddo was our inactive def player, which we didnt managed to be.

    Kiddo was only active for some months, so most of the time we took care of hes account. It was really good bait for KORP's troops and he were rank 3. def until BP's spawned.

    Around week 10. Surgeon's players started to be inactive, so we started sitting them and building spears.


    Zircon and Fyry did really good job with coordinating and we got more artes what we expected.

    I really enjoyed those unique boots and small hawk, they were perfect for farming and visiting KORP's villages.

    Our arte hammer/unique hawk clean:


    Getting BP's couldnt go any better. GD emptied two BP's without taking them with and we managed to pick them for free. KORP also emptied half for us, so we saved few hammers there.

    Late game

    I was lacking of motivation every now and then and you could see that from the results of weekly raids. Without Zircon I would most likely have quited already before artes.

    In my opinion of enemy hammers(except few) and the level of the server were letdown.:thumbdown:

    Spiker(:rat:) list

    We had some spiking in the server and here is a list where I kept writing those morons who I found out were spiking.

    Henkka62 Deleted :rat:

    Olli92 Deleted :rat:

    Fører qqq Deleted:rat:

    Shahker007 Deleted:rat:

    Dnurm Deleted :rat:

    Whisky Deleted:rat:

    Backagain Deleted:rat:

    Guttorm1 Deleted:rat:







    nullet Deleted:rat:



    Thanks to all who were playing in this round!

    In the end I want to bring out some names which were not already mentioned above.

    Zircon: I can never thank you enough for playing with me. You did awesome job with def coordinating, taking care of alliance, WW and the most important keeping me motivated until the end, thanks.<3

    Derlino: Thanks for being active night times and always ready for OP's and to move Melon's defs.:thumbup:

    Bödel: Thanks for all the help and kind words.:)

    Denist81: Thanks for being active and sharing that positive energy + sitting WW when we asked for it.:thumbsup:

    Pihvi: Thanks for doing everything and more we asked for.:hero3:

    JJYA: You showed how useful small account can be, good job!8)

    Jadskunen: Thanks for not deffing conquered farm villages like all the others in KORP did.;)


  • How much def was their in your WW?

  • How much def was their in your WW?

    Most defs we had before real attacks in WW-village was 2.9m and more reinforcements was incoming all the time.
    Losses were all the time under 4% and level 99 natar attack caused only 3,5% losses.
    In BP-village we had 160k perma defs - but when there was inc. attacks we had defs there up to 250k.
    Unique architect village had 270k defs in the end and WW-village was left with over 2,5m defs.

    Troops that were left after win:

  • 2.9M def and no hammer that could do damage to it.
    Thats the nordics we all know & love!

    How many players were in the winning meta?

  • As I wrote, 242 was our only allie where we got defs when needed, and in the end we took them in to our alliance. Total we had 59 accounts in our alliance in the end and around 20 of them were more or less inactive.

  • Thanks for a fun server guys!

    I hadn't played since 2014, and this my first time playing a normal server, as well as playing off.

    Thinking back, there are a lot of things I would do differently, but I learned a lot and with the great guidance of Zircon and WuT, I managed to get a pretty good account.

    In the end I didn't make a WW hammer due to life becoming very busy during summer, but the hammer I had 1 month before the server ended was ok:

    That was on 25.06.2019, and from that point on I only made def, and barely logged into my account once a day.

    I did have the Unique Trainer, so if I had continued farming and simming my hammer, I would have been at around 90k Imps and 40k EC. Not the biggest hammer, but still decent for this server.

    Finally I wanna thank Zircon and WuT for their great leadership and organisation of defensive and offensive operations. It was a joy to hit KORP time and time again, and destroy villages of our enemies.

    I also wanna thank Denist81, we were sitters for each other for a majority of the server, and it was a great cooperation between the two of us. We spent many hours chatting about how the server was going, our plans later on in the server, and in general just had a lot of fun!

    And lastly, thanks to everyone in LHR for staying with it until the end and for dominating this server!


  • It ended good like we have planned it because of good experiended leaders and many good players.

    I also wanna say thanks too wut and zircon for All the times i needed deff or what ever My problem was 😁 if it wasnt for them and especially zircon we would not have catch so many hammers 😊

    And derlino. Also thanks. You are are Nice funny Guy and great sitter. Just sad yiy got busy with life then suddenly i had No one for night 😁😁 but I handled it and I think we had many fun chats 😊i could mention more but I stop now 😁