Escape the island!

  • A Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and a Swedish were stranded on an island. The story does not tell how it all happened, but they do need to come up with a plan this weekend and get back to the mainland. Can you help them come up with a plan to escape the island? Please write your answer in this thread and get a chance to win Gold!

    Three players with the most useful or crazy useful escape plans, no matter how creative, will be rewarded. On top of this, the escape story with most likes will also be rewarded. You can write your escape plan in any of the Nordic languages or in English.

    And here's the but:

    • Neither the Danish or Finnish ever learned how to swim.
    • Mainland is too far away for one person to swim the whole distance. The Norwegian and Swedish would barely make it half way before exhaustion.
    • No one will be left behind, as their food only lasts for the weekend, phones are in the bottom of the sea and no one hears their cries of help.

    Thankfully our Nordic heroes have a few tools with them to plan the escape! Please help them pick the tools they need from this list below (use whatever you want):

    • A ball of sturdy string
    • One wooden paddle
    • 6-pack of Karhu beer
    • 1 bottle of Linje Aquavit
    • 1 bottle of Koskenkorva vodka
    • 1 bottle of Glögg
    • A wooden dalahäst
    • 2 cans of surströmming
    • Duct tape
    • Troll toy
    • A fipple flute
    • Kantele
    • Childrens' inflatable flamingo swimming toy
    • A huge Travian-themed beach towel
    • An oil lamp and a flask of Norwegian oil
    • A camera
    • Two bags of dried reindeer meat
    • A bag of chips
    • A viking helmet / drinking bowl
    • A bag of potatoes
    • A box of strawberries
    • Lighter
    • One notebook
    • A fur hat
    • A jar of lakrids
    • A Nisse elf toy
    • An ostehøvel
    • A picnic set filled with smørrebrød
    • A box of mämmi
    • A croquette set

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    01.08.2019 – 12:00 (GMT+2)

    End date/time:

    05.08.2019 – 12:00 (GMT+2)

    Winners announced on:

    07.08.2019 the latest

    Winners chosen:

    According to team jury


    50 Gold x 4 winners

    Gold voucher valid only in:

    Nordics community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    Please: State the name of your game server where you play or will play (e.g. Nordics 3)

    By answering in this thread and participating in this content you allow us to use the content you created for activities on all Travian: Legends platforms including the blog and Facebook page.


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  • There was this finnish guy who drank 6-pack of Karhu first, then opened bottle of koskenkorva after that and woke up at home.

    Does not remember what happened and never saw any of other guys after that.

    That's what I would call a finnish way.

    I don't play any server atm.

  • Looking at each other, they were very confused. The danish stood up and started looking around in a panic, nature frightened the poor danish. The swedish and norwegian look at each other, the norwegian sighed with a face palm and the swedish rolled his eye and started looking around. The finnish looked intense at the 6-pack beer, a slight drip of drool from his mouth. "Ruokalaji!" he yelled and started drinking the kahru beer. The danish soon afterward started drinking with the finnish, one thing that nature could never do - was stop a danish from drinking.

    As the danish and finnish were busy drinking, the swedish looked onto the inflatable flamingo swimming toy, a smile appeared when the paddle were nearby as well and he planned his escape swiftly with the dried reindeer meat in hand. The norwegian looked utterly confused at the two drinking buddies, trying to commute to them that they had to leave the island, and shouldn't start drinking. The finnish threw the can that just became empty at the norwegian and began drinking another. The danish started laughing and chose the linje aquavit as the next conquer of their endless drinking. Forgiving of them, the norwegian did not become angry over the throw, since in a stressful situation like this others could lash out violently.

    The norwegian chose to leave them be in their drinking party and went to the swedish to start coming up with a plan. The swedish looked silently at the norwegian, looked at the things he found and thought to himself: "Damnit, if only the norwegian would leave me be! No way in hell I owe any of them to help them get off the island!" The norwegian looked at him and smiled friendly: "We should help each other in situations like these" and the swedish awkwardly nodded while cursing the friendliness of the norwegian. They started planning a way to get off the island, since there was not a lot to use for a boat in the things they had with them. The swedish looked deviously at the duct tape and then the two drinking dummies, but he shook his head when he thought about making them shut the hell up by ducttaping them.

    The danish went over to the norwegian and swedish to ask them why they weren't drinking, because the danish had seen in danish history that drinking and standing idle is where the true solution lies. The finnish then started on the third beer and started eating the bag of chips since hunger came crawling while he was drinking. The swedish shook his head: "If I wanted to drink, I'd rather do it off this island and back on safe land." This did not please the danish and he took on the viking helmet and started forcing the linje aquavit down the swedish. To everyones surprise, after a longer struggle of getting alcohol down the swedish started to feel drunk - alcohol was not the strong suit for the swedish - and now that the alcohol was starting to work, then the more tasty the aquavit became and the swedish started drinking too.

    Astonished by the whole situation, the norwegian started to stutter about how the drinking would not solve their problems. The finnish went over to the norwegian, put a finger on the lips and started to shush. "Drinking solves everything." the finnish whispered with determination in the eyes. Not a single hint of hesitation filled the eyes of the finnish and the norwegian didn't have anything to say against that. The norwegian started to give under from the others insisting on drinking and sitting around the ligthened oil lamp they started drinking, eating and tell stories. Soon they all became cheery and started a party that their ancestors would envy.

    When the sun came up, the swedish took a stretch and looked at the napping drunks. A deep sigh came out and the swedish looked inside formerly bag of potatoes he had filled with neccesities and took out the surströmming, opened the can and took a deep breath of the stinking rotten fish. A pleasant smile came across the lips and soon the can went to the nose of all of them. In agony they shrieked, with tears and fingers on their noses. "What the hell is that devilish cadaver in that can!?" yelled the norwegian. The swedish looked horrified on them "Whatever do you mean!? Surstömming is excellent for curing hangovers!" The danish moaned in self pity and took a look around "Hey! We're back on land!?". The finnish looked around in confusion and sipped on the last kahru beer that were kept hidden in the pants for the others not to find it. The swedish sighed "As always it is a swedish to clean up the mess of you others, I of course used my intellect and creativity to get us all back on land while you guys slept off the alcohol!" he then pointed at the inflatable flamingo swimming toy with the paddle next to it. "And you're welcome for me being kind enough to take you all with me while you were ducttaped to everything that could float besides the flamingo!"

    The three looked on each other and started laughing: "Ain't no way a swedish could have done something that smart!" the danish bursted out laughing. The finnish nodded in agreement and the norwegian nervously laughed together with them.

    ((And now I shall apologize to everyone that found this offensive in any way, bc this was not meant as a hate to anyone of either of the countries - purely entertainment
    I play in Nordics server 3

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  • Jos kerran kukaan ei voi kuulla huutoja, niin tekisin jättimäisestä rantapyyhkeestä ja mahdollisesti myös sen tapaisista materiaaleista kuumailmapallon pallon niin, että käyttäisin narua ja öljylamppua apuna. Sytkäriä käyttäisin sen sytyttämiseen. Teipillä yhdistäisin siihen kuumailmapalloon lasten kumiveneen ja lähettäisin ehkä pari painavaa lelua tasapainon takia vihkon ja kameran kanssa niin, että kamera kuvaisi videokuvaa tai sillä otettaisiin kuvia sijainnista. Solmisin myös kumiveneeseen narun kanssa tölkkeä, jne. kiinnitämään huomion. Sulattamalla lakritsia sytkärillä, saisin "mustetta", jolla kirjoittaa vihkoon, sormella saisi piirrettyä esim. SOS ja jtn muuta. Pelastaja saisi ehkä pari juomaa myös. Pitäisin lastin kuitenkin sen verran kevyenä, että kuumailmapallo lentäisi, joten täytyisi hieman testailla, mikä on paras lasti, sen takia ehkä joihinkin.

  • The Dannish man had an idea and began to speak!

    - Glhu gla gla bah bru blogh

    The Swede scratched his head and expressed his feelings.

    - Nobody can understand you, so shut it!

    He turnd on his pocket radio to listen for some hope.

    - Darn! they said it will snow on the raido!

    The Norwegian acted fast!

    - Don't worry, ill cover it!

    The Swede lost all hope...
    - Why am i stuck here with these idiots?!

    Drunk finnish appeard from nowhere

    - looooook a solar eclipse!

    The loyal Norwegian didnt want his friend to get hurt so he told him.

    - Be careful, don't watch it to close!

    The finnish man went blind and accidently smashed the oil lamp on the wooden dalahäst. then he somehow fell on the lighter so it started a fire on the dalahäst. a large smoke cloud appeard and 30 minutes later they were rescued from the island by a helicopter.