tomynica/PK: Victory speech, Nordics X round 2

  • Alright, where do i start? At the beginning i guess ^^ Got no time to read this? Don't care about reading it? No problem, i am not forcing anyone to read. Don't hate it, don't read it. Move on. Simple as that.

    It was 12.5.2019., a rainy and boring day in Croatia when i decided to play some Travian. Looked up the upcoming servers and there it was, Nordics speed, starting in just 2 days. Registered and waited about 10 hours until i start to play so that i am not close to the center as i rather like to be surrounded by players and not grey zone. Soon i started doing what i usually do, farm. Oasis were first to go down, obviously. I guess everyone has their own thing and farming is simply something i like to do. Very quickly i realized i had a great start as i was rank 1 in offense power ever since the day 2. Fully concentrated on continuing to build clubs 24/7 and neglected the need of a fast settle. Didn't need much time to realize it was a mistake as i settled my capital later than i would usually do and therefore no good options were left. Also, had to move pretty far away from my spawn, which i also don't prefer usually. That slight mistake in the beginning affected on everything what was to happen later on. My capital progression was delayed, my off village settling was delayed and lastly, my off hammer production was delayed.

    Since i am playing here for the first time, i didn't know anyone. I continued to do what i was doing, farming. Raping through the top10 raiders list each week and being accused of botting rather regularly. What people don't know about me is that i am a sporty guy. Being the sporty guy that i am, i am also extremely competitive in everything i do. That, unfortunately for me, translates onto Travian as well. Those top10 raiding lists and overall stats of the offense power is something that got me so addicted to this round due to my competitivenessthat i simply couldn't get away from the PC. The competitive side in me simply didn't allow me to stop. I was farming nearly 24/7 and doing my thing.

    It was boring without the ally, without people to talk to, so i started to talk with almost everyone on the server. After some time, i decided to send a message to 67% guys to see if they might want to accept me in their team. Someone from Pete account responded that they're a premade team but that they might take someone from 'outside'. Been few days since then, when Pete responded again and said that after a long discussion with his team, they decided not to take me in due to the fact that they were a premade team and simply playing for fun, which i respected. So, i continued to play, farm and build my hammers. I let the time pass until the situation on our coordinates were more clearer.

    At about day 30, i sent a message to PasiKuikka account, checking if they're taking any new players and if they might want/need me. They accepted my application and i joined the PK ally. It was just a few days before artifact releases. That's day 30 guys. Roughly day 30 is when i joined the PK ally and started playing with them. I literally have 0 experience and knowledge on what was going on in PK ally during the 1-30 days. Both, as a player and especially as a leader. Anything that happened or did not happen during that time, has nothing to do with me personally as i wasn't even a part of the ally at that time.

    Soon after i joined them, i realized they're a great group of people who i met for the first time. Cool people, funny and talkative but huge mess as an ally. No organization is what's been the main issue. Nothing was happening. No actions, no fighting. Pretty much nothing. We were doing solo actions and fighting our own battles but nothing as a team, as an ally. Nappo as a main leader was doing nothing to make things better so things and problems only pilled up as days went by. For future reference, could Nappo be a good player? Yes. In fact, i think he actually is, although i didn't get to know him that good. But, as a leader, he s*cks big time.

    Artifact releases is when i first wanted to give up and leave the ally. As i have already said, great group of people but no organization and no leadership. With the amount of people we had at that time in PK and amount of hammers, we managed to take just a couple of artifacts (same amount as 67% guys who had only 11 players in their ally). Pretty much, none important. At that time, Kanto had about 20 artifacts, 2 small trainers (at some point even 3) and were the first ally to partner with anyone on the server. That was DCA. At that time, they had about 80-90 players combined. Soon after that, DCA recruited some players from M.P.P.P ally, so the total number was close to 100 at that time.

    Days go by, problems kept pilling up but at the same time i started being more and more vocal about things, about our problems, about things we need to do. How many times have i said that we need to go in action, only players in our ally knows that... How many times have i said that we need to be proactive and run for some artifacts if we want to compete at the end game... At that time, Nappo made a deal with SA, we partnered with them.

    That's the time when Nappo started to ease up a bit and listened to my advice so we did try to get some artifacts, especially a small trainer from DCA but it was nothing that was greatly organized so, obviously, didn't bring the success either. He also listened to my advice that we need to go in action, that we're way too passive so, we went in action against some DCA players. Took down Reek's capital for about 550 population. Again, nothing too serious and still not a lot action going on but hey, Nappo started listening and started doing something, at least. At that time, the only good thing we were doing were defense calls. Anyone attacking us or our artifacts would get walled. That's when i was 100% sure that this team has a potential but need a better leadership to take control of the group and to guide them through this round. I was talking to Lepakkoesa (Nappo's dual and actually the owner of PasiKuikka account) more and more about the ally and about the things that needed to be done asap. Slowly, i guess they realized i could help them with leading and guiding our ally so they promoted me to be a part of the leadership.

    In the meantime, Nappo continued to do mistakes and bad calls for our ally so people in the leadership started to lose comprehension for him.

    The day that changed everything was about day 50 of the server when Nappo, again, did few mistakes. That's also the day he made a deal with the T&P guys. We tried explaining him why those mistakes were actually mistakes. Trying to explain him and make sure he understands that when in fact, he just acted as a 15 year old immature child, while actually being over 40 years old. After some more explaining, he says something like „ok, i am sorry“ so we thought it's over. We thought he understood what we were trying to explain him so we closed that „case“ and moved forward. But Nappo being Nappo, only 3 hours after that, he made another, crucial mistake. That's when i said it's finally over. It's either him or me as it made no sense anymore to continue to play like that. That's when we kicked him out of our ally. That's when Lepakkoesa changed the password on his account and that's the time when players wanted me to take the lead and take control over the ally. Day 50 guys! Day 50 is when i finally step in as a leader and got the chance to actually help the ally, make calls, make decisions and guide us through. Remember, day 50. We were already allied with SA and T&P at that point, when i took the lead. Still, for some reason, you all keep talking shit about me and put so much hate towards me, for the times where i wasn't even a part of the PK ally, to times where i wasn't even leading them.

    As soon as they gave me the permission to make calls and decisions, i got to work. There was shit ton of things that needed to be done as literally nothing has been done for the past 50 days. For example, we had players who didn't even know how to send a fake attack. Those are simple things and yet, all of that is something i had to deal with. I don't complain, don't get me wrong but hell, show some respect. It took me days just to get everything under control and fix things that needed to be fixed. Now, on top of that, add my account that still had to take care off. Only farming itself took about 80% of my daily time. On top of that, add the personal life and personal things i had to take care off. Just for example, my parents were renewing the roof on their house so i went to help them. All that happened in past 3-4 weeks. I was helping them from 7am in the morning up to 5-7pm, depends on a day. Every day for about 10 days. I wasn't even playing at that time. No farming, and, when you see me not farming, you know something is going on :D There was literally no room for ops at that time.

    After all that mess was gone, roof being done and things in our ally finally cleared, that's when we got the opportunity and time to actually plan an action. That's when we went on some DCA players again. That's also when we went on Dragonite's capital etc etc. Why did Kanto decide to fight everyone in the beginning and making them all their enemies? I don't know and therefore i wont discuss about it. It's something they need to talk about between them in the ally. That made them not having partners in the end game as no one wanted to support them due to that. Why did DCA/Kanto fall apart, from 100 players to 50? That's also something i don't know about, at least not 100% and that's why i wont discuss about it. All i know is that it's obviously not our fault for their mistakes in the beginning and DCA/Kanto losing about 50 players, while in the meantime we didn't break and stood together. Could have been other way around. We could have fallen apart if we didn't kick Nappo and they could have stayed together. You never know.

    Why did 67% decide to fight Kanto and not us, making it only easier for us to win the round, instead of making it tougher? I don't know, they do. They participated in making this round easier than it should be but yet, they blame us, which makes no sense to me. You either go against us to make things even, or you don't but then you don't talk sh*t about us. From my personal talks with some of their players, they came here to have an easy/no stress round as it's summer, activity is lower than usual and they don't take it seriously. Quote "we rather keep our enemies further away from us so we picked Kanto. Fighting with you would just make it stressful and we just want to lay back and have some fun this round". As i said, i respect everything that anyone does and decides but please, if you're the one who personally influenced the round to be the way it is, don't blame us. You could have chose the other route, fight us and have stressful round but at the same time, making it more even.

    As you can see, there's a lot going on in the background that you don't even know of, yet, you kept talking shit to me and about me. You kept putting so much hate towards me for things that i didn't do and couldn't affect on as a player on PK. But hey, i am tough guy, i can handle it ;) If that's what you want to do even after this comment, go for it, i don't mind really. I am not a 15 year old kid who doesn't have a well constructed opinions about everything in life or a kid who you could mess up with all the hate.

    Don't forget that i am a solo player on my account and that i didn't have duals. Yet, i managed to do all that by myself. Be a rank 1 raider while raping others almost every week (failed 2 weeks cause of helping parents with the roof). I have put so much time and effort into my account and this ally, trying to do what's best for us but hey, there's not much i could do day 1-50. Actually, i couldn't do anything at that time. Having to put so much time into my account, farming and raping everyone in top10 raiders; taking everything in our ally on my back to make this work, from smallest and simplest things to bigger and more complicated ones; take WW on my back but yet being disrespectful by you guys, only talks about you as individuals and your characters.

    This way, i also want to thank everyone in PK/SA/T&P for being so nice to me. I don't want to point out anyone personally as that would be very rude from me. Thank you for being great people who made my last 50 days a fun and great experience overall! Thank you for being so cooperative and making my job easier! Thanks to other players in the leadership for helping me out as well! Thank you for being great team players and lastly, thank you for teaching me the most important Finnish word. Perkele!!! :saint::D

    Last thing i want to say to everyone outside PK/SA/T&P is that you didn't get to know the real me. If you think you know the real me just by reading some forum comments, then you're wrong. Forum serves to troll and tease everyone, at least to me it does. Just because i wrote some cocky and douchy comment on here to tease you, doesn't mean that's the real me. Only people in our ally got the know the real me, my real personality. Feel free to ask them who i am as a player and as a person :)

    You don't have to like me but you gotta respect me. If for nothing else, then for the time and effort i have put into this account and ally.

    Love you all. Peace to everyone and, may we meet again! ;)

  • Forgot to add the 'main' hammers that went on 67% WW last night. Do note that YoloSwagHope built this hammer with 0 days of having a trainer (yet did better that some/most Kanto players withe the actual trainer). Also, do note that a lot of other, smaller ops hammers killed about 5m defense at the WW.


  • Heloust! As usual, I like to keep things rather short, so heres some novel sized story from account Dragonite and its ALLIANCE Kanto/Pokemons and my view of it.

    First, key statistics at the end:

    Sims: 15. // 24876

    Off-points: 30. // 371753

    Demolished RO cities: 10

    Deff-points: 148. // 101388

    Ress.production topped 3rd on server before cap went into bits. (tactic= 7c with 100% wheats)

    CP: 10.

    Villages: 30/36

    Our WWk at ~P.K~ WW: on day 75.

    Going into this server:

    Before N3X1 ended, Ezex from account Gladiator back then (Alakazam on this round) asked if I was playing and that I should play with them, I replied OK and we started gathering some potential players from Kalja/Whiskey. Before actual start we had something like 20 accounts, mixed players from many alliances, Grändi willing to be mainleader. Goal was chill summerserver and that's how it was marketed to our players. (Now apologizes all, was anything but chill..)

    Mine account had earlier servers Jone as trusted dual and Marcusfone from Norway as new recruit. Budget was whatever we like to spend. Overall euros spend went to somewhere close to 500e due to playing solo most of the time.

    The Start of the server:

    We got settlers out 3rd on the server, landed on that juicy 150% 15c at coords 102/0. Soon things went from bad to worse when we realized we had been chosen as target amongst ROmanian players. Something like 10 of their accounts villas spawned in 10 squares radius and Sandlers right next to our cap. Well as you can imagine, chilling stopped there for me.

    Allywise, Alliance Kanto attracted lots of attention. We got like 20+ recruits from server and couple ones from already existings accounts pals or smth. Soon there was almost freaking 50 POKEMONS in North East. Wow. Whom can simply hate pokemons

    Early Game:

    We focused to make off early to take out these Romanian threats around our cap (there comes the safari zone thingy). Hypno, Cubone and Raichu were invited back then to Kanto. Our alliance walled 3 of RO's hammers at our cap. We bombed few of their villas with Diglett and Hypno. As good as our account was, I promised to make one WWk for alliance. Queing catas started kinda late, around day 15 or something and they didn't even run 24/7, which was due to ress needed to be used on the cleaner to fight.

    Democracy decision of that alliance Kanto goes for WW: 75% wanted us to fight in WW battles. It gave some purpose for those pushing deffs hardcore. New leadingship squad in alliance was placed, I moved a side and only acted somewhat of travianpedia for people to ask stuffs, they were not sure about (thats the mentoring/teaching part I had)

    Defending from RO and taking out mainenemy #1 a.ka Sandlers adamson

    Mid Game:

    I went back to hometown, started working on summerjob. Jone went to army. Marcus was kind of non existent on the account. Lapes from Exeguttor came to help us out, but promised only random checkings. Truth: I ran this account solo from phone. And taking part in Operations was kind of a no-go. Our WWk was doing poorly, with small trainer we focused mainly only catas. From artes we picked up the small scout right next to us, and went for bigdiet Snorlax already went for too due to failing to read arte channel properly. My bad. Wheatfields = 18 before artes.

    Tenses inside ally were rising, drama was kind of everyday thing between a few players. Nise's counselling service took away some of the gaming hours, at one point I even deleted discord to focus more on the playing itself. Nothing accomplished, same old shiat was only talked.

    Late game:

    Cap got bitted ,thanks P.K. Walled some offs to our WWk from 67% and Valio. Own gaming started lacking right after cap went to bits and I knew, that the WWk will be too damn small. Pretty much half the server I had been there in middle of fin-leading core and norwegian/swedish players having argues. Valio sent me an invite too and offered a place, but I decided to stay loyal on the ally Kanto. But as one can believe, it was too late for us to even fight for the win. Odds I said we had on 4% chance to win. For me, it was good change to lose for a while (had 4 wins in row on FiX and N3X speedservers where taken part)

    Never did I ever actually even grind mine teeth, not like N3X1. The factor of not having WW or mainleaders responsibilities on my shoulder made it so. For me, this server was chill simming round after romanians were deleted close to our neighborhood.


    Too much drama. Many improvement points. First time for me as mediocre Roman account, god damn simming is nice with this tribe. 2nd WWk I've made. Team idea inside ally was sweet, worked better than last round. In the end good game, well played and congratulations to enemy metas all players for winning!

    Branches and Stars:


    Jone ⭐⭐⭐ Its just amazing how we were now on the same page gamingwise, everyday, allday. One and half round together.. one of us points out what needs focus and its done. Playing with you is easy and fun.

    Marcus 🌿🌿 Early game you did okey. From the promised 12h-16h per day.. never it was like that. Mid game you completely vanished (read; worked and drank)

    Lapes - You promised nothing but helped still. When better motivated and headaches in control, good player. Walling our imperians into natar village was kind of massive brainfart, heh, other than that, high recommendation for someone to crab a good dual here.


    Overall alliance team-spirit and atmosphere: ⭐ after Valio left, before pretty divided. People cheered for others efforts, valued different opinions mostly. Listening to leaders is something to improve for everyone. Leaders tend to owe their life for the cause of winning, its not nice when players disobey and argue about nonsense.

    Kleving ⭐⭐ You improved so much from N3X1! Honestly, Im so proud of you 'son' ;) your attitude is pure gold, you were the one whom understood me, listened to me. Leadingwise you were active mainly in leaderschat.

    Perskii and Zazzilian ⭐⭐ Looked up for Dragonite when that massive walling of 67% and Valio happened! Both nice persons. Perskii as Snorlax, you were the trusted personaldeff from start to end!

    Team Kleving ⭐ Did more than none expected from you. Keep up that spirit, listen to leaders and more stars could be yours!

    Gooze 💎 Good humour and knowledge of this game. Always active, ready to respond. Gosh, having you on our side...would play with you again anytime!

    OskarN and Danny ⭐. It was my pleasure to get to know you!

    Repe as Gengar, our personal deff, grandpa from Norway. Its rather hard to communicate with player that speaks only Norwegian and as Marcus did the drinking thing, I got to use translator once again and guess, we didnt even understand eachothers. (When you wanted that bigware.)

    Cowdy 🌿🌿 Causing gray hair to me, dont take the game too personally! 🤔

    Kekkkonen 🌿🌿🌿Smart boy, Jafar itself. Couldnt stand my 'humour' and me pointing out of doing better than hom in early. Sorry mate!

    XerP - Mastermind, wants only one thing: win. Is ready to do what it takes to get there. Very straight forward.

    Cromeh ⭐⭐ - Quick learner, obviously improved so much.

    Alliances remaining finnishplayers ⭐


    Graendi 1/2⭐ You have received mine feedback already ;) Overall, you owe the potential to become good leader. You have the motivation and thus now some experience to back it up! Schedule sisters coffees better time next time okey! 😂

    Valio 🌿🌿 Nothing personal, you just completely turned on us. I get it. We did also reject you. By operating to me.. nice try. I saw only slaves for alliance 67% after that small diet was handed to them, when they nicely asked for it. Im sorry our players were stubborn on you, and that I lacked the time to do something about it, not knowing, if it yet had made any difference. >< (At least Hypno, Cubone, Raichu, Lickitung, Ditto, Far'fetchd, Magneton, Mew, Onix.. played for the alliance in the end by staying)

    Other notable mentions: Jadsku, nothing is never good enough for you. > 💪

    Own final role in leading staff = speak bullshit, cause havoc, but mainly to motivate, try improve communication, solve existing problems and share opinions. I take only branches due to being so bipolar this round.🌿🌿🌿

    This server was hot in discord. Hotter in game. Hottest in forum. Remember to enjoy this game as A GAME. Grinding teeth, pushing for perfect/optimum, will cause the losing of the 'enjoy playing factor' for some at least and mainly non-fin players.(Studied in ally Kanto) Weather has been also mainly nice outside. To the autumn we go now.

    :bear:Nordics3x1 - Jon Snow @Kalja first and only WWk sofar :bear:Nordics3x2 - Dragonite @Kanto Nordics3x5 - Lanaan Sut Rey @Iginla

    🇫🇮Fix20smth Untouchable w/ Digggoo -- Fix25 The Corruptor w/ ComeX Phoenix :teu01::teu06::teu07:--Fix26 some idleaccount

    Fix27 Tiukka-Esteri w/ Diggo & ComeX :rom02:Nordics5x Pokahonttas @SPANK

  • Almost gg and fun server. Again one more server where guys action vs enemies was to do bigger ally than enemies were. How can you even tell that kanto+dca ally were too overpowered to need make even bigger ally vs them? Not kinda flaming, but next time pls first try to go vs them before recruiting rest of the server. There was potential chance for 4ww and at least for 3 WW (dont count 67% ww in). But nah guys decided that 90vs120 is better. In my opinion PK should have try atleast 1x ops vs kanto before doing any bigger diplos, but sure easier way to win is recruiting more players than enemy have. Dunno does it feel good to win? And the other thing, if u do that 120 account ally you need more leaders than 1. Tomi,points for you for leading alone but its just stupid with so big group. You need at least 2 guy for defflead, 2 guy for opslead, 1 for diplos+artes if you want things work like Junnu with 120 account. Its just burning out if you are doing it alone.

    What comes to raiding, sure you won most of the weeks. But we could have won couple if we wouldnt care spikes like you didnt care. We stopped raiding for like a 6h/day just because spikes was going on. Because in end game raiding is useless if you lose more troops than you can train in that time.

    And if you are leader, generally, and dont have time to teach every single player in your ally just tell them some1 who could teach em. Doesnt matter is the player in same ally, im sure he will,at least,give some tips how to do something. Not calling that i would be the best guy to teach but at least i have experience and i will ask other guys opinions too for new player so he can decide what is best way to play for him. You can find me by name Baby Sasku or Aiu from travian disc channels,

    lastly thanks:

    Kauppisen Pete co: Junnu moe ressu alfaz, my future harem

    Neve and skani: one gets female other does not

    rest of the 67% -maria, go back to kitchen ffs

  • After the former round ended, I asked Neve on will they play on this round and can I join them. The answer was about "we'll just f*ck around, kill natars and build trappers without a leader... but if you want to play deff for us, you're welcome". So the summer was ruined again :D

    A day before the actual server started we planned to make a teuton deff account with one or two ops hammers with Shut. Since our schedules were pretty full we didn't take much stress of the account and that can be seen in ways like settling 2nd village about 20h later than first and our granaries flooded for 5h/night from day 5 to great ware's. 8)

    Glad we got Havocc (again) to play on our account to ease our playing. When he arrived, the account started to function properly for the first time on server... We even begun growing villages pretty systematically and set up our goals for the round. Near arties our motivation to sims got looser than impotent's di*k. **And it just got lazier when our ops/artie -hammer died trying to catch small diet.** So for the rest of the round we just tried to make couple villages more and keep spear queues going. In the end I felt like we could have done so much more if we just kept on simming, but what can you do anymore... Still seemed like we did more than okay with the villages we had (20 deff villages).

    For me the server was a little boring but still pretty fun because it was one of the few deff accounts that I've ever made and It ended pretty well still. NGL it was damn satifying watching troop counts grow :D

    You already know how the actual server went so I'll pass that point from this speech...

    Goals were:

    For arties -> 105k spears, 14k paladins and 40k/h off

    Make over 1m spears on the server.

    To be top1 deff in the end. (made in the endgame)

    Nothing too special, but happy to announce that we did accomplish every goal we made (except that artie troops lacked a little).

    ** Diet attack

    Spears made (not updated right in the end, bc im lazy)

    Account stats:

    Deff 1. - 2246675

    Off 180. - 33387

    Sims 48. - 17168 (22)

    Hero 2. - 2279030

    About 1,15m spears made (will calc. correct amount) which wasn't obviously the best a man can do but since this ended so quickly and we had only 20 deff villages, I still count that as an achievement in my books... And it was my first time being top 1 deffer so it was a nice journey. :D

    Kiitokset (SUOMEKSI / Use translator if unable to read)

    Ekana toki Shut <3:

    Aina hemmetin mukava pelaa jätkän kanssa, ei tuu riitaa mistään pikkujutuista vaan saa tehä pari virhettäkin (molempiin suuntiin). Tilit pyöriny tähän asti aika mukavasti kyllä, että jos lähet vielä pelaan nii joudut ottaan vielä dualiks :3


    Tilin mentori, näyttää miten hommat hoidetaan ja me nobot tehään perässä... Kiitos taas kauppareiteistä, kylien layouteista, pelitunneista vaikka N6 verotti aika paljon ja ylipäätään opeista! Lähetään kans taas pelaileen joku päivä :3

    ressu & Alfaz:

    Mukavahan oli lopulta pelata taas pitkästä aikaa samassa poppoossa, kiitoksia varsinkin siilon käännöistä ja istutetuista kestoista. :D


    Otit liittoon vaikka viime kiekalla pelasin ehkä 3pv tilillä minne joinasin :D Ja taas kiitti kun sai pitää kestoja teillä!


    Servusta toiseen näkyy kyllä, että osaat pelata tätä peliä :o Hommat rullas ja teit mahdolliseks meiän pakkikullan, kiitos siitä!


    Liiton pakkivastaava, piti meitä kovan paikan tullen aina pystyssä!

    Koko muu 67% porukka:

    Hommat hoidettiin aina vähän vasemmalla kädellä, mutta hauskaahan tossa oli kattella jätkien tekemisiä ja pelata, kun (lähes) kaikki osas pelata! Pitää useemminki varmaa ottaa tämmönen runi et kaikki tekee mitä haluaa ja perseillään vaan :D


    Hyvä kisa otettiin pakkikullasta ja parilla siirrolla se ois ollu teiänkin, mutta ihan tyytyväinen oon tähän asetelmaan ;)

    I'll edit if I forgot something!

  • This was good server for summer fun. Thanx my ally T&P, which was premade but we actually played for the First time together. Still managed to do Very well, taking 3 unique arties and holding them for the rest of the server. Thanx also to PK and SA for cooperation, even though we mostly fought our priváte war with - SV-.

    Nice experience for mě personally to play again on foreign server and compare my skills to someone new. I hope someday i will see some of you on our home server - czskx.

    Final off made: 145k imps, 108k EI, 8,5k rams. Half of the off remained after end, so we could potentionally win the off rank (n ot considering natar off points) - so i am happy with our performance as well - thanx to my dual len-tak and sitters Hulk and Bubu_Jogy, Who were also great defenders.


    Hero / psycho

  • And the summer round is over, congratulations to the winners!

    It was bit shocking how fast the round started after the last one so we just made some quick plans and joined the typical summer alliance where everyone were just playing half-hearted and doing what everyone felt like doing.

    At first I was planning to do some trapper simming as I really didnt want to commit 100% to something "serious" again after having played a lot during the last couple rounds. Kept the idea brewing in my head.. Didn't really feel like the time was right for it. Then I was thinking about the new brewery and how strong teutons will be now.. And then thought how about recreating what was done last summer by Kivimagneetti and hit natars all round long? Something I haven't done before on my own account and something which would work well with the new changes. Then I saw the finnish off point record they set and I thought I would never reach that so I had to figure out something else. Then middle of the night a stupid idea came into my mind.. What if we just make a smaller deff account for Ryysy and she can save the culture points, make a ton of chiefs and conquer the WW's as soon as I clear them? We laughed and decided that it sounds so stupid it just has to be done. Same thing happened with the names. Middle of the night, get a stupid idea.. Let it simmer for a while and came out with the line "Mother Teresa was the most fearful commander" and it made me laugh. So it was decided.

    Got a decent start, found a decent location and unfortunately had a neighbor in the start couple days later. (Look around the spot before you send your settlers kids!) Got rid of the neighbor pretty fast, continued simming and all that. Then had some drama in alliance where couple accounts were kicked out. On one hand I understood why, playing for alliance is important but on the other hand it was the summer round and kicking them was an overreaction. Both sides could have handled things differently to avoid it escalating so fast. But it did happen, they ended up in a winning alliance so I guess in the end better for them.

    At artis we had whopping 5 hammers running on the account and we cleared a nice amount of artis. 2 smaller ones were 34k club + 8k tk, 2 in between was around 38k + 9k and the largest was 51k + 12k. But not so surprisingly, artis went quite bad, missed a lot of them, including a small diet so had to go with large one to feed all the troops and use them bit faster than expected due to crop problems. But got a nice reset of troops during artis, got 19s done in cap quickly and plenty of feeders on the map. Soon we were running 11 hammers and started clearing WW's, ended up with 12 hammers running from around d50 until most of the plans were cleared.

    I was bit surprised how fast we got the WW's taken, didnt expect to be done before plans with all of them. But we were, and then looking at the off points I thought that I really have a shot at the FI off point record. So started hitting plans as soon as I got the troops done for them and started racking up those points really fast. Then there were 2 plans left, I guess people from Kivimagneetti playing now at Kauppisen Pete noticed I was getting closer to their record and decided to clear most of one plan to try and make me not reach the record. Then had some bad luck when someone cleared rest of that plan soon after and missed out on clearing rest of the natars from the last plan. I was bit bummed by this move but it just made my mind - I'll take that record by any means now. It's war.

    So war it was, I stopped most of the hammers to queue couple villages with gb/gs and rams to start hitting some people. Then figured out that we would not have enough time as PK was looking so strong so as a backup plan we decided to start queueing and killing scouts from Mitro. So we did both, used couple hammers on smaller players and cleared one who was next to our WW and killed enough scouts to reach the record. At that point we had decided to build the WW (at d70) so I just trade routed my entire account's productions to our WW and pretty much started sitting Isä Mitro and the WW alone around the clock as Ryysy went on a holiday trip. Got pretty far with the WW, had a big lack of deff in the alliance since the beginning to the end but we got some help from SV and others in the end to get our WW-deff on a level of "we'll survive the natars now but not anything else". Maybe could have barely grabbed the sneaky win if Kanto had real WW-hammers and they would have fought with PK and both had left us alone. And with some godlike luck too.. And maybe I could have passed 8 mil off points without that ww-plan shenanigans. But I'm happy with this end result, got the point record, got a fun screenshot with 11 WW's and had a lot of fun!

    Big thanks to our WW-supporters and a big shoutout to SV for stepping up in the end to support our little WW. It would have been chiefed at the end without your support.




    Kiitokset (suomeksi kun ei ulukomaalasia kuitenkaan kiinnosta):

    Kiitos Ryysylle kultaamisesta, pelaamisesta ja kaikesta muustakin.

    Kiitos Mae kylien nimeämisestä ja henkisestä tuesta. Joko tulet kylään tänne?

    Kiitos myös Jöbiksen väelle (Tonttu, Nikkke, Neve, Lainee) lisäpakeista (vaikka niitä nyt ei tarvittukkaan) ja artien säilömisestä.

    Kiitos ressukka liidaamisesta, vähän meni roastaamiseks koko rundi mutta olihan se kiva että ei tarvinnut omaa päätä noilla asioilla vaivata. :D

    Kiitokset Pahkasika Iiro (Just4Fun, Shut, Havocc) niistä kepeistä kakkuun, niiden avulla selvittiin suunnilleen puoleen väliin nataareista enemmän tai vähemmän elossa. Onnittelut myös pakkikullasta!

    Kiitos myös muille kannulla olleille hauskasta juttuseurasta.

    Haukut Kauppisen Petelle kun ei tullut sims-1 ja meni liiton tripla (sims+off+def kuninkuudet) ihan pilalle. Perrrrrhana!

  • First, I want to thank all of you who participate in this victory. Would not have been done without everyone’s help.

    Finally it's over, let's enjoy what's left of the summer.

    Early game

    The decision to play once again, did probably come after some long night out.. We gathered a team of 4 players tougher than Graphene.

    The start went surprisingly well, and we found our self quite high in sims and managed to grab one 150% 15c capital.

    Now it was time to decide about joining an alliance or just create one to finish the quest. One day I woke up and there was the great alliance KusiPaikka, name changed later to be Pasi Kuikka Oy.

    We were this small new alliance with only few players and was far away from premade, looking around us and seeing the manly 67% and the scary Pokémon’s.

    At this point no one thought we could win this round. Nappo wanted to change that, so he started recruiting. And people came from door and windows, at least it felt that way at that point.

    Surprisingly was, that many of you whom joined was good players and even better personas.

    One of first diplos started with the Swedish guys from 416. A small alliance at that time whom we discussed a bit with and came to terms that we will see what happens later, but keep a line open for the future.

    Time for artifacts and the stage when we had grown into a quite big alliance.

    At this point we had some good beginnings of hammers and hopped to get as good artifacts as possible, that could help us win this round. We ended up getting some but a bit less than hoped for.

    Biggest problem was lack of small trainer. This was not an optimal situation at all. The few tries we made to chief one, didn’t go so well, made some small damage and took out a village.

    I can admit that there’s always room for improvement in arti hunting, we had few great arguments with some players about that. Thank you and sorry 😉

    After the artis, like Tomi said, we started discussing with SA. There were few players we played with before and after a while we strengthen our bond and became partners. Mainly to put up a fight with Kanto + DCA. I can say, that honestly my goal was to win and retire after that. So that’s one of the reasons we didn’t team up with Kanto and support their WW.

    I think we’re at the time now, when Tomi joined the staff of the alliance and Metholyman and Nappo went elsewhere, do to some drama we encountered.

    Sadly we didn't manage to chief the WW in the end :D So, I think this is the end of my short and messy speech.

    The rest should be covered in Tomis speech.

    Account PasiKuikka:

    Perttula: What would we have done without you, time on account 0 min? But it was nice to play rocket league with you to get my thoughts elsewhere now and then :D

    Kukkahattu: Great work in the beginning, you took good care of the account when we tried to sleep. Later more afk than Perttula but heard some Alejandro could have had something to do with it.

    Nappo: You had more energy than a village, I admire that. Thank you for the time together and I hope we meet again.

    Sims 20

    Off 20

    Hero 23


    Tomi: What can I say that haven’t been said. Your commitment to the game and the alliance was incredible. It’s always nice to play with players who put everything into the game.

    Jaatinen: So much knowledge of the game and great use of the arti you had. It requires lot of energy to chief that repeatedly. Amazing offense troops.

    Kannustinloukku: Minzi, your ops in the end was fabulous, no walls and nice destruction. They were so well planned. Had many good chats with you.

    Piina: The saving angel who took care of the wheat to our WW. Not an easy task to feed +11m defense. And great amount of deff.

    Bindi/Xane: Great aid towards the end and helped a lot with communication.

    Some honorable mentions:

    Herrat: Rantzi and Evert, amazing guys. Or at least Evert was. You made the discord channel an enjoyable place.

    Don Juan: Haha what can I say, an interesting persona who made the staffs hair turn grey. We had to kick you once, but your return was epic. If I meet you some day, let’s have a Lapin Kulta or two.

    Setä näyttää: Best village names in the game.

    Shamadalie: Omg that amount of phalanx!

    Pikkumyy: Always ready to use his hammer.

    YOLOSWAG: You made a great hammer without a trainer!

    T&P: Thank you too, nice fighting all the time!

    SA: There’s so many great players to thank that this will never end :D

    416: Thanks guys for everything, nice to play with you.

    And thanks to everyone else too that had the energy and motivation to fight until the very last minutes.

    Now it's time for an early retirement.

    Thank you!

    Retired since 2019.

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  • Jaa se loppui jo!

    Nyt minulla, universumin huonoimmalla pelaajalla, on nimissäni joku ennätys. ( luulisin )

    Kiitos Makkoo, kun taas jaksoit pelata kanssani.

    ( Teksti poistettu ylläpidon toimesta -maunth )

  • Second speed round of Nordics donnered. As the at least nominal leader of the 67% I will be writing my thoughts about the server, account won’t be covered as nothing else than valiant effort to get sims1 was achieved. Post is written from my point of view and might be heavily subjective from time to time, don't get offended!

    67% had originally 8 accounts before the server started, but after friends of friends etc. wanting to come in so we pretty much had around 15 accounts d3. There were a lot of players I personally didn’t know, and they came in after other ppl in alliance vouched for them. Well that was the 1st mistake of the server as these accounts did pretty much nothing for our alliance, 3 got kicked after some disagreements, which I tried to resolve with concerned parties. Managed to write 2 lines before got muted so decided that won’t be spending my time trying to argue with grown up adults who refuse to hear reason. Rest of the people that came as friend of friends did pretty much nothing either. Maybe it is worth saving digital units to last day of the server, who knows.

    Artis came and spawns were “päin vittua” once again. That topped with my fumbling while coordinating them lead to a rather poor catch. Small diet was for sure the biggest loss, as it would have been truly useful. Nevertheless, managed to get small trainer and small warehouse by the end of the day so could have gone worse. Also, the closest unique arti was arch which at the time was a huge disappointment considering we had 0 intentions of the WW game at the time. Still took that for free as some Kanto member had swept that.

    At the time Kanto looked like a clear favorite to win the server and PK with 0 trainers or any other than artis arch coming to ww: s looked like just desperate attempt to make some competition to server. On top of this some Kanto player took our trainer (later managed to get back and lose again) we did a couple operations to Kanto trying to even out the server a bit.

    From the alliances 11 accounts 2 were doing their own thing, 2 were full deff accounts and 3 accounts did literally nothing all server, so we had 4 accounts in the operations. We did 4 ops to Kanto in which we managed to chief 2 ww hammers.

    Server was spent doing these couple of ops and simming around. D70 some1 decided that we could try to build our own ww and sneak possibly into victory behind PK and Kanto. Got to lvl 60+ so it was a noble effort!

    Few pointers about the server in general:

    • Kanto looking clear favorite week after artis with way superior artis.
    • Kanto suggesting teaming up with PK to make +200 accounts meta :-----D
    • PK refusing this and not totally fucking up the server
    • PK recruiting +100 accounts making the server 1v1
    • Kanto managing to fuck their things up completely.
    • PK seemingly cruising to the easiest victory of their lives with pretty much 0 effort.

    There went so many things wrong from Kanto’s part that its really hard to understand how throwing clear looking victory like this is possible. With a bit of thinking and long-term decision making and letting the server play out as passive as it was Kanto would have won the server by a large margin. Instead u guys start war to every possible direction and creating conflict among the alliance by defending capitals instead of ww hammers. Most of the targets we hit weren’t properly deffed and deffs died for nothing while villages were lost. With a bit bigger hammers from us most of the targets would have been taken down. There were only 2 proper walls, from which we didn’t kill +80% of the deffs.

    If the leader of the alliance is showing example by queuing only catas and stopping ques from barracks and stable red lights maybe should be blinking? How could any1 ever lead an alliance if 1 doesn’t even possess the basic principles of playing? On top of that the alliance leaders themselves admitted that the alliance was just 1 circus which even Maikke couldn’t have run. How do u think any1 can have any morale to even try to play when you just straight up criticize the alliance on the forum?


    Every1 can look at this server as an example how not to play. No1 even tried to fight their way to victory. Making diplos with +100 accounts makes the server pretty null and not interesting to play. There could have easily been 3 good ww contenders if there hadn’t been almost full alliances doing literally nothing on the server. There were at least 100 accounts not supporting any1: s ww.

    Thanks to players on the server, game wouldn’t work without enemies and teammates.

    Had sometimes even fun time while playing and learned a lot of new things, maybe the summer wasn't fully wasted! Might be focusing on the account more and leading can leave for now, as I have discovered that clicking buttons for own benefit is the thing I enjoy most in this game.

    - ressukka/Kauppisen Pete

    PS. Still waiting for Sauli's return to travian fields!

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