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    1. I’m interested in the Hall of Fame and would like it to continue. (35) 100%
    2. I’m not interested in the Hall of Fame and/or consider it irrelevant to my game. (0) 0%

    Traditionally the Hall of Fame on UK servers has recorded all the end game statistics from all legends slow servers plus details of endgame hammers. To qualify as an endgame hammer, the rule is it must hit a WW or related target such as plans or the WW account artefact.

    To gather this data from servers I’m not playing, I’m completely reliant on someone from the server collating this for me. For Anglo6, Loffe helped me collect and check hammer data and for Anglo5 the hammer records were provided by Dieze and aksam who also gave me access to the server through his account. Sometimes, servers are wiped within a couple of days of ending so unless someone contacts me as soon as they finish, there is a risk of losing a lot the data and this has happened in the past, though Ameno has been very helpful in obtaining as much as possible from HQ. Wherever possible, I am now setting up accounts on all servers and you may see me appear as “observing”. These one village accounts need to be big enough to support a TC so I would appreciate it if they aren’t raided until set up. Once the village is finished and pop change stops, please feel free to farm.

    Collating and presenting the Hall of Fame records is a lot of work for zero reward, other than my own personal satisfaction and whatever forum users and players get from it. So what I want to know is does everyone want it to continue? HoF posts get very few likes now so I’m wondering if it has lost its interest and appeal. If it does continue do you want the records to stay the same or change? I’ve been asked to record all hammers that are used as well as now comparing the combat strength from the server battle reports but I can only do this if I’m supplied with the information, ideally as both a screenshot of a battle report including the statistics at the end and a kirilloid battle report.

    I’d like to know thoughts please, and any other data you would like displayed, but most of all if enough people are interested in it to make it worth continuing.

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  • I'm sure i speak for most of Bifrost and we think it's great with a proper hall of fame, something we missed on SE domains even if they are getting better the last year or so.
    I'd be happy to help with furture hall of fames if i do decide to stay on Anglosphere.
    About not liking i'd belive people are just lazy but i will yell at them so you feel more appreicated.

    Keep up the good work!

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  • I very much appreciate the hall of fame as well, and hate that the US servers didn't have a proper one before the merge. Your work is appreciated here!

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  • Is this kind of thing able to get more support from HQ? Surely they could pull required data post-server relatively quickly?

    Appreciated and enjoyable :) although I have no hope of being there, it's nice to see familiar names and alliances I've played with/against.