Travian Defense Planner

  • Hey everyone,

    Since my style of playing is defensive and I got tired of hacking around attack planner in order to plan reinforcement sending I've created a planner which you can use to plan your reinforcement sending in order to arrive at certain time so that the defending village doesn't suffer of great minus in grain. The planner can be accessed on


    - 30 villages

    - Village reordering

    - Village sorting by needed travel duration - Also available for attack planner forgot to mention in other thread

    - Named villages

    - Different tournament square levels, boots and artifact speed bonuses for each village

    - Different unit selection for each target

    - 1x, 3x and 5x game worlds

    - Tournament square bonus per level selection

    - All five tribes: Gauls, Romans, Teutons, Egyptians, Huns

    - Map size selection

    - Planner link sharing


    - Select your options for server speed, map size and tournament bonus / level in Options section

    - Select your tribe in Your village section

    - Enter coordinates of reinforcement village in Village for reinforcement section

    - Enter planned arrival day and time for the reinforcement in Arrival time section

    - In the Your villages section add your villages from which you will be sending def (X, Y, Tournament square, Troop, Boots and Artifact are required for each village, Name is not required but can help you organize your planning)

    - Click Calculate button on the right and Duration, Departure day and Departure time will be populated with information for each target

    - Duration - Time needed for selected troop to arrive from your village to reinforcement village

    - Departure day - Day on which you need to send the reinforcement in order to arrive at wanted day

    - Departure time - Time of the day when you need to send the reinforcement in order to arrive at wanted time

    Example of a properly populated planner:…er/2019-08-05/14:22:50/23

    If you encounter any bugs, problems or want to request feature add you can reply to this thread and I'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.


    - For Travian 2019 tournament square bonus per level should be set to 20%

    - Plans older than 1 month will automatically be deleted at 12:00:00 everyday