Changelog 459.4

  • Travian: Legends Changelog


    Pushing protection limitation on raiding alliance members will be applied to all other players, even if they are not part of the same alliance.

    I know that TG had decided to change the pushing protection limitations, and apply them to non-afiliated accounts too... But this makes it seem like the current pushing protection limitations will be applied server-wide? If this is the case, you would only be able to raid 2 hours of production every 7 days from accounts smaller than your own, even if having no connection to them at all. Is this correct?

    Or does this update contain the new pushing protection limitations too, even though it isn't stated?


  • Must be raiding protection on confed alliances just stupid writing?

  • So are we going to ignore that this will change the direction Travian is headed forever? And is that change good? Hell no

    The king is ready to take the crown once again

  • Propably the worst thing I have ever heard. It would just drive the most active players away from the game. No pain, no gai... more gain actually.

  • gg hf

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  • Will be Definitely worst update ever in tg history. We can always look at bright side. We can invest our money and time to somewhere else.

  • Dear TG.

    If you are really implementing this kind of stuff (shit). Then I would thank you for all these years I have played and take my time and money somewhere else.

    I heard that playing kimble with ass is really nice.

  • So if you are top 1 account you cant raid anyone? How does this update make any sense? Do the ones who decide this trash play the game, or just watch their wallets get filled up?
    Yes you are making a new player/noob friendlier game(sort of), but you are driving away players who have been supporting travian for years!
    I really hope this is not going through... If it does, maybe its time for me to see the sun again, and leave my computer desk to dust away...

    In the case people wont leave, and still play even tho the changes come through, what will happen?

    Use massive amount of gold -->> get ahead of Free To Play players -->> make troops (cant farm smaller players/afk players/farms) -->> either attack bigger players and have your hammer defended since the game is all ready defense heavy OR just fcking destroy every small player around your proximity to make the game even less enjoyable for new players : D
    Sounds like a plan i guess...


  • A good move to make the game appealing to new players, a shame that at the same time it's gonna make everyone else quit and kill the existence of Travian....

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  • I will never understand how TG can be so incredible bad at their own game.
    First 20% brewery and now this.

    How in the world will this stop multis?
    This punishes legit raiders more then anything.

  • If something it just forces people to go for multis as they can't have that stable resource income from raids anymore. Also more multis = people have to buy more gold = more profit for TG? Is this the idea behind this?

    You have done many bad choises regarding the game development, but personally for me, some who has always enjoyed raiding and different aspects it brings to the game this is a killer and it is gonna be really hard to find motivation to play this game anymore..