Update sunflower

  • Funcionalidades:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7409 - Foi corrigido um problema raro no qual um pop-up de oásis vazio não abria no mapa.
    TRAIVBXXIV-7134 - Se um utilizador for banido e punido com remoção de tropas, o seu rank militar diminuirá de acordo nas estatísticas.

    Paragem: +/- 5 minutos

    Data/hora: 07/08 12:03PT 8:03BR

  • Release 459.15 sunflower [4172]


    TRAIVBXXIV-7429 - Sending the hero on adventures via the map is now possible from any village

    TRAIVBXXIV-7416 - Hero items are correctly displayed in the reports and no longer show as helmets

    TRAIVBXXIV-7314 - The level 100 text now fits in the level indicator

    TRAIVBXXIV-52 - Editing the player profile now activates the save button

    TRAIVBXXIV-7397 - The 'Send Resources' button in the market place now has the correct state when sending resources outside the confederacy

    TRAIVBXXIV-7373 - Clicking on buildings now, while having a stone bridge, will no longer show the bridge made of wood

    TRAIVBXXIV-7384 - The capital name is now on the correct side when playing in the right to left game worlds


    TRAIVBXXIV-7229 - ACP: Punishment: Warning IGM is sent twice after accepting warning

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    Data/Hora: 14/8 10:03PT 06:03BR

  • Rollout Schedule and Changelog for Release sunflower 471.3 [4179]


    To follow up Legends on Tour event these 3 changes proposed by players will soon be implemented into the game.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7158 Displayed travel time for withdrawn / sent back troops will be updated accordingly when troop types are added / removed from the wave.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7374 Pushing protection limitation on raiding alliance members will be applied to all other players, even if they are not part of the same alliance. Loyalty decrease is now possible between alliance and confederation members. NAP still protects from loyalty decrease.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7157 Troop movements in rally point will now contain information about attacker’s name in addition to attacking village.

    Paragem: +/- 1 minuto

    Data/hora: 21/08 10:03PT 06:03BR

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  • Instead of release 471.3 [4179], release 471.9 [4195] will be rolled out


    TRAIVBXXIV-7475 - Fixed the error when sending back animals to an oasis.

  • Release 494.1 sunflower [4236] & TL4.5 82.2 [4241]

    Public stuff:


    TRAIVBXXIV-7392 - Morale bonus has been removed from villages that hold an artefact.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7069 - The shape of the wall in the building area has been adapted to achieve more space to existing buildings.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7408 - The artefact pickup limit was removed and the hero can now pickup artefacts without restrictions. The limitation that player can have only 3 active artifacts out of which only one can have account-scope effect hasn't been changed.

    Legends on tour features:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7421 - Following Ambassador and Community Request we have added a "Delete all trade routes" button with which players can delete all trade routes at once. [IMAGE: https://blog.travian.com/wp-content/...19/09/7421.png]

    TRAIVBXXIV-7159 - Player profile has been updated with additional information related to statistics and buttons to add notes and write messages as a follow-up of Legends on Tour workshops. [IMAGE: https://blog.travian.com/wp-content/...9/09/7159.png]


    TRAIVBXXIV-7477 - It is not possible to equip hero with zero items.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7375 - Hero's crop production now applies instantly when a bucket is used to prevent it starving when including his production the crop balance should be positive.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7360 - Repeat attacks to villages with the same name is working correctly

    Codex Victoria features:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7431 - Players can choose where to apply hero inventory resources regardless of hero home village.

    Codex Victoria bugfixes:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7461 New UI: The top health bar now matches hero overview health bar

    Instead of Releases sunflower 494.1 [4236] & TL4.5 82.2 [4241], releases 494.4 sunflower [4253] & TL 82.6 TL4.5 [4258] will be rolled out

    Public stuff:




    TRAIVBXXIV-7519 - Fixed an issue with Edge refreshing the page after closing the daily quest pop-up.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7480 - The resources on the stockbar update when players recruit units, without the need for a page refresh


    DIA 18.09 ~12:03PT 8:03BR

  • Release 494.16 sunflower [4297] & TL4.5 82.17 [4300]

    Public stuff:




    TRAIVBXXIV-7622 - Wonder of the World pictures are now visible on tournament servers

    TRAIVBXXIV-7574 - Fixed the issue causing hero to lose health upon unequipping regeneration items

    TRAIVBXXIV-7531 - Fixed an issue concerning lack of surrounding reports about Natarian villages containing artefacts being destroyed.


    DIA 07.10 ~13:03PT 9:03BR

  • Release sunflower 514.13 [4344] & TL4.5 91.9 [4347]

    Release 514.13 sunflower [4344] & TL4.5 91.9 [4347]


    TRAIVBXXIV-7557 - Changing the capital village has been reworked to have changing the new capital prioritized first to make it instant and removing the status from the old capital is prioritized second.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7541 - Trade routes are no longer triggered for the same second, but over the minute

    TRAIVBXXIV-7068 - Wonder of the World image was removed from Natar profile.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7496 - For newly starting servers, the daily quests, alliance bonus donation limits and artifact free usage reset times reflex the server start time.

    Codex Victoria features:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7006 - Contextual help for hero auctions has been added

    TRAIVBXXIV-7520 - Players are now able to use the resources in the hero inventory, while the hero is dead

    Rollout plan (Downtime ~10 min, please, infobox it for players)

    Daremos nova data posteriormente

    Plano de instalação

    28.10 ~13:03 GMT+2 -- PT (Luso)

    Assim, dia 28/10 pelas 12:03PT 8:03BR nossos servidores irão ter esta instalação que irá causar uma paragem de cerca de 10 minutos.

    Obrigado pela compreensão.

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  • sunflower 514.24 [4386] & 91.24 [4387]

    TRAIVBXXIV-7496 - For newly starting servers, the daily quests, alliance bonus donation limits and artifact free usage reset times reflex the server start time.

    What it means is that the daily reset of points will be the same as server start time. So if the server started at 6:00, the daily reset will happen at 6:00.

    This change will affect ALL SERVERS THAT STARTED SINCE OCTOBER 01st, 2019, when they get this update, not only new servers.

    06.11 ~12:03PT 09:03BR -- HU, CZ, PT (Luso), PL, SA

    Esta manutenção originará uma paragem de cerca de 10 minutos.

  • Release 534.3 sunflower [4390] & TL4.5 97.3 [4391]

    Public stuff:


    TRAIVBXXIV-7630 - A great Warehouse or great Granary can now be used to construct a Marketplace instead of a Warehouse or Granary.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7614 - Players will now be able to report a message for inappropriate content.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6648 - The adventure summary screen was removed. Start adventure will immediately start the adventure.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7628 - Hero level up will increase health to 100 if the Hero is alive. If the Hero is dead or resurrecting, a level up won’t change health.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7605 - added a "put to archive" shortcut into IGMs.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7535 - New beautiful oasis illustrations implemented in game

    TRAIVBXXIV-7536 - New beautiful landscape illustrations implemented in game


    TRAIVBXXIV-7691 - If settlers return to their home village instead of settling a new one, they will bring the resources back

    TRAIVBXXIV-7635 - Fixed issue where hero disappears when village they attack is deleted

    TRAIVBXXIV-7572 - The tutorial task 'Heal hero' is now fixed and can be fulfilled using any amount of ointments.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7545 - The amount of crop received after exchanging resources at the barracks is correct

    TRAIVBXXIV-6972 - Rounding numbers of resources rank is now correct.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7550 - When trying to forward troops to wrong coordinates, the error message will now be shown under the Forward button instead over a blank page

    Codex Victoria features:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7589 - Adjusted statistics for annual special to show the correct second settled village.

    Codex Victoria bugfixes:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7528 - Fixed an issue where the information button linking to Travian Answers was missing from the Hospital window

    Legends on tour features:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7443 – Sitter access is now limited to alliance and confederacy members

    Esta manutenção durará cerca de 30 minutos!

    13.11 ~10:03PT 07:03BR -- PT (Lusobrasileiro)

    esta actualização causará o logout de todos os jogadores dos servidores!

  • Release 563.2 sunflower [4482] & TL4.5 125.2 [4483]


    TRAIVBXXIV-7717 - Villages with artifacts convert to Natarian villages on player deletion.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7662 - Coordinates have been added to natar world wonder village names.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7671 - One townhall celebration can now be queued. Resources are paid immediately, and this is a PLUS feature.( only version 4.5)

    TRAIVBXXIV-7367 - Only for gameworlds with the new UI - The player country flags are now displayed in IGMs as well. Preferred language(s) will be displayed when different players have different languages.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7770 - Only for gameworlds with the new UI - We have added two buttons to switch between the village and resource field view.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7702 - Only for gameworlds with the new UI – We added mouse over effects for the resource fields.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7372 - Only for gameworlds with the new UI - Player country flags added to alliance members page

    TRAIVBXXIV-7721 - Only for gameworlds with the new UI - Refactored flag icons into scalable graphics

    TRAIVBXXIV-7764 - Offered punishments are now applied after 72 hours instead of 48 hours.


    TRAIVBXXIV-7787 - It is no longer possible to have multiple capitals after a capital village containing an artefact is destroyed.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7710 - The correct amount of resources are now displayed properly when troops get trapped in the defender's village.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7789 - Bandages are now used even when the hero dies in battle.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7781 - Text about the rules for GTL’s has been updated

    TRAIVBXXIV-7615 - Trapped troops can again be freed by alliance and confederacy members.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7699 - The answer button on a punishment applied message is now greyed out and not clickable.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7778 - Battle results expanded view in the combat simulator is now adapted to the new UI layout.

    Codex Victoria features:


    Codex Victoria bugfixes:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7766 - Crop balance is now correct when players have wounded troops in the village

    TRAIVBXXIV-7619 - The Hero health is restored when levelling up by defending a village.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7595 - Wounded troops are now shown for reinforcing players.

    TRAIVBXXIV-7460 - Troops numbers on village overview are now correct.

    Legends on tour features:

    TRAIVBXXIV-7507 – A prototype for the wave builder has been added to the Rally point. Player can now send multiple waves of attacks. This will be activated only on International PTR, Codex Vitoria Closed Beta and Codex Victoria France

    INSTALAÇÃO irá causar cerca de 10 minutos de paragem
    11.12 ~12:03PT 10:03BR --
    EG, NET (Hispano), PT (Luso),

  • Release 567 sunflower [4491] & TL4.5 135 [4492

    Hotfixed to 567.6 (4512) & TL4.5 135.6 (4513) on 16.12.2019


    TRAIVBXXIV-7679 - New UI only - New images for all artefacts

    TRAIVBXXIV-7797 - New UI only - Implemented the new smartphone optimization beta for Chrome and will be activated on 3 Codex Victoria game worlds: COM, FR and IT and also on the PTR.


    TRAIVBXXIV-7795 - Building or upgrading will not be added to construction queue if a sitter changes the active village

    TRAIVBXXIV-7738 - New UI only - Fixed an issue where trade routes would keep actively sending resources even after village lost an artefact or WW construction plans

    Codex Victoria features:


    Codex Victoria bugfixes:


    TEMPO PARAGEM: +/- 5 minutos

    19.12 ~10:03PT 8:03BR -- RO, LT, PT (Luso)

  • Patch rollout plan for sunflower 567.8 (4522) & 135.8 (4523)

    TRAIVBXXIV-7852 Destroying an active village under very specific conditions no longer breaks the account

    TRAIVBXXIV-7848 Players will be again able to receive full bounty when attacking

    Instalado dia 27/12 10:03PT