Looking for a Dual in different Timezone (non EU) [undecided server]

  • Hello there,

    I was an old player of the version 3.6. Back to the time I was quite good at it. I do see a lot changed...but anyway! I'm located in Sweden (UTC+1 or UTC+2 up to solar or legal time) and I'm looking for a dual (sharer) for a Teuton Account 8). We will play off and be quite active. Gold would be appreciated.

    I am not in a rush, and I can play any 1x server. Buy I need the dual to be in a different time-zone to cover the sleep time. I do not want to put an alarm in the middle of the night (again) :S:S.

    At the moment we are already in two, but sadly the same time-zone.

    Let me know!

    Chi semina raccoglie

    Chi raccoglie si piega

    E a quel punto è un attimo :rolleyes:

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