Looking for a Dual in different Timezone (non EU) [undecided server]

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  • Hello there,

    I was an old player of the version 3.6. Back to the time I was quite good at it. I do see a lot changed...but anyway! I'm located in Sweden (UTC+1 or UTC+2 up to solar or legal time) and I'm looking for a dual (sharer) for a Teuton Account 8). We will play off and be quite active. Gold would be appreciated.

    I am not in a rush, and I can play any 1x server. Buy I need the dual to be in a different time-zone to cover the sleep time. I do not want to put an alarm in the middle of the night (again) :S:S.

    At the moment we are already in two, but sadly the same time-zone.

    Let me know!

    Chi semina raccoglie

    Chi raccoglie si piega

    E a quel punto è un attimo :rolleyes:

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  • am interested

  • Are you still looking? I'm looking to dual an account. I used to play a while ago and left through college. My accounts were usually named capfan and we were frequently among the top offensive accounts (a lot of credit to my duals) and clan leadership then.

    Don't know how much time I can commit to but should be able to contribute if we're all buying gold.

  • Hi Capfan

    You on skype or discord at present.

    Im australian timezone and networking in an attempt to acquire timezone coverage from eu us and au

    Atm im passively helping on a hun acc in the codex victoria birthday server


    IM solo deffing gaul on a 1x balkan 3 server

    The group i joined quit so i have a teuton acc and gaul acc both witj 2 vills.

    If you want to team up reply with details on wjere your from

    If your interested in joining the balkan server we have a few options we can discuss if you wanted to.

    Otherwise im going to train spears and phallanx and raid with druids untill a new server starts.

    Open to suggestions either way



  • Italian Team looks for foreign Team with different time zone (at least 5h, but also less).

    The different time zone is required to avoid staying online overnight but still keep the 24h account covered.

    Possibly with minimal knowledge of Italian but English or Spanish are also fine.

    (Knowledge of the game is understood)

    More info in pm or skype.