Hero Experience Changes

  • I tried looking for a thread where this is being discussed but couldn't find one.

    In January a change was announced to the way defending heros get XP, here

    Basically, the XP gained by a hero is based on the def points gained from the battle.

    So, even if my standalone hero kills the same number of troops as the hero accompanying some def, my hero gets hardly any XP while the other gets loads.

    Oh, and my hero will still lose health.

    This seems very wrong to me.

    IGN is Scoot on all servers, all the time.

  • Heroes don't kill attackers, def points do.
    So that's completely fair and is meritocracy-based rather than previous "communistic" scheme.

    If your hero alone provided as much def.points as someone's else with other troops, you'll get as much experience.

  • hello guys,

    Each battle played will grant 75 Hero Experience to each participating hero (up to 3). While this is very useful on the first levels, it becomes increasingly impractical at higher levels, specially from level 20 onwards.

    • At level 2, you need 4 battles to go up a level.
    • At level 5, you need 27 battles to go up a level.
    • At level 10, you need 51 battles to go up a level.
    • At level 19, you need 74 battles (a full day, maximizing use of energy) to go up a level
    • At level 20, this skyrockets to 176 battles

    Keep in mind this only considers the battles/level up ratio. See below for a discussion on the battles/training ratio



  • Sorry to say this, sahil, but your data is completely out of date.

    Your hero only gains 75 XP if you have enough def points or attack points to kill 75 enemy troops.

  • Where did you get these datas?