Optimal way to deal with negative crop?

  • Hey there,

    so I have a 15 cropper and my crop production is 236k on a speed server. I plan to make a non capital hammer to make use of GB and GS. I will spend 225k crop to have 24/7 Q's for an offensive army. I have a number of support villages. now I obviously can't spend crop to feed my army otherwise I would have to stop the Q's. the only option I see right now is to use all of my support villages' resources and use npc to turn them into crop to feed my army. but I feel like I could be using those resources to get more support villages or even make defensive troops. I know I can raid but I've settled far away so I don't know if that is gonna go too well. I'm looking for an advice as to what would be a better way to deal with negative wheat here. thanks in advance

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  • Find a way to balance army and infrastructure investements untill you reach total production needed to build everything you need.

    Using GB+GS it should be around 11 villages's production when your needs are satisfied (13 villages on t3, t4 has higher income so maybe it can be 10 villages but i did not calculate more then knowledge).

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  • Build a crop hub villa near your hammer. Ideally you’d want it to be filled with GG/GWs but you can go with majority granaries and some warehouses if you can’t get your hands on a storage artifact. Set up trade routes from your supports to the crop hub, but only ship enough that you still have resources left in the villas to build more fields or buildings as needed. You can adjust the shipment amounts as your villages max out in production/cp. For newest villas I would set up trade routes out but disable them in order to let the villages develop. And yes, try to raid. You could use a raiding army to clear farms and collect resources for the crop hub without hurting your main army.

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  • In couple of ways you can deal with -ve Crop

    1. Settle 2-3 cropper villa nearby, which will give you crop inflow on regular basis
    2. Make a juicy farm nearby, which will give you nice bounty on regular basis and you can raid with your hammer
    3. you can make a small raiding army in any1 village which will give you crop as well as other resources
    4. in 1 village make Trade office to lvl 10-12, buy all <1.00 ratio deal (where crop has been offered), store in that villa, keep sending whenever required
    5. also before arti you can make crop tile lvl 17 which will give you approx. 300k+, post that lvl 20 cropland will help you to feed easily

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