Rumors from XV NORDICS

  • Cold facts and rumors from the north. One of many fierce battles is starting between all Nordic countries. Will there be new alliances? New two-faced tactics? You'll decide! Use this thread to share any big or small events, facts or rumors circling around in the lands of Travian. Welcome to the Nordics server and good luck everyone! > Gameworld Details <

    88456-pasted-from-clipboard-png Kolde fakta og rygter fra det høje nord. Et af de mange voldsomme kampe er begyndt mellem alle de Nordiske lande. Vil der opstå nye alliancer? Nye dobbelt-side taktik? Du bestemmer! Brug denne tråd til at dele om store og små begivenheder, fakta, eller rygter om Travian landet. Velkommen til den Nordise spilverden og held og lykke til jer alle!

    88457-pasted-from-clipboard-png Kylmiä faktoja ja huhuja saapuu pohjoisesta. Yksi monista hurjista taisteluista käynnistyy kaikkien Pohjoismaiden välillä. Syntyykö uusia liittoumia? Uusia kaksinaamaisia taktiikoita? Sinä päätät! Osallistu keskusteluun tässä ketjussa, kun haluat jakaa tietoa suuremmista tai pienemmistä Travian mailla kiertävistä huhuista ja tapahtumista. Tervetuloa Nordics-palvelimelle ja rutkasti onnea kierrokselle!

    88458-pasted-from-clipboard-png Kalde fakta og rykter fra det høye nord. En av mange voldsomme kamper starter mellom de Nordiske land. Vil det dukke opp nye allianser? Ny dobbelt-sidet taktikk? Du bestemmer! Bruk denne tråden til å dele alle små og store hendelser, fakta og rykter som sirkler rundt i Travian-landene. Velkommen til den Nordiske serveren og lykke til alle sammen!

    88459-pasted-from-clipboard-png Kalla fakta och rykten från norr. En av många våldsamma strider har börjat mellan alla nordiska länder. Kommer det att bli nya allianser? Nya lömska taktiker? Du bestämmer! Använd den här tråden för att dela stora eller små händelser, fakta eller rykten som cirkulerar runt Travians länder. Välkommen till den Nordiska servern och lycka till allihop!

  • This server is going to be interesting.

    I've heard that there would be coming to many big alliance.

    My suggestion is that alliances do not make peace deals or ally with one another. This will keep the game fair and comfortable.

    Our alliance is ready for that deal, are you?

  • +1

    Majority of past region servers have turned into 1v1 endgame which is kinda boring.

    I just doubt that people have enough spine to keep playing without making allys or peace between each other.

    Time will tell what happens, but I can say that our alliance will follow the deal anyways.

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  • Just writing here as the forum has been dead silent for approx 2 weeks now

    So yeah, how's everyone doing? Got your desired croppers?

    Server's looking decent so far with 2 fairly close alliances in spots 1 and 2 (Yrmy & Gods). They are followed by another 2 full alliances, who apparently teamed up early game for some reason (Nordic and KOKERN). NCR fell pretty quickly, having an inactive leader is never a great thing - glad they figured out early on.

    Any drama, mini wars or other going on so far. So far I know a few players, who has been taking some stupid decisions without defensive backup in the form of an alliance.

    And yeah, me too, slightly dissapointed with only "4" 55-60 player alliances. Had hoped for a few more, but I guess it's better than a 1v1 endgame meta - lets try to stay away from that.

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  • Not enough strong alliances and not enough players

  • Call to arms

    Dear brothers

    I am asking for your help

    Gods have to be destroyed.

    Every alliance needs their leader, so we must kill Odin.

    Then we take Attila.

    Everybody who wants to help, you know where to find me.

    With that said. I am hoping for you guys to co-operate, and I am talking about us, smaller groups. Valhalla, Asgard, Misfits, R.I.P

    The time to act is now, its not tomorrow, not next week.

    <3 you all


  • Booooriing :sleeping:

    "dear brothers" Why not sisters? Do you have something against women?.... Oh god..

    Plz, edit your text to begin with this "Dear brothers and sisters"


    best regards

    ~Nortti /Odin from gods

  • Instead of giving each other ress for taking down players just join in on the slave wars, it's fun times - I promise you.

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