The Ultimate Battle – Episode 8 – The Herald

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    My second visit to the Palace was direct opposite of how I came here first. Finally, I managed to see the whole place! The scroll turned out to be really valuable and signora Martina offered me the reward: I could take some gold or I could become a herald. Only then I realized that is exactly what I had hoped to hear!

    The Herald! Some people, including my father, tend to look down on what heralds do, but I always thought this is what holds the Empire together. Heralds travel to every distant corner, exchange news with local citizens, and then bring information about people needs back to the Palace. Brave men and women who rarely sit in one place, always in the centre of the events, even before those events start considering to be the news. Of course, I would like to be the Herald!

    Right now, heralds were reporting that more and more alliances in the newly settled lands agreed to work together on completely different basis. They form mighty confederacies with close membership, and you need to be part of it to get reinforcement to your village. Amazing! No more multiple lost squads in abandoned villages, where no one knew who killed them.

    First Tribal World Wonders started to appear in the lands, where 5 tribes were fighting for the Champion title. The epic battle between 5 tribes approaches and only one World Wonder would define who would be announced the best strategist this year.

    Distant lands of Codex Victoria were still quite a mystery for me though. Not many heralds were visiting those territories, which developed their own set of rules, where regular laws of nature were working differently, where artefacts gave effect to alliances, who controlled the certain region, where adventures never expired and where no one heard about Wonders of the World.

    One thing made me upset – no news from my sister. As soon as I settled in the capital and started training, I was able to send a message to my family with one of the heralds travelling that direction. He promised to send me back a note from her as soon as possible. Week after week I met all messengers coming from my place, and still, there was not a single note to me. I started getting worried. Finally, one day I got a message. Yet, happiness faded away when instead of accurate calligraphy of my sister I saw my father’s scrawly handwriting. The note was short and angry:

    “I always knew that you were a bad seed and that your great grandfather’s blood was too strong in you. And now you have given that to your sister! She was heartbroken hearing news about your death from your master who was really kind to bring that personally as a decent man. Not only didn’t she pay any respect to him, but instead, the next night she left home secretly without saying a word! This is some gibberish she left to you. “ No greeting, no signature. Dad’s usual.

    I looked in the envelope. There was, indeed, another short note. Sister’s handwriting!

    In case you are alive

    Dear Brother,

    After everything what had happened, I can’t stay at home any longer. I hope we’ll meet one day in this or better world.

    Love, Marcella

    There was something else in the note. A hint!

    Task: Shadow’s sister drew some strange spots on the other side of the note, that you can see in the post below. What are they? What are their names?

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  • General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    September 03, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+1)

    End date/time:

    September 09, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+1)

    Winners announced on:

    September 10, 2019

    Winners chosen:

    Six random winners from among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold voucher valid only in:

    COM community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    State your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle. Every user take part in the contest only in one community.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • The correct answer for which regions the hero should look in is.





    Castra Regina



    Thw winners are:




    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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