[NORDICS] Updated guide for sending cata waves (originally by Makkonen)

  • The original versio of this guide was written by Makkonen. English translation is by me. Please note: the 'I' in the text is Makkonen, not me.


    Sending waves in Travian is a question that comes up every now and then and many guides have become outdated by now, which is why I decided to bring the instructions up to date. This is not a guide for alliance level operating - such can be found here (currently in Finnish, might get translated into English later) - but just for sending catapult waves.

    The first question is about which web browser to use. Firefox has often been used for this, but with the latest updates the order of the waves has been so illogical that I have started using K-Meleon. It's a very light browser that resembles Firefox, and using that the catapult waves have been in the correct order most times. (Even in this version, the wave order seems to mix if you smash enter too quickly!)

    In case you are timing your attacks to hit on a certain time, calculate the exact sending time of the attack (here, for example) and watch the clock for the correct sending time. For Finnish time, you can find a reliable clock from MIKES.

    * * *

    Now we shall begin.

    1. Open K-Meleon browser and put each wave you're going to send into its own tab. To clarify: if you are sending 4 waves, you open 4 tabs; if 6 waves, 6 tabs. In the first tab you insert the troops that you want to make hit the village first and in the last tab those troops that will hit last. (HOX! The game mechanics only allow 4 waves on the same second regardless of your speed).


    2. Put troops ready to be sent in each tab but do not click "accept" button.


    3. Go to settings (upper right) and choose "Work offline".


    4. When you have performed the previous step, you can click "Accept" in each tab and the following page should open:


    5. Next, go back to settings and reclick "Work offline". The ✓ -mark will disappear when offline mode is off.


    6. Now that you have taken offline mode off, it's time to update all the tabs! Move back to the first tab. By clicking the "update" icon with mouse right, you can choose to Reload All Tabs.


    7. You will see a following pop-up window. When you want to send your waves, tap enter until all the tabs have reloaded. Congratulations, you just sent waves!



    Timing attacks and making waves hit during the same second has arisen a lot of questions and wondering lately so here's something extra for you to know in order to get your waves hit the correct second and with the correct order. Without any additional programs!

    The most important thing to watch is the sending time of the attack. It's good to use some online clock; Travian's own clock will cause a delay, and from online clocks you might also see the important decimals of seconds that help you find the lag of your personal connection. My computer and Internet connection are pretty fast, so it's enough to start sending attacks 0.2 seconds before the actual sending time. This varies drastically based on connection speed and reliability and also computer specs.

    Example: Sending time is 18:00:00 and hitting time is 21:00:00. I make the waves ready according to this guide and do part 7. to send the waves when clock hits 17:59:59,8 - about 2 decimals of a second before the sending time. 8 waves are on their way, and they will hit the target so that first 4 waves hit 21:00:00 and the last 4 waves 21:00:01 due to game mechanisms.

    (Note: Even if you didn't have a strict hitting time, it is worth to watch the clock and decimals of second when sending attacks. You have better chances of having 4 waves on the same second when you control, on which decimal you send them.)

    I personally tested these instructions in a real operation, sending 4, 8, 12, 16 and even 20 waves at the same time. All of them hit nicely 4 waves per second. However, if you want to make large numbers (>8) of waves follow the correct order (with split killers in the correct waves etc.), I recommend practicing a lot and finding a good rhythm for tapping enter. According to my own trials, the order of waves got mixed up quite easily when enter was held down or tapped too quickly - then again, tapping too slowly might leave only 3 waves per second, ruining your timing. Practice makes perfect! Having a decent internet connection and computer also help your case.


    In case you have anything to ask or want to give feedback, leave a comment below! :thumbup:Or if you still suspect there is no way to make waves hit this well without any additional programs, send a message here on the forums so we can take a video and watch together, how it's done! ;)

    If you are interested in translating this guide into your own language (Norwegian/Swedish/Danish/whatever), feel free to do so as long as you credit the original author of the guide.

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