Looking for dual on Nordic server, UTC+2

  • Hey,

    I'm looking for a dual to an account on Nordic server. It's good if you work or are up during night time but it's not mandatory, most important is to be open-minded and somewhat experienced, also above 18 years old (fluent in Swedish or English preferably).

    - Account is raiding 17h/day.

    - Let me know if you're interested below! :thumbsup:

    Account: Roman

    Offensive account

    Location: Pretty central

    Pop: 9000+, 14+ villages.

    Gold account (I provide gold, optional if you do)

    Time zone: UTC+2

    Current ranking:

    - Rank 1 offensive army

    - Top 10 raider

    - Top 10 total resources

    - Top 10 population